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    • racer808


      14 minutes ago, bamabonners said:

      out of curiosity, How many folks do you think are in the 100k wakeboat buying category?  Has any of Malibu's financial information said how big their target market is?  I guess anybody that busy any boat is considered target market?

      I made a crack at the Mastercraft Rep about not making it affordable & he said point blank to me, I'm not their target, they cater to a higher end customer.  Wasn't the nicest thing to hear but I liked the honesty.  

    • mountaineerhill


      When I pull my boat out of the water I get noticeable drainage coming from my front skeg. I also think this is where my leak is coming from. When I take of from a stop all the water runs to the back and the bilge comes on. 

      My questions is how do I get to the bolts holding the skegs on? They look to be well behind the ski locker. Do I have to pull the floor and fuel tank? I was hoping it would be simple enough as reaching my hand back there with a ratchet wrench.


      Also I haven't hit anything or run aground (to my knowledge) since I owned the boat in the past 3 years.

    • bamabonners

      Posted (edited)

      4 minutes ago, NAW said:

      300 Million Americans and only 8500 wakeboard boats built new last year.  Supply and demand. 

      Gotta pay to play!

      out of curiosity, How many folks do you think are in the 100k wakeboat buying category?  Has any of Malibu's financial information said how big their target market is?  I guess anybody that busy any boat is considered target market?

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    • bamabonners


      I did it to a brand new prop the friday before Memorial weekend...  yep, brand new prop.  got the trailer in a little too deep and the boat drifted while I was power loading... last time power loading for me.  Now, I dunk the trailer to wet the whole bunk, then pull it up a little shallower.. drive up until the trailer catches the boat, wench it the rest.  easy peazy..

    • BadgerBoater55


      12 minutes ago, bamabonners said:

      Closer to the original topic here...  Why are these boats so expensive and going up every year?  Looking at RVs recently, at the same price range of these boats.  Both are toys, both have a lot of hand built assembly...  What makes the boat so stinking expensive?  

      Well for one, they keep getting bigger and bigger.  Bigger means more material, more time/labor to apply said material, and also the other costs you won't see, the biggest one likely being R&D. Just because we don't see brand new models/gelcoat colors/hull refinements every year, doesn't mean they aren't trying new things, and it all gets passed on to the consumer.

      Plus, they keep selling them... and more of them... gotta make hay while the sun shines.

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    • Cole2001


      How do I convince the family to get a DD ski boat?🤔
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    • kdspindl

      kdspindl  »  davewfo

      Rather than posting to everyone, just thought I'd send you a private note with my email.  I still consider myself a novice/intermediate, but I got about 35 nights under my belt now as our family has gone houseboating up there now for the past several years.  I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot, that is part of the fun.  Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can give you some tips if you want, I got a couple places in mind not too far from wahweap that you may like.  It is my favorite place on the planet, you will have a blast no matter what
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    • MJH

      MJH  »  CBDuner

      I was just rereading your posts from surgery on the skier. Now that my boys are old enough, their project this summer is to wet sand my 87
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    • foreste1

      foreste1  »  racer808

      Hi do you have a pic of the bow cushion?
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    • illiniboarder


      Reposting hoping for any guesses I'm out of ideas.... Hoping someone can help, I have an 04 response lxi ive had since new a few years ago it started having a stall after I ran it hard for an hour or so. Stall is pretty bad when it starts and if I'm running hard it will back my speed down and even start back firing although I can back it down to 25 mph and it will run fine also fine at idle since it's started I've had the fuel injection removed checked and cleaned replaced plugs and wires and now replaced the fuel pump and it still does it also if I let it rest for awhile I can it will run fine again for awhile I have taken it to many mechanics and even the local Malibu dealer techs but everyone thinks it's fine because it runs perfect for the lake test they do for 45min and charge me $300 for. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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