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      Wow, lotta hate for fishermen here.  OP came here looking for solutions to prevent lures hitting his boat and cover.  I'm not sure what lake he is on and by his screen name I assumed Lake of the Ozarks but he very well might not be.  On LOTO and Table Rock and many of the other lakes across the US they have huge tournaments every weekend and you are not going to be able to go to the sponsors and threaten them.   Going to the fisherman's personal dock probably wont work either since most of them travel for these tournaments.  On Table Rock a couple of weekends ago we had 3 tournaments on a Saturday that totaled well over 700 boats.  

      I grew up fishing (only for fun no tournaments) every weekend on the lake with my dad before we got older and into water sports.  Casting into and around docks and any other type of structure is where the fish typically relate too.  Never tried to hit boats or docks but sometimes an errant cast or flip happens.  Sometimes ya get tangled up on a dock and fishing with wind always adds another interesting element, sometimes you loose lures.  Nothing better than coming down to your own dock to find a new lure that someone lost.  Doesn't happen all of the time, always fun to find new lake treasure. 

      Anyway, @OliverKlozoff here are the sun screens that I use to keep the sun off the back of my boat and probably will help keep the unwanted lures from landing on your boat and cover. 





    • It's rockfor-fosgate PM282W-B

    • @TenTwentyOne, the more I think about it, the more I feel like we're in violent agreement.  We both wish the industry was different.  The difference is...

      • Some people argue from the perspective "this is how it SHOULD be or how I WISH it was."
      • Other people argue from the perspective "this is how things ARE today, and IT IS WHAT IT IS."  

      Both people might have the same wishes, but the second guy acknowledges that's not reality and it's better to just align to reality.   I'm that guy.  I stopped wishing for the industry to be something it's not a long time ago.  I can't change it. What makes me think I can change the inboard industry?  I can't even get my kids to put down their smart phones.  If I was going to tackle a huge cause bigger than myself, I'd probably try to get Coke to bring back Diet Coke with Lime. Jussayin...

    • I've also had these issues on occasion, I was able to correct the issues by checking all the connections under and behind the dash.  Most notably for me was the ground buss, I found a number of the screw terminals had become loose over time. 

    • 8 minutes ago, TenTwentyOne said:

      All I was saying, was, why can't Bu be more transparent as well?

      And all I'm saying is... it depends on the dealer, regardless of brand.  I literally shopped every brand this year, as a serious buyer, during the week when the showrooms were empty, spent hours with various dealers.  My experience was not like you say.  Everybody needs to remember, these dealers are all independent businesses with different practices, habits, and strategies. 

      I do agree that invoice transparency is probably inevitable.  I didn't realize it was so accurate for MC.  And your dealer showing you the invoice is amazing... literally never heard of that in this industry.  That's either because they are really progressive or because you're TenTwentyOne (i.e. not Joe Public).  I suspect it's the latter. 

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