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Found 5 results

  1. 2013 Malibu Mkz 23 on pickwick for the 4th and front end took in alot of water, like up to the bottom of the drivers seat. I finally bilged all the water out amd had a good rest of the day. went this weekend and my blower wont come on nor will my bilge pump work. luckily i didnt need it during this trip. also my key switch wouldnt turn the boat off. I tried to kill power and even took the key out of boat. It finally after a fer tries turnrd off and the worked great the rest of the day but still no blower or bilge power. fuses or where should i look? thanks william darby
  2. I have a 2007 malibu 247 RX. One of the zinc plugs in the aluminum exhaust manifold blew out. How do I fix this? Also why do they have the plugs? Is it like a freeze plug. If so what should I be looking for that caused the plug to blow out? My exhaust manifold is polished aluminum. The ones I see online are black. Any difference in the two other than color?
  3. dickthemooner

    94 Echelon Parts needed

    Hi Crew! I need the velvet rider exhaust for my 1994 Echelon. The one in it has been already repaired and no longer usable, so I need a different one. Best Place to buy?? Also would like to put a tower on this boat. Any used ones reasonable out there or where to look? Thanks as always! The Crew Rocks! dickthemooner
  4. Posted about this in another thread but to make it easier to search, thought I'd post its own. Based on feedback from @drh and @Luckylindy about this mod, I decided to give it a go myself. These guys get all the credit for trying this first. This project requires Qty 2 Clay to PVC 4" flexible couplings (Nibco) and Qty 2 4" to 3" fitting ABS or PVC closet elbows. I went with ABS because I wanted everything to be black. If you have a Wedge, you will need to carefully shave down the Nibco a bit to get enough clearance for the fitting to seat up tight against the hull without the Wedge bracket making that an impossible task. To shave down the Nibco, one of these makes quick work of the task. Be careful to not cut all the way through. You have to remove quite a bit of material. Use the wide cutting/scraping blade and it's like a warm knife through butter. Hooray for Harbor Freight! You have to cut off the 3" flanges so they're not dragging in the water. I set mine so they were about 1/4" to 1/8" above transom level. This photo was from a rough cut. I've ground down the unevenness in the final product. When you install, if leaving your flappers on, make sure you don't push the elbows up tight to the hull. Give the flappers room to do their thing. From a flow perspective, these add no restriction. WOT RPM and top speed tests with these on actually showed a slight increase in performance (different days, but you get the gist). As for how they work to quiet the boat... Noise level in the boat is lowered a fair bit. At speeds around 25, it's WAY quieter. At slalom speeds, it's a fair bit quieter in the boat and the sound is less intense. BUT, behind the boat is where you notice a gigantic difference. Check out this body cam footage of with the tips and without.
  5. Boat is a '05 VLX with a 340 Monsoon with 1,300 hours (last 300 hrs in salt water). I think I need new exhaust manifolds based on taking off the manifolds and seeing salt water leaking out of one of the cylinders and corrosion on the exhaust valve (see links below for pics). I was considering buying cast iron manifolds , was wondering if anyone had experience with or knew if aluminum or cast iron worked better with salt water. Corroded Valve: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wMRVeiW2itTveReR6 Opposite side of the Block: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bV7rs3tXX4bWT9WN9
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