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2021 Kia Telluride as a TV


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Hello.. we have a 2002 Sunsetter LXI… I am bit reluctant to tow it long distances with our 2021 Kia Telluride (5000 lb tow capacity).  I am not confident between the boat weight and handling.  I welcome any thoughts!   Thanks 

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I would be reluctant as well.  

Looked up the dry weight for your boat and listed at 2900.  If you add a trailer plus real world weight including items like gas then it will be approaching that 5000# limit.  There's an old rule of thumb not to exceed 80% of your tow rating.  This exceeds that rule and will probably be in the 4700-4800 range.  

Could you do it, yes.  Will it be enjoyable from a handling perspective, maybe not.  How will it handle an emergency situation, great question?

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All to often I see people towing way more than the vehicle can handle. I have an expiration I use when I see this. " Too Much Boat Not enough Truck"

Depending on where you live and how far you tow will have the greatest effect on your vehicle.  If you live in Florida and tow five miles to the launch ramp then OK

 If You live out west with mountain passes exceeding 4000 ft , desert heat above 100 degrees and towing 3 to 5 hours then  NO.  

MNNewb above is correct.

You also need to take into the equation how much weight you are  putting in the Telluride ( people, ice chest, camp gear ect.  

You will be surprised how this weight creeps up.






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I think the weight estimate might be a little aggressive. My VLX on a single axel full of fuel is 4100# on a cat scale. For piece of mind, go to a truck stop and have it weighed. Think it was like $12.

Can you tow it with your Kia? Probably. Will it be enjoyable? Maybe, I've never driven one. I like to look at the weight of the tow vehicle vs what it's towing too. Kia is around 4100-4300#. So you're towing and having to stop pretty much the same weight that your vehicle is. I towed with my old v-8 4runner that is around the same weight. It did okay, but boy was she working and I never really felt comfortable. Does your trailer have brakes, and they work? Is the kia hitch at the proper height so trailer height is correct? 291 hp... it will tow it.



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It may not be too helpful, but I've got the 2021 Hyundai Palisade that came with factory self leveling suspension and tranny cooler. Rated for 5000lbs towing.  I added a 6000lbs hitch and ball/ball mount.

Similar ride to the Telluride, but not sure if they have the same suspension, etc.  I tow my 2005 Wakesetter (dry weight per manual is 3300lbs, factory told me ~3600lbs with tower etc).  I weighed boat and trailer at 5100lbs, and calculated tongue to be ~520lbs.  Seemed to tow just fine in the flat prairies for a couple hundred km's.  No prob at the boat launch either for me.

I only tow 1-2 times a year, and not with the car full of gear, so I'm not too worried.  But as others mention, its at the limit, so I personally would be hesitant to pull it through the mountains.

The a friend knew the previous owner of the boat, and said he towed it through the mountains with his Highlander (5000k towing) with no problems, but he also has more money than me to replace transmissions if needed.

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On 7/23/2021 at 9:44 PM, Bclarke292 said:

Hello.. we have a 2002 Sunsetter LXI… I am bit reluctant to tow it long distances with our 2021 Kia Telluride (5000 lb tow capacity).  I am not confident between the boat weight and handling.  I welcome any thoughts!   Thanks 

I towed my 2001 LXi with an explorer and a highlander w/o issue.  As long as you are careful (which you should do even with an F250) you will be fine.  Truth is your tow vehicle will weigh more than your boat/trailer.  That guy with the F250 towing an 8k M220/240 can't say the same thing although no one would question it.  Who cares if it is slow off the line (if it even is) .. stopping is your biggest concern.  Honestly every IRS I've ever towed with does better than solid rear end.  Party on dude!   (and good luck finding a Telli for less than 10k over sticker right now!)

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