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    • formulaben


      Raw water pump R&R is relatively easy, just remove the impeller assembly and replace...now doing just the bearing is a different story.  Hard to say if it's worth your time.  Recirculation pump I don't think is too hard.  Just look at your motor and the assembly is behind the top pulley, should look like this.  Before you do anything I'd make sure the belts are clean and you have PLENTY of water from the fakey.

    • Cole2001


      Just got my second kanuk in the mail today and WOW is it ever light, I’m so impressed.  

    • 4 hours ago, IXFE said:

      @SCMike, congrats on the new truck.  She's beautiful.  Can't believe that one sat on the lot for 7 months.  

      As far as hitch goes, I've only had my boat a couple of weeks so I haven't really settled on a permanent hitch.  I'm also considering a lift so until I do I'm not investing in anything fancy.  Ultimately I'll likely get a new Weigh Safe hitch with a 2.5" shank.  

      For now, I'm using a 2" drop and it's okay, but seems a touch high.  I have a 6" drop I'm going to try next.

      Thanks @IXFE!!  I ordered an 8 inch drop hitch from Weight Safe, it arrives tomorrow.  i thought i had a 4 inch on my 1500 Sierra, so i ordered the 8 inch opposed to the 6 inch just to be safe.  Sounds like i might have ordered the wrong one; although it will work.

    • hawaiianstyln


      so could it actually be belt squeak is what the mechanic was thinking.  I will get a spray bottle with dawn dish soap and water and spray while it's running before I remove the belt.  I'm hoping I induced this problem and it's really lame one.

      or if it's the raw water pump bearing, how hard is that to pull off and replace?  Never had to do one.


    • hawaiianstyln


      2 minutes ago, formulaben said:

      Watching the 2nd video you can see that the engine RPM changes with the ticking, as if whatever is making the noise is definitely adding a load to the engine.  Not much expertise here but my guess is it is the recirculation pump.  Belt looks tight.  I'd remove the belt and turn the top pulley and see if you can hear anything.  Was this on a fake-a-lake or on the water?

      it was on a fake-a-lake.

      I have to admit now that the dealer questioned me.  When I got it back from dealer and they lake tested all was fine, I started it up on a fake-a-lake and heard a few common squeeking that I've heard on other boats when the engine is running and pulleys are going.  It all disappears with a few squirts of WD40 on each pulley (happens occasionally after a year of running).  So I had heard that and squirted on the front and back of all pulleys and I know for a fact I got WD40 on the belt..  Mechanic said that could be your culprit.  However, what I hear almost sounds like the noise of the metal ball when you shake up a paint can. 

      Tomorrow I will be pulling the boat back out and troubleshooting

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