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Found 14 results

  1. Hi I just bought a 2006 Vride Malibu. It currently have the standard 250 lbs rear ballast. It's my first wakesurf boat, so I'm a little new with that. I would like to upgrade it to 750 lbs. I read on some forum that one person use Highfly 750. I also found on wakemaker a retrofit kit specially for the Vride for about 900$. Anyone has try it? Any other recommendation on other alternative or video to show how to proceed for the installation. Also, do you recommand the engine divider panel saver? Here is the link of the wakemaker upgrade kit : https://www.wakemakers.com/tankbuster-750-ballast-system-upgrade.html Thanks for your help
  2. We just got a 22 MXZ (2018 model year) and have tried it out on the lake this weekend. Our old boat was a 2003 Moomba, so it is a bit of a change for us. We have the 410 engine and the 2249 prop. There are PNP tanks in the back lockers. We have a couple of questions compared to the old boat. I have scanned through the forums a bit and I 1) Cruising down the lake with 3 folks, the engine is hitting about 4k rpms to get to 28-30 MPH. Is this what other folks run? 2) With the same 3 folks, and setting the default surf option (100% in all lockers) we can use the wedge at all levels. However, add 2 folks (so 4 folks in the back with one surfer) and we can not get above the 2nd or third slot. Do I have too much weight in the back? 3) Related to above, how far below or above the water should the surf gate be on the non surfer side? We had a suckgate on our old boat and I tended to put it 1" below the water line when it was at rest. Thanks in advance! -- bk
  3. New to boating world... Just purchased a 2000 Malibu sunsetter! loving the boat so far! Struggling to figure out the surfing deal on these older boats! I know it can be done but just can’t get a lot of push! setup: 400lbs Bow weight 900lbs in right locker 900lbs in left locker Mission Delta 2.0 (not sure it’s set right) ant advice would help!
  4. Lacrafter

    Ballast overflow

    Is it normal for the ballast overflow to be spilling out when filling the tanks?
  5. Have a lot of bow rise when surfing and can't see over the bow when sitting. Have to kneel on set or stand. Want to sit! I put a 400lb ballast sac up front and it got the bow down so I can see over it when sitting and made the wave better. Anyone know if there is an aftermarket ballast that can be installed up there to add this additional weight, or do I need to be stuffing a bunch of 50 lb steel shot bags up there in nooks and crannies? If steel shot bags are the best/only solution, any insight on where to put it and how to get to where to put it?
  6. kaneryan

