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Found 12 results

  1. Welp, finally found the one. Here she is... We're tinting the windows (30% as recommended by Tommys) and thinking about adding Deck Track. I was thinking match the brown soft-grip flooring. My salesman recommends black deck track instead of matching the floor in brown. He thinks the brown would clash and the black would tie in with the tint. Thoughts?
  2. Folks, I want to use the B&W Hitch to tow my '21 23 LSV but I'm concerned that I'll be pushing/exceeding the capacity of the 2" ball. The 2" ball on the B&W hitch has a max capacity of 7,500 lbs. regardless of the size of shank. My dealer told me that my boat and trailer weigh 6,500 lbs dry. Add almost 400 lbs of gas and I'm already at 6,900. Even assuming I don't put any lead in the boat, add gear and I'll be pushing/exceeding the 7,500 lb limit. I prefer the looks and the functionality of the B&W over any other hitch. What are your thoughts?
  3. We have a 2008 23lsv. I have just ordered factory tower cages for some speakers as the original owner didn’t have tower speakers. Will I need another amp to push 2- 8” towers? Or can I use the two stock RF amps? Second question, is there a way to upgrade the JBL black box to get Bluetooth without ruining the MUX stereo control?
  4. My break in hours are done and we had enough time after work tonight for a quick run to try out the wave. I'm always jealous of the goofy side so I'm playing with some lead this year to see how much I can shape the regular side. I still need to dial in my setup a bit more to see what it can do but I thought tonight's setup was already pretty good. Boat is a 2019 23 LSV with the PCM 6.0, 2277 prop and 580 PNPs. All stock and PNP ballast were full, with 300 lbs of lead (150 in the observer's compartment, and 150 in the port storage just aft of the observer's seat). Speed was 11.0 with 4 cli
  5. Hi, I'm looking to buy a Wakesetter 23 LSV or similar, around 2011 would the year for my budget for what I managed to looked in the internet. If you know anybody selling in Florida or nearby states, would be verybappreciated if younlet me know. Here my phone number: 313 516 4455 (don't know if is allowed to post cel, sorry if it's not) Thanks
  6. Looking at a 2005 23LSV but it has the 302 monsoon engine. I thought they came stock with the 350? Any advice? The price is great but that engine doesn’t seem right. Anyone having experience changing out monsoon with 383 and estimated cost? Thanks!
  7. I just bought my first Malibu and have a couple areas I think need attention. I feel like I have a ton of free play in the steering on my 06 23LSV. How hard is it to change/adjust the steering cable? Much appreciated!!
  8. I currently have a supercharged 23 LSV and we have it pretty well dialed in but thinking about getting the 2020 25 LSV. Is the surf wave worth the extra money?
  9. 2020 G3.5 23 LSV options, I want to avoid the shelf mount for my tower speakers. Icon8s use a shelf. - the Rev10s appear to be the only factory option to meet this requirement. Does anyone know about Rev8s and how they mount? - Dealer said the portal shows Rev10 only available as a 2 pair option. Is anyone aware of a 1 pair of Rev10s Option in 2020? Thx!
  10. I am looking to purchase a used wakesetter. Can anyone tell me the major differences between the 2016 LSV and the 2019 LSV? Hull, engine, torque, design, etc? Thanks. Matt
  11. Long post, maybe redundant, but here goes, Thanks in advance. We have been looking at a lot of boats lately, all new..er.... and the budget has crept up badly as well, from 75 to ????? yeah that bad. We started looking for a 23 LSV, we are a family of 6, oldest kid is in college, youngest is 12. We need more space than in out VTX, and have been surfing as of late. Prior to our VTX, we had a 02 23 LSV. We found some nice 18 and 19 23 LSV's, seen here Then, we had a rather rough day on the lake (had to abort anything fun) due to the wind picking up swiftly, rather than
  12. Does anyone know where to find or how to swap the forward and reverse solenoid on a 2014 23LSV? I have a similar problem that others have mentioned in the forum in a few different post with the boat slipping . Dealer called Indmar and they were aware of the issue but not enough for a recall. Suggestion was to swap the forward and reverse solenoid to rule out a bad solenoid first since I likely wouldn't notice it in reverse. I'm assuming if that doesn't fix the issue it is likely the bad Livorsi throttle assembly that others have encountered. I believe it is a simple pull of 2 bolts
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