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    • SkiPablo


      Hi Guys,  I'm running an Acme 525 on my Sunsetter LXI - i have the LS1 engine and it likes to wind out - hits' around 5500 rpm / 49 mph with just me. 

      I have an opportunity to get get a used OJ - says 13x11.5 VC  and i was wondering if it will preform about the same ?   If not, I'm going to just pick up another 525 - have no complaints with the Acme

    • carguy79ta



      9 hours ago, MystiikVLX said:

      So is the bamboo just for looks?

      Is it more durable? Or does it perform better?

      I'm just curious.

      Not necessarily more durable. It depends on how the board is built. Lots of bamboo boards out there these days that are just built like crap, so it is not an absolute. A well built board that has a decent core and the bamboo veneer is sandwiched between layers of fiberglass and vacuumed bag to the core will on average hold up very well.

      There are trade off with all materials. People think Carbon Fiber is strong, the fact is carbon fiber is very brittle. Carbon fiber adds considerable stiffening elements to structures without as much weight typically found in other materials. Wrapping a board in carbon fiber doesn't make it bullet proof.

      Bamboo fibers are long and far more uniform than most wood products which makes them a great choice for surfboard, they also have good dampening abilities which can take the chatter out of rough water.

      The simple answer is it is not necessarily more durable than a clear/white fiberglass wrapped board, but it can be, and if having the clean, natural aesthetics of wood is desired, then it is one of the best if not the best choice.


    • gdmatson


      1 hour ago, ahopkinsTXi said:

      Yeah we just stopped in real quick to finalize everything.

      We left about 4:30. Must have just missed you. Like the build. Looking forward to seeing in person! 

    • Dont have to rewire and bridge the amp. 

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