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      My '94 silencer looked like this.  I was changing the engine and wanted larger openings, STE's, etc. so I cut into it. 

      The way it works is the exhaust flowed in thru the short openings, then up into the U (pic of it removed), then down and out thru the long sweeps.  The U was epoxied upside down to the top underside of the large tube, and fit around the end of the long sweep which protruded into the large tube and was glassed in after being inserted.

      It is likely one of your U's came loose, mine were not on there very hard.


    • 1 hour ago, shawndoggy said:

      Is the concept patented?  First thing I thought was that it looked just like the step on my grandparents' 74 airstream. 

      I don't have any knowledge of what the patent pertains too.  And I don't have any insider knowledge...just a guess that if it's even close to infringing on the patent, Cobalt would and should go after them.  Unfortunately for MB, I bet paying a royalty, or ceasing the production of the infringing item will be cheaper than fighting a lawsuit.

    • 95echelon

      Posted (edited)

      Ok so I am rewiring everything with 1/0 and adding my new rockford amp. I have 4 brand new XS-650's I am installing and I am debating on adding a third pair since I have another used pair from the old tower speakers. Could be under the rear seats for more in cabin sound (often blocked by folks sitting in the side seats) or in the bow which is typically kids only. The kids are beginning to get old enough to enjoy tunes though. However that is neither here nor there.

      I am assuming I can wire in series for two pair of the speakers off the rockford and just wire the other pair normally and adjust the gains. The manual says the rockford is 2 ohm stable unless it is bridged.

      I was thinking of doing the bow and rear cabin speakers in series and then the windshield speakers direct wire so I have individual control of the in cabin F/R gains... I could also just toss my old infinity speakers up front in series and have 6 xs-650's in cabin as well.

      Now to fab a mount for my WS-420 BT.

      Gonna be a wiry weekend. I can say that the new speakers are a visual update to my interior they really look great compared to the old sony speakers.

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    • 1 hour ago, shawndoggy said:

      Is there anyone who could possibly think this boat will be skiable?

      Oddly enough, this is the first thing I do with my new boats.  My wife skis, so she gets first pull on any new boat.  Will report back.


      6 hours ago, ahopkinsTXi said:

      For those who have been in a 2018. Did you notice the vinyl was different? I was told they were changing. 

      Yes, the previous cool touch fabric has been replaced by a leather type feeling material.  I have a panel exposed in the AZ sun today to see how it does in 8 hours of 100 degrees.

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    • Anderson24


      9 hours ago, 208 said:

      What are the rear sliding seat seatbacks called on your build sheet? I have an 18' A24 on order and want to make sure I have the seatbacks if they are an option. I have the Chillax seat option purchased (which is now close to $1k option) so hopefully they are included in that option. I didn't see another separate option for those removable seatbacks. (I know the Centurions require you to buy them separately). 


      P.S awesome looking colors and lines on your new T22! 

      They were not on the build sheet when I ordered (and I don't have the updated build sheet). I still don't know the cost, but when I stopped in the other day at the dealer, I found out it was a late addition as an option (so I placed a change order). It's one of those things I am hoping is fairly cheap, but if it is expensive I will end up wanting it anyways because I think it is a super nice feature.

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