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    • Devin7


      Is it possible to surf behind Malibu echelon without the wedge. If I weigh it down enough should that work. I find I just can't seem to catch the wave. 
      · 1 reply
    • Devin7


      Hey can someone tell me if this is normal. I have a 97 Malibu echelon, i just bought it not long ago. I am fairly new to the inboard world. First question. My transmition is very hot to the touch. I check the actual temp whith a inferred gun and it reads 165-200. The transmition does not slip or seem to have any issues while boating. Maybe I'm just overly concerned.
      Next question. when I engage to the forward position the boat moves pretty fast there's not really a slow speed. I get people telling me to slow down in the no wake zone but I'm going the slowest I can. Any slower and I and up in neutral. I find I have to keep bumping in and out of forward to keep my speed acceptable. 
      · 1 reply
    • khertzy

      khertzy  »  Bozboat

      Hi Bozboat,
      I read in one of the forum's that you have the infamous pdf on winterizing/dewinterizing... Any chance you could forward me a copy?  I'm in Colorado and have a 2001 Sunsetter LXI that I'm taking up to Grand Lake today, and am hoping to confirm that I did everything correctly before I put it in the water (the mechanic I normally take it to is booked out for 2 weeks.)  My email address is [email protected]
      Thanks in advance!
      [email protected]
      · 0 replies
    • JasonK


      No status updates since Tuesday? Why isn't it refreshing.
      · 0 replies
    • Jfredric


      My center ballast pump will not drain on my 2010 wakeseter 23 LSV. Need to find how to access pump cartridge so I can clear & check. Any help appreciated
      · 2 replies
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    • Head unit issue?

      I am also one of the "lucky" ones to have this issue.  Your MTC screen is most likely defective.  Take a video of it happening and take it to your dealer.  I am awaiting a new MTC screen. 

    • Weight Distributing Hitch Recommendations

      I'm not trying to go down the WDH debate in this thread, but am looking for recommendations on what WDH hitch would be recommended with surge brakes?  I don't think sway control is really needed with a tandem axle trailer assuming it is properly loaded, so am not worried about that.   Tow vehicle is a 2012 F-150, and at times, a 2015 Expedition EL.   

      I know very few people use them, but is there anyone out there that does and can you point me to what you're using?  

    • 2015 23 LSV radio and screen issues
      2 hours ago, amorin said:


      I got my boat back from the dealer yesterday, they didn't give me any paperwork yet but the service adviser mentioned they replaced the 7" MTC screen. 

      I put 5 hours on it today and it worked flawlessly. 

      Fingers crossed that I had a bad unit and the problem won't come back.

      Hopefully that's the answer.  Dealer reflashed the software to try and see if it would make a difference.  It made it worse :cry:waiting impatiently on a new MTC screen. 

    • Sold boat - on to the next one

      I don't think it is Vapor blue, if you are talking about the one with black accents.   It is @augie09's boat.  Maybe he'll chime in.  

    • Steve B.

      Posted (edited)

      Sold boat - on to the next one

      Is the middle boats top color vapor blue. Um, either way, me like !  Dont get me wrong, I like all those boats colors.

      But that boat in the middle, nice.

      Steve B.

      edit: for me, the white tower on the blue with the middle boat. Ugh. Gorgeous.

      Since I'm rambling... that black bimini on the white tower. Need.

      Steve B.

      Edited by Steve B.
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