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    • hethj7


      ^ This.  Our Expedition EL does have space behind the 3rd row, 3rd row is comfortable for adults, and the overall vehicle length is still a foot shorter than my 5.5’ bed F-150, and again that is the EL Expedition version.  The Expy feels waaaay more car like than the truck and has a much sharper turn radius(it is actually easy to park).  It is my wife’s daily driver and she loves it. 

    • The Hulk


      Yukon 3rd row is kind of an afterthought like the 4 runners... Tight and very low to floor. (Non XL) 

      Interesting the Lincoln navigator 3rd row is much taller and more room than the above.. haven't checked specs might be a few inches longer or bigger. But for a non XL it seems to be better for 3rd row

      With 3rd row up all these have hardly any storage in back. But u can do the 60/40 split if u just need one person in rear and more storage or 2ppl and little storage.. 

      Many women think these are big until they drive them for a week then they can't go back to smaller Jeep's and 4 runners etc.. 

    • Bill_AirJunky

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      23 hours ago, Wavemaker said:

      I've never heard of them being illegal, but if they are in fact "blinding" I could see why. But are they really that bright? I though they were just to help see puling on your trailer at night. How bright could they really be?

      Seriously? It's a Coast Guard law anywhere in the US. Even the lights under the swimstep or inside the tower speakers can earn you a ticket.

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    • IXFE


      For what it’s worth, I ordered 2249 after a demo with that prop. RPM’s were 3800 while surfing... not as low as my 25 was, but not the end of the world either. I had nobody in the bow so that should help when I have the family with me. 

    • IXFE


      3 hours ago, thtrog said:

      I took delivery of strat blue / black 22MXZ around this time in 2011, one of my favorite combos! 

      I loved that boat!  Top 5 on the TMC all time list

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