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Found 11 results

  1. I just recently started the Wakesports Club at The University of Alabama and I'm currently trying to acquire a boat for the club. We've got 30+ eager members waiting to get out on the water and are soon to have many more. We don't have a tremendous amount of funding at the moment, so I'm reaching out to see if anybody may have a desire to help us out with this, or may have any connections that would be able to help us out. Any leads or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I was wondering if anyone had had any experience behind or driving the Camero Vision 21v, Matrix MXV and could compare it to the 20 VTX cheers
  3. I may have found a liquid force board Bimini bag and I’m wondering if anyone has used the liquid force bag on an illusion x Bimini, or if they have pics or tips. I am hoping to go through with the bag if everything works out. I’m just not sure with the nav light and other obstacles how the bag works on the tower. Also if it would even secure well enough to the Bimini.
  4. Looking for the best ballast configuration for wake surfing on the T23. Right now we seem to consistently notice that there is a better wave on the right then there is the left with equal ballasts filled. Open to your suggestions.
  5. Does anyone have a letter they have sent out to their community for wakesurf driving recommendations? We live on a smaller lake (200 acres) and have some residents that are starting to complain about the surf wakes/distances from docks, etc. Mostly we have some wakesurf boats that need some guidance on better driving before we get a number of residents trying to take further action. I have the WSIA report with distances over 200'. Just seeing if anyone has done some proactive outreach to prevent further action. Our neighborhood board is good with surfing but have to keep the other n
  6. Hi - I fit my boat lift for my 2015 A22 to the trailer (33 inches apart). The lift has the middle bunks horizontal. It’s now broken my speedometer twice which prevent the wakesurf paddles from working when the speedometer is broker (entire reason I have the boat!). Any advice on how to move these so this stops occurring? I went under and can see that the bunk is sitting right next to the speedometer so my assumption is when it rocks in the lift when it comes in it’s breaking it. going to try and move the bunks but not sure which way to go....ideas?
  7. We just bought a 2011 Malibu VTX and wanted some thoughts on how to set the ballasts and speed to deliver the best surfing wake. We use a Mission Delta device to help create the wave as well. Thanks for your input.
  8. topless01

    How to Create Wake?

    ‘01 Sunsetter 21 LXi. Looking for tips on how to create an ideal wake for surfing. Essentially just a ski boat now.
  9. I am just curious about being able to wakesurf on a 1999 Sportster LX. I have ideas on how to do a ballast, but I want to know if it is possible to wakesurf on it? Thanks Colin
  10. Hey all, Hoping you can help provide some insight for me as I begin my search for a new boat. I’ll start by saying I had an 06 21’ VLX that I sold in 2013 and this would be the first boat since that one. We have really gotten into surfing over the past few years when our on the lake with friends and family and are looking for a boat that has a superb wake for surfing along with plenty of room for friends. We unfotunately can not afford many of the brand new boats from Malibu (budget less than $95K) and are presented with a few options. Should we consider a brand new 21’
  11. Recently purchased this boat and I really want to try out surfing this summer. As of now I have the power wedge, rear locker hard tanks, center tank, and just purchased the acme 1615 prop(currently running acme 1161). Needing advice on what to add to get this setup up to par. TIA
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