    06' vride ballast

    hey guys, Location: Sydney Australia Just recently purchased a 2006 Vride. previously owned a Moomba outback Direct Drive and it sucked for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. i had the highfly fatseat ( big u shape ) to go around the engine, however it took up all the room in the boat and definatly wasnt convinient. in saying that it was 1500lbs but i recon we only ever filled it to 1350-1400lbs max. in addition we had about 6 people in the boat did it have enough push for surfing... No So now having just purchased the Vride which has the 500lbs factory hard tank mid ballast, and the 2x 250lbs hard tanks in each rear locker. and a power wedge is that enough to surf with the stock ballast? noting my moomba experience i also have 2x 550lbs sacs i got real cheap so im thinking of running them ontop of the hard tanks in the back lockers of the Vride so that would be 800lbs in each rear locker (1600lbs) and 500lbs centre stock = 2100lbs all up. do you think thats enough to get a solid push? i currently dont have anything for the bow at the moment but i will use humans until we dial it in and i can sus out what a good weight is up front. plus getting wakemakers bags sent over to Australia is about $80usd in shipping plus our conversion to the USD sucks haha. reason im asking all of this is its currently winter and havnt taken the boat out yet ( waiting for a sunny weekend that isnt raining or windy ) i just want to be set up as much as possible before taking it out rather than a whole bunch of trial and error and dissapoint everyone when it could be avoided if i gather the appropriate gear before hand. i know there is a wealth of knowledge on here and why try and reinvent the wheel Thanks in Advance
  7. Looking for some input. I have a new LSV 25, just came out of a 2016 Axis A24. One thing that is very different has been figuring out the right combination for a nice wakeboard wake that is very rampy and sharp. I had an easy time with my Axis, but my LSV under power creates a much stronger starboard lean. I have put 300 lbs of weight on the port side but still have to unevenly load up the ballast bags. In the past I was running about 21-22 and 65% full on back bags (Sumo 750's) with full front and another 100 lbs of steel shot bags on my Axis made a very clean wake. The lean under power for the LSV has been a surprise to me. I am not sure what is causing this and what the wise fix would be. The dealer's suggestion is to do what I am doing. Any suggestions? Should consider another prop?
  8. Okay so the Rescue mission is now underway! first off new wheels ans tires, found that I have Two bad wheel bearings so will be addressing that as soon as i get the right outer race. (Napa sold me the wrong ones.) moved on to the inside and wanted to remove the two floor panels next to the motor as they are bent and feel squishy, however that required removing all the interior, soooo..... after 4 hours of removal i was finally able to remove the two panels. this brings me to my first question, those panels by the motor are just screwed to the main two stringers and the outside edge just rides right on the hull/ hard tanks, most of you guys are saying to surf you need 1,000 LBS in each locker, what have you done to strengthen this panel or are you even looking at it? any one starting to have stress cracks in the hull from all of the weight, or cracked a hard tank below deck? I am considering using some .750" UHMW and epoxying some fiberglass stringers as a ledge on the hull so that the UHMW has a spot to ride on on the out side, unsure at this time, any better ideas? question #2 where on the motor does the Tach read from? as mine is dead. Question #3 will PP work without tach? I have power to the unit but screen is dead and has no display possibly related to dead tach? 6 of the 8 ballast pumps are dead going to order those tonight any way more picts to come vacation in 13 days so we will see how far i can get
  9. I just purchased a 2007I just purchased a 2017 wakesetter MXZ with 73 hours in it. I live in the Lake Tahoe area and just had to get the boat inspected before going out on the water. They are really thorough here with inspections would have to do a hot water flush through each ballast tank before you can go on the water. My pumps were filling up fine at the inspection and everything drained correctly. However, when I got on the water and hour later I went to fill up the tanks in the right rear ballast pump will not fire. I just opened up what I believe is the pump that will not fire and I don’t see any debris in it. I’ve heard about people resetting the fuse for this but I’m not sure where it is located. Has anyone else had this issue? Please help as we have a ton of family coming into town for the fourth and everyone is looking forward to using the new boat! Thank you in advance!
  10. I have a 2019 t 22 and my surfwake is weak at best new to wake surfing and wondering if any one has a 2019 t22 axis and is getting a good wave
  11. I’m Looking for assistance with fuses/ballast bag pumps in my 2001 VLX. The starboard ballast fuse trips when I try to fill OR empty the ballast. I understand there is a fill and a drain pump so why would both be tripping the breaker? At first I thought this was a stuck/seized/clogged pump but my searching of forums had me thinking that only one (drain or fill) pump would be acting up. It also requires that I remove the floor to gain access to these so I have held off for now. Before the fuse trips I can hear the pump humming. Any ideas before i take it to a dealership?
  12. First day on the water in our new (used )'17 VTX with low hours. Great fun! When playing around with the ballast, I could not get the starboard aft hard tank or plug n' play sac to empty. They filled ok, but would not empty. The pump ran but no water was coming out after all other tanks emptied. I read several threads that explained the float could just be stuck, which was the cast with the front tank (it said 75% full, draining, but no water). I could feel the water in the plug n' play bag, which also said 75%full/draining. After not being able to get it drained and wanting to ski, I disconnected the plug n' play connection and let it drain out through the bilge pump. Water came out both the hard tank and PNP bag. I assume the pump in and pump out are the same, correct? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and primary order of operations would be appreciated.
  13. Recently purchased this boat and I really want to try out surfing this summer. As of now I have the power wedge, rear locker hard tanks, center tank, and just purchased the acme 1615 prop(currently running acme 1161). Needing advice on what to add to get this setup up to par. TIA
  14. I am wanting to cut an access hole in the floor of the starboard storage bay so I can more easily access the drain pump for that rear ballast tank. Does anyone have a diagram or drawing that shows this location or relative dimensions where I might cut a larger opening? This is for a 2005 23 LSV.
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