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    • Today I got the new MC-1 after a bunch of research. I considered the Fusion but opted for the MC-1 because of the 4 zone output. I have 4 rev10's on the tower a 12 inch JL sub (built an sealed enclosure) with the stock 6 cabin speakers and three JL hd amps two 600/4's each running the two pairs of rev 10's and a HD 900/5 for the sub and cabin speakers. I also have a Audio control Matrix line driver. 

      The remote or display will reside where the Rockfod Fosgate remote was in the dash. The WS remote is about 2 inches wider than the RF remote. I have a 2012 Wakesetter 23LSV. 

      The question is has anyone else considered doing the same and have you already installed it.  I will attempt to add photo's and let folks know about the progress and overall sound if there is interest.

      I probably will try with and without the Matrix line driver to see if that helps. The RF remote and the source button placement has been an issue since day one. Anytime someone moves around they end up bumping the mode button and its annoying. Being able to have 4 zones with independent control and bluetooth should be very nice as well. 

      [lease let me know your thoughts!! 

    • oldjeep


      The 1/2 ton diesel options are 3-4k if that. 

    • oldjeep


      On 1/19/2018 at 7:38 AM, Falko said:

      You'd figure with the hauling capacity of these trucks they would work on making a better progressive spring and dampening system. I know they try to do with the magnetic ride on the dampening side. And I think you'd be able to do it with the springs passively vs. actively with air bags and such.  I want to smooth my Tundra a bit, and it isn't near what the HD trucks are for capacity. I'm finding shocks are a big help and some have gone the lesser spring with bag back-up route. That is too involved for all the more complaint I have. But I will most likely change the shocks out soon. 

      Sounds like you want a ram 1500 with the air suspension.  Takes the already cushy ride and makes it better. 

    • RyanB


      44 minutes ago, NorNevRider said:


      But I'd like to make a point and I hope everyone gets it. If you don't really need a diesel, why would you buy one when there are so many great gas trucks out there that will more than amply pull your boat? And why would you buy a 1/2 ton diesel offering at 1.5 times the price? It is not logical or cost effective.


      No offense, but I always find it humorous when someone talks about "logical or cost effective" when discussing purchases.  It is rare for people to make a vehicle purchase with those criteria.  They buy what they want (within reason) using emotion, not logic.

      Especially true on a boating forum, where the passion we are here for is anything but logical or cost effective.

      As to your specific question regarding diesels in a 1500, it is a false argument, as they are not 1.5 times the price.  It is a small upgrade dollar wise from a 3.5 EB (or Hemi in the RAM) that does get better MPG than either engine.  In addition, historically, you get most if not all of the upfront cost back at resale.  Just like you do with leather, or any other upgrade on the truck.

    • MLBurns


      On ‎1‎/‎21‎/‎2018 at 12:46 AM, Pra4sno said:

      I have to admit the title threw me for a loop.  I thought the entire point of it being a "denali" was that it was comfortable and luxurious.  Are they not comfortable?

      I don't think my Denali HD is rough, rides better than my 2010 GMC Duramax did. I wonder if anyone has thought about how the vehicles are getting lighter with heavier towing capacity has to mean they are going to ride rougher. I rode with a coworker the other day in his aluminum F350 drw. Easily the roughest riding pickup I have ever been in, he said the same thing about it.

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