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    • M235 Review - Bandwidth Warning
      9 hours ago, Chrisjjbrown said:

      Dude ....the guy holding the surf rope should see a doctor. 

      The skinny guy is Sameer Bhattacharya from the band Flyleaf. It took me multiple boards to find one that he could use. He weighs like 88 lbs...the wave almost threw him in the back of the boat every pull. Eventually I remembered I had an old CWB Tsunami, and that was perfect for him. 


      My gopro is not playing nice with my new laptop. Ill have an SD card reader later today and try and get some wave videos.. 

    • Battery charging and Blue Seas 7610 problems

      So if im reading your post right, the ACR is in the bilge between the batteries? If so, I agree with SD, move the ACR to under the helm close to the switch. Two battery cables and one small ground is all thats needed to reconnect. 

    • Stevo


      glassy glass
      Just now, ahopkinsTXi said:

      My friend coming to get me this morning at 6am for our morning ski sets!


      Don't drag a love handle!

    • ahopkinsTXi


      glassy glass

      My friend coming to get me this morning at 6am for our morning ski sets!


    • Happy Memorial TMC I'm Signing Off...

      Congrats Afun, if you're ever through central NC I'll hook you up with a surf session! 

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