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    • 54 minutes ago, guitarcrazy said:

      Didn't they make the 2018 A24 deeper?  I will hopefully see it tomorrow out of the wrap.  Did you take more photos?  J

      It’s 2” deeper this year but I don’t think that went into the bow area.

      Here’s the only other pics I took of it but they’re nothing special.



    • Specs for the pump linked state 28A. Hard to argue with that without first hand experience with the pump. Sounds a bit much for a pump that moves air, but dunno. Best to design the circuit for more draw, then less. 

    • minnmarker


      Most cig lighters are wired for and will handle 15 amps. Doubt your pump exceeds that. Much ado about nothing?

    • guitarcrazy


      1 hour ago, NWBU said:

      How much did the base cost increase on the '18 A24 redesign?

      My wife and I sat in one Friday night at a dealer event and she didn't think the A24 vinyl and seat cushions gave up anything to the '18 23 LSV we sat in just before it. I could tell the difference but it was nitpicky and it seems like now it's just more a preference to the patterns used in either Axis or Malibu.

      I think I have her verbal approval on the '18 A24 if I really want it but neither of us like the picklefork design. Her other comment was the bow is too shallow for her to feel comfortable having kids up there.


      Didn't they make the 2018 A24 deeper?  I will hopefully see it tomorrow out of the wrap.  Did you take more photos?  J

    • shawndoggy


      1 hour ago, SCMike said:

      Thanks everyone, you confirmed my thinking that the stock cigarette won’t handle the load.  Looks like I’ll have to run a separate plug.  I’ll now have to figure out where to run the plug.  @shawndoggy, I might take your idea and run power from the starter. 

      my T22 has a power post under the back seat near the tranny.  you might too.  Looks like this:


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