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    • KeepingupwiththeJones


      Exile STX9Q - Which bracket for 1 pr. G3.2 tower
      2 hours ago, pauley71 said:

      KeepingupwiththeJones got it.  Unfortunately he didn't give me good news  .. :(

      @KeepingupwiththeJones - Do you have one pair?  Have a pick of them mounted?


      I use the lower mounts

    • cowwboy


      What's next after Rev10s?

      I think what they are all pushing right now is on the signal source side. The new a-linc the new Bluetooth sources. Wetsounds black box and dsp amps. Stuff that hits both marine and side by side markets. 

    • carguy79ta


      Life's in the way

      Yeah! Keep the boats!  I was grousing with my buddy at work last year because I lost most of last summer due to injuries.  He said it happens, sometime you can lose most of a season due to any number of things. 

    • Malibu Touch Comand Screen partially working

      So is it that the new screens are better quality? I don't want to have to do this every 3 years. No Luck on the Group Buy set up? Come on who can help us out?

    • UWSkier


      Life's in the way

      Kidless mid 30s type here, but when the heck did kids sports get so ridiculous?  When I was younger it was practices a few nights a week, maybe one game against a team from across town or up to 45 mins away.  No weekends until I got to HS football and even that was only occasional weightlifting in summer and a short season in the fall.

      All these folks driving 4 hours every weekend with crap painted on the windows of their minivans make me shake my head.  Guess it's a matter of perspective.

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