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    • Yet another one of these threads!  First off, until I can get behind one of these boats I'm interested in your impressions if you have skied behind them.  I have a budget, $25K+/- $5K, depending on yr, options, ect....  I have been skiing the course for the last 15 yrs behind my 95' + 96' responses, 02'SN 196 and SN 200.  Have been on BOS and got some good info and thought of trying this site.  I only have local dealership support for Malibu and CC.  My friends and I ski at 32-34 mph and 22'-32' off.  No kids or wives involved anymore.  No towers, stereos, wedges.  I wish Malibu still made a CB  response.  My considered boats are now:

      1.  Mid 2000's Response LX vs. LXI.

      2. 2006+ SN 196.


      My experiences with my former tugs are:

      1. SN 200 was good but we (partnership)needed to sell it.  Even a 2010 is still out of reach $.

      2. Loved the 95 response EFI enough to later buy a 96 as a rebuild.

      3. Loved the 96 but am finished with carburation and minimal  HP.  Not wanting to go forward with a 20+ yr old boat.

      4. SN 196 has a good wake at these speeds/line lengths but is there some better out there.  Subjectively speaking !


      Looking forward to your thoughts.  Regards.


    • Imracin68j

      Posted (edited)

      I just powdercoated the top.  You might break the bolts taking them out. I broke one off in the intake.  It sucked as I ended up taking off the intake.  The intake gaskets suck in the monsoon.  They are plastic.  I replaced with a race vortex gasket and siliconed.around the water ports.  Go to a bolt shop and get stainless.  Take note of the lenght.  I had to trim 1/4 of the tip off so it didn't bottom out. Also, you can't torque stainless as much as grade 5 or 8.  Only put about 15lbs on the bolts. Same goes with intake if u end up pulling those.  

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    • AussieSkier



      Any one see this before? It come up in a search I did online from Australia. Can anyone recommend?



    • Red17A24


      I have a 2017 A24.   I'm going to sell or trade.    I'm going to order a 18.     It is pretty much loaded out.    450 motor and sound pack 3.  Dekadence flooring.  We love the boat.  Just really want pw2.   130 hrs.  4 years warranty left.  $76,500.   I can send more info if interested.     

    • wakebrdr94


      5 hours ago, edo said:

      that's one thing i cant seem to get around is  the electronics freezing  wow this is a big deal breaker  for me and its happening a lot for a 125000 boat.  take a look at the 2018 230 its a nice boat no software problems  ,

      and i really wanted to get the new 23lsv love the surf gate wave is sick just dont want to chance it

      Nautique has it too, they just control their forum from negative content  

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    • DarkKnight

      DarkKnight  »  shawndoggy

      Hi Shawndoggy, can't help but notice all your advice you give to all the members. The advice is always sound, and my way of thinking. So my question to you is if you had to add an additional heater ports at the passengers feet. What would be your best solution? I have a mxz20 13'
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    • Claudebn


      I will get a new boat 20' vtx instead off my 2012 nautique sport 200.
      So, I would realy know if it is a good choice for skiing because this is what i like and my childs are wakeboarding and surfing.
      In the sport 200 there is a wave that heurt you. Is it the same in the vtx?
      The engine (343 hp) is very good does evry body can tell me about the raptor 6.2 on the vtx?
      Thanks a lot for the rep.
      Claude from France.
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    • WakeGates

      WakeGates  »  MLA

      MLA, I have a question for you. Can I run a JL 12W7AE Sub @ 3ohm off of a Wet Sounds SD2? 
      Thanks in advance...
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    • mackie12

      mackie12  »  SmoothWaterMan

      Morning Peter,
      was looking thru some old threads and came upon one where you made have had an XTP tower for an LXI, I know the post is old but any chance you have one or can get your hands on one? Local dealer is not really interested in helping.
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    • btownbfooter

      btownbfooter  »  SunriseH2OSkier

      where is your boat that is forsale located? How can I reach you. Please email me at [email protected]
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