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      13 minutes ago, cWonka said:

      How do you configure correctly? If the vent line is plumbed off of the most bow forward top port, wouldn’t that reduce the chance of water escaping the vent line? I’m assuming that the most likely line to leak water would be the drain line since it is the lowest point.

      Make sure the vent outlets or the anti siphon loops are above the water level of the bag.  If your pump(s) are free running (water going through when pumps are off) then you need new pumps.

      An option is to go with reversible pumps (rotary displacement) instead of centrifugal.  They are a bit slower though.

    • Michigan boarder


      I've been pulled over once, no citations, just a routine check.  It was like 25 years ago.  They didn't board the boat but did a thorough inspection.  But I do have a couple of good stories from my younger (and stupider) days:

      1)I took my 3 and 4 year old boys for a quick tool around the lake with my wife.  This is an 81 acre lake, and it was just a short ride before we head to dinner.  As we pass the public launch I see a DNR boat in the process of putting in.  We wave.  I know I am the only boat on the lake, so he is going to pull me over...and I have no life vests for the boys.  So I quickly passed the launch and pulled in to the first property just past it and beached it, and proceeded to walk up to their house with my crew.  Introduced myself as "Hi, I'm John.  You don't know me or my family, but we live on the other side of the lake.  The DNR just put his boat in...and, uh...can I hang out with you for a half hour?"  Ended up making a great friendship with the guy (retired) and his kids (my age)...had a TON of fun over the years, that often involved us sharing that story.

      2)Wakeboarding weekend with 7 guys in the Echelon at a rented cottage.  After we finally exhaust ourselves, we go to the sand bar and just drink for like 4 hours.  Heading back to the cottage, barely on plane, in a simple straight line in a half mile or so.  We see a DNR boat with two officers heading right towards us from our 7 o'clock.  No other boat in that direction, we are it, and none of us are sober.  We start discussing bail money, impounds, driving record of the driver, etc. but never came off the throttle.  All of a sudden from our 5 o'clock comes a wave runner with 2 girls on it, jumps our wake and passed us within 20 or less feet to our port side, laughing/cat calls at us and waving and hair flying doing like 45 and veers away from us.  Cop boat hits the blue light and throttles up after them, and the cop that wasn't driving just stared at us.  Thanks ladies!!!

      I am way smarter than that now, especially navigating on the big lakes that we do.  I would have deserved whatever came my way in either instance.

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      take a look at bakes resource page:


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      I do not know the transmission type.  I do know that there is a red thing (cap/dial/something) on the top of it that has to do with placing it in Neutral.  I read the procedure when I got the boat and have never done it or looked at it again.

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