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    • Falko


      Best I've seen is a pick up back to the launch, two guys get out and pull the PWC trailer out of the back of the truck and drop it in the water and connect it. Pull the PWC on and off they go. It was about half the time it took most other PWC trailers to back in. Those little short trailers are tough.

    • Surfdrake


      Okay I’m gonna try that tonight. Hopefully I can figure it out before the weekend so I can hit the water. Thanks for your help!

    • @HRemington  I agree with boardJnky4 comments- From your symptom description (no CRANK condition), it doesn't sound like  ICM as IgnitionControl that is separate from StarterControl. 

      - the ICM is located at the base of your distributor cap, its where the external wires enter the distributor  Pull the (2) Distributor cap screws off, and at the base you will see the ICM mounted with 2 screws.  unplug the 2 EXTERNAL connections to it, remove the 2 screws, then slide the ICM unit away from the Dist-shaft, that will disconnect the INTERNAL connector.   you should have the ICM in hand.


    • Ryan1776


      As it says, looking for a good 12v key on source in the engine compartment to tap into. Low current required 0.5amp or so. 

      2010 23LSV. Some where easy and accessible. I haven't metered around yet but I figured a good start would be to ask. 


    • boardjnky4

      Posted (edited)


      Can you hear your fuel pump run when you key-on?

      If the fuel pump runs, then it does sound like a lanyard or neutral safety issue. Or, it could be starter relay.

      If the fuel pump doesn't run AND the engine doesn't crank, then I would investigate your ignition switch.

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