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    • isellacuras


      Thought this seemed reasonable. Not sure if it's a direct drive or v drive since i don't know the older boats so well. My guess is direct drive due to the creative picture taking. 


    • SBriscoe


      I just bought me a 2018 23 lsv. They had an Axis on the floor when i ordered my boat. A few of the things that made my decision. 

      I  liked the look of the 23 lsv quite a bit better. (Subjective)

      Nicer stereo with 10” wet sounds tower speakers. 

      575 motor

      Better user controls and touch screen. 

      Wave was huge on test ride. Maybe not as big as the Axis, but awesome. 

      Fit and finish felt better on Malibu. 

      Little nicer tower. 

      Better windshield. 

      My point is just that it is not only about the wave. The Axis was tempting  because of price(25-30k less). In the end get what you want, they’re both great boats. 

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    • The Hulk


      Depression has set in.. she's in with some other folks toys.. 

      At least I'll hopefully get some upgrades done this winter! 



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    • electricjohn


      Air temp sensor is in the engine room air intake opening under the windscreen, drivers side.  Water is built into the bottom of the hull.  The 20's readings may be failure default readings.  Not sure though. 

    • Brett B


      Deal is done, 2018 22VLX is on order. Can't wait for it to get here!

      Now to the real dilemma, 1 pair of Exile XM9's or 1 pair of Rev 10's? 

      I had XM9's on the last boat and really liked them, and some local friends have Rev 10's. The Rev 10's were definitely loud but the sound quality seemed very harsh by comparison. Has anybody else noticed this? I haven't done a real thorough side by side test so figured I would see what the Crew thought about the differences between them. 

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