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    • 1 minute ago, minnmarker said:


      nope just south at a place called Desert Aire, its a small community on the Columbia river.  Not popular like Chelan as the beaches suck but its a great place for people like me who enjoy being on the boat more than a beach.  

    • minnmarker


      1 hour ago, r33pwrd said:

      Thankfully our summer place is on a 26 mile stretch of water with about 10 boats so we don't have to worry about bothering other people.. and that's part of the reason I'm not upgrading to Rev 10s or the 410 yet...


    • Anyone have experience with this engine, 2500 specifically. It seems to have good torque and hp, but in a pretty heavy truck. I've read reports it tows well, and if you don't mind revving it, pulls like the cummins, supposedly. 

      Love the avy but just found out she needs a lot of lovin in the front end. Would like to get some creature features as well...

    • 85 Barefoot


      they've only even made them for a few months...jeez

    • teamerickson

      Posted (edited)

      Well, we do represent a small percentage of owners (<1%?), it just came out and the season for most is over. Go demo one and let us know. :)

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