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    • Andrew63


      Maliview screen going blank
      8 hours ago, rjones said:

      Alot of electrical issues coming out of the woodworks with these boats it seems lately.  I am having issues as well with my MTC touch screen.  The touch quit over last summer and now I can't start my boat so I ordered a new MTC touch screen and it wont even power up now so waiting for a tested screen from malibu to arrive next week.  Also having alot of CAN communication errors with the maliview system where I cant use any of my pre-sets.  I always questioned this many electronics in boats but now I am really kicking myself with summer right around the corner and a boat I cant use at the moment.

      Oh ther joy, been there done that along with many others.

       At least it is an easy fix once you get over the cost of the part :(



    • Saving an Square Windshield 'BU
      On ‎27‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 6:28 AM, 2014Skier said:

      Ha ha, pics are in. 

      The throttle  shifter control is in, I took it all apart and cleaned out all the old grease etc and lubed it up and put it back together.  While it was apart I sanded down the housing and painted it with wrinkle paint, and got the lever re-chromed, I also got a new black anodized knob for it.

      I also got the fuel vent and new bilge vents along with blower motor installed.  Couple of the pop up cleats are on now too.  All this little stuff is easy to do and fun cause the progress is really noticeable.  

      I got the boat side swim step brackets that I made painted up.  I'll post more on those when I get them installed in the next few days hopefully.  You can see the swim step side of the brackets in the top pic.   

      Finally a pic of one of the seat skins I installed.  I need to get a couple of stainless rods to hold then tension in the corners of a few pieces and I should be able to get those wrapped up shortly. 

      IMG_2017 copy.jpg


      You might have said before... where did you get those vents? 

      Looking good man!  supposed to hit 30* C out here in 'wack tomorrow!!!

    • Bill_AirJunky


      Mold/Mildew from back of vinyl

      Yea, some sort of mold/reaction under the vinyl with the adhesive or foam or ??

      Malibu has battled this for several years. Seems like the best way to beat it is lots of sunshine and heat. Not so easy for you guys in humid areas.

    • Shastasurf


      Mold/Mildew from back of vinyl

      I just had this happen to my vdrive sun deck and just about lost my mind, now it's like it never happened.  After I uncovered it say in storage for a week and faded drastically then after an afternoon in sunny driveway it's gone.  Weird, is it the glue padding or a science fair biological phenomenon?

    • Shastasurf


      Oil won't drain

      Yeah can be a challenge for sure!  When I got my boat back from a rebuilt motor the first of two mechanics took out motor and set it on floor bending pan and stressing fitting.  When I picked up boat in pieces and brought it to next mechanic he straightened pan and then over tightened and broke fitting. I got boat back and  found this out when I moved drain hose a couple inches and half of fitting fell off and filled bilge with oil.  I then spent about 6-7 hours cutting and grinding down extractor and slipping around down there til I finally succeeded in removing the other half of the fitting.   Getting the new fitting and hose in was downhill after that ordeal.   A couple trips to the car wash a bottle of dish soap and some bilge cleaner and there still a little oil under my gas tank.  Good times

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