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    • Diesel86


      Picked this up today, 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland, got the 5.7ltr Hemi in it of course,  should make light work of towing the vlx 



    • Dacon62

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      11 hours ago, footndale said:

      If you are in Winter Haven area, the boats are there now.

      USA Water Ski Assoc, lake.


      Maybe just a bad angle to form an opinion but looks like the Bimini on the Bu does a great job of shading the windshield but not a great job of shading the driver. On my '13 TXi I purposely asked the dealer not to install the Bimini to the factory location as I felt it was mounted too far forward on all the factory team boats. I had it moved back 7.5" from factory position. The set back position did a much better job of shading the driver and passengers. I believe the reason the factory team boats Bimini location was set as it was so that the rear support arm was set directly beside where the windshield ended so as not to inhibit rope path for short line skiing. We are not shortline skiers (gasp) so this was not an issue for us. Looks like there would have been no issue mounting the Bimini further back to be more effective at achieving its intended purpose on the new boats even at shortline lengths. 

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    • klingsdesigns


      That is what I did. I left impeller and and pumped antifreeze into lines. So I didn't open that part.  There was a blue sticker on it. 

    • Air Tahoe


      5 hours ago, powbmps said:

      I've got two scoop vents and one pole vent in my cover, but there is still always moisture on the underside of the cover when I take it off in the morning.  The cover came with them, so I'm not sure if it would be even worse without the vents.


      Always good to hear real life feedback. I expect moisture to form each morning but what I need is a vent to allow the moisture to escape during the heat of the day. Right now if we are done using it and it is wet and we throw the cover on, it is still wet a week later. We don't always have time to wait and dry it out before putting it away and leaving the marina. I'm pretty sure some venting is key to getting the warm moist air to escape. 

      I'm also building a solar powered bilge blower that will run off the sun during the day and get the air moving inside the boat while we are gone.