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    • BlindSquirrel


      20 hours ago, Toomuchpride005 said:



      Looks like you need to replace your riser gasket(s) too. Right above "malibu" is where those gaskets are, I think bakes.com has them for like 4 bucks or so each. You'll need "ball end" allen wrench sockets to get at the bolt above the "U" too. I was chasing a leak in my boat for quite a while, mine were both leaking on the inside making them even harder to see on my v-drive. 

    • electricjohn


      I bought my Shelter Logic used from my buddy in '03.  Still going strong.  It is in the shade during the summer and I do remove the snow load off the unit when I can in the winter.  20 x10, so there is little room for anything else in there.  Fold away tongue on the trailer.  I used a piece of rubber roofing for the floor.  Varmint traps are a must.

    • JeffK


      I would leave the trany in place and just pull the motor if it were me.

    • Michigan boarder


      14 hours ago, mmcahow said:

      I'm not too far out from Lake Minnetonka. That is where the boat will be used most. Thankfully my buddies shop has a 2 ton overhead winch I can use to pull the motor and then slide the motor to the side and lower it. Do you recommend pulling the transmission and motor as one unit?

      Yes.  Disconnect the coupler to transmission, 2 cables, exhaust hoses, canon plug & any misc wires, raw water intake.  Mark your engine mounts so you maintain alignment.  Leave the mounts on the engine, just remove the nuts from the boat mounts and it slide right up & off of them.  I was partly into a tear down when I removed mine:


    • tvano


      before breaking motor mounts loose scribe current location on the adjusters.

      reinstall to the scribe marks and your alignment might be at a good starting point (depending on the accuracy of your current alingment).

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