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Found 15 results

  1. My 2014 VLX has a progressing delamination of the touchscreen (lower right on helm) that controls start/stop, bluetooth, surfgate, wedge up/down, ballast fill/drain. The virtual "buttons" are getting more and more unreliable. This screen was used from 2011 to early 2016 in all wakesetters. SKU number 3962052 model 6913-00503-01 This issue has been discussed in prior forums. The local dealer will sell one for $2400 with only a 30 day limited warranty. Bakes is about $2200, and the warranty is at "the discretion of Malibu on a case by case basis" up to 30 days from date of sale-- so the
  2. I’m looking at some different ballast bags for the center locker on my 1999 Sunsetter VLX ... anyone know the dimensions? will a Straight Line Big Bag 375 Ballast Bag (375 lbs) - 65" x 14" x 14" thanks!!!
  3. We are looking for feedback information on the best after market prop for surfing with our Malibu. We had a 13.5 x 14 and need to replace. Recommendations and places to purchase? We are in Canada. Thanks
  4. Looking for guidance on root cause for repeated failure of Indmar Monsoon 350 transmission mount bushings (Mainly on the port side). I have a 2009 Wakesetter VLX Around 30th November 2020 (380hrs) I noticed some fragments of torn soft rubber in the bilge and quickly traced it to mangled lower transmission mount bushings on both sides. The upper bushings were fine. This is what the remains of the trashed bushings looked like in situ: Port: https://photos.app.goo.gl/E6WBZjUVtdkpmrp57 Stbd: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6b2Dg4JhBdsjyeM56 I replaced both b
  5. Hi Everyone! Just bought my first boat. 2001 Wakesetter VLX with about 320 hours. In great shape and runs strong, but I need a couple things and was hoping you could help. 1. Previous owner took the wedge off and lost it. Any tips on buying a wedge? Can't seem to find them online. 2. Does not have a cover. Best cover? Not sure where to start.
  6. I have a 2001 VLX, and the heater core (inside the drivers helm) is junk & leaking. the easy part was disconnected the heater core (at the motor) and installed a short cut-over hose to finish off the N.E. boating season. In order to access and replace the heater core, I need to remove the drivers footrest under the helm. Its not obvious how this comes out. I've found a few lower screws, but it also appears to be attached at both the sides (from behind). If anyone has the key to unlock this secret, I would appreciate any/all input...
  7. So I need to pull the engine and replace a rusty sump ..I’m a mechanic by trade so fairly handy with spanners , I’ve but never pulled an engine from a v drive , just my old direct drive 350 ski boat but I got a few questions 1 can the engine come out without pulling the transmission and v drive ? 2 what 350 chev sump fits the indmar 320 lcr engine ? As I’ll have to source an automotive one ..is it the vortec 4 bolt sump ? 3 is the sump gasket a one piece and does the lcr engine need the rear main doing or can it be reused ? It’s not leaking that I can see , just a rusty thre
  8. From the 2013 Wakesetter VLX to the 2014 Wakesetter VLX what changes were made? I want surfgate but in 2015 the draft was changed to 27” and I don’t have clearance for that. Looking for any changes between the 2013 and 2014 model years. Thanks!!!
  9. What are differences in the hull and resulting differences in surf wake and wakeboard wake of a fully weighted wakesetter VLX 21 hull for the 2013 - 2014 model year versus the 2004 Wakesetter VLX 21. Specifically the 2013 and 2014 wakesetter VLX hull with Surfgate. I have a 2005 Malibu VRide - 2004 Wakesetter hull - which I run fully weighted - two rear 750 + stock belly + Under bow Nose V Sack + 450 Fat Sack on top of cushion in the bow + 500 Lead wake in the walkway. I use a Ronix Wakeshaper and manual wedge down to surf. I run the Acme 2079 Prop to Push it. The wakesurf wave is phenomenal
  10. I have a 2001 wakesetter vlx that runs very poorly, uses excessive gas, smells of gas fumes. It has the indmar gm 5.7 engine. I have found that the engine is misfiring on multiple cylinders. I have changed wire set, plugs, cap, rotor. Replaced the knock sensor. Checked fuel pressure is 45 on the rail. I put a timing light on plug #1 to check the timing, and the light barely blinks. So I changed to the different plug wires just to see what the light will do. It is very erratic on any wire. There is no consistency to the firing. I don't know what to do next. I have read about crank po
  11. Hi crew, im about to embark on a damper plate replacement on 2002 vlx wakesetter Vdrive with a monsoon 335. If anyone has any detailed guides with photos specific to a vdrive it would be much appreciated.
  12. Looking to add a second set of speakers to my Malibu 21 VLX. Who has done this and has recommendations? Should I add the same wet sound speakers or upgrade the whole system. Don’t love the quality of sound. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
  13. Better to position the Delta closest to the back, deeper or barely under surface- suggestions?
  14. Looking to replace flooring on my 2005 vlx. Would appreciate any and all ideas or suggestions or pictures of what you guys have done. Thanks
  15. I have a 2004 Wakesetter VLX with an illusion x tower. I would like to buy a bimini for it, preferably used (I don't want to shell out a Grand for one from Bakes). Any help would be appreciated. The color is not particularly important.
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