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    • It finally made it over to New Zealand and is now on the water!  Cam does not mess around, new wheels already! I think it looks amazing :thumbup:

      Crew, there are a couple items I want to try and help him on, hopefully someone can chime in.

      What is the absolute best surf recipe for a 22VLX? (vince can you chime in) This boat came with the 800lb wake maker rear bags, and a 700 lb bow bag.

      I updated the software on the boat for him before I sent it over to him and he said one of the gates is not working properly now, he said it is not deploying outward as far as it should, I can only think of recalibration of gates?  I never had a problem with the gates not working properly on the older software version.

      Just want to make sure everything is dialed in for him, the gate is concerning me, hopefully the recalibration will take care of it?  Was not sure if there was anything else he could try.


    • ahopkinsTXi


      Lol no order!

      And no I did not, we didn't have one in the water. From my friends that have surfed they were pretty impressed. It's not the 25 or 23 obviously but for the price it's a very nice wave and boat.

    • BadgerBoater55


      On 12/2/2016 at 8:12 AM, ahopkinsTXi said:

      You have no idea how much I want to and I haven't even seen it in person!

      So... Seems like you enjoyed the TXi, when is the order going in?  :Tease3:

      Also, did you ski/surf the 21VLX?  Still waiting to hear some real world experience on that boat and OP would probably like your feedback as well.  Our dealer here in Madison won't get one until the spring... So I can't even climb around one yet.

    • ahopkinsTXi


      Softer then those as well. I don't notice any difference between the 12&13's compared to the 14-16's with the motor moved forward a bit more. Pretty much exactly the same IMO.

    • onamission

      Posted (edited)

      @aopkinsTXi  You mention that wakes were softer then your 13, can you give a comparison to the 15 -16's

      Looks like you were next to by wife taking pic's.


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