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    • Leftlane


      Hey lakefamily - did you make any adjustments that helped?  Curious if you were able to get a better wave etc.

    • OLDGUY


      I have a reversible pump under the passenger seat plumbed into the bottom of the boat in the ski locker. When we need an extra bag filled we pull out the hose and hook it to quick connect. Switch for the pump is by the drivers seat.

    • Chappy


      Just curious how people are securing their Babz to their cleats or Phender pros.  When I loop the Babz handle around my cleats the ball sits to high and doesn't do it's job.  Does that make sense?  Pics would be appreciated.

    • Chappy


      On 7/11/2018 at 6:39 AM, Gavin17 said:

      They work really well with a rope and the cleats. 

      I removed the straps which leaves 2 holes in the fender. I put a rope in and tied a knot leaving a loop the exact size I need. 

      Then u put the loop thru the cleat and the fender is hung in 2 seconds at the correct height. 


    • agarabaghi



      if only you knew...


      we run stock + PNP 

      30x50lbs bags of lead

      but when its just 2 of us, we run the 1100 on the floor to make up for people 

      i like how fast the bag files and empties. im not plumbing bags into the middle of my floor lol 


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