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fuel sender questions

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I just checked my 2001 sunsetter VLX fuel sender out of the tank and it looks good. Since I got this boat used the other year, the fuel gauge reads incorrectly lots of the time. One thing it does it it will register fuel when first turned on, but then the needle on the gauge will drop so it no longer registers fuel. Other times it drops to a lower level and holds. 


I took it out and measured the wema sender and saw it is a 6 inch reed sender. That fits with a 7 inch tank depth. Once out, I moved the float for about 15 min and at all times it registered properly. The gauge needle is slow to respond but I guess that is by design. If the float is at what I would measure as a half or even a quarter tank, the gauge reads properly and holds itself there properly. Im not sure what to make of these findings. Should I still consider replacing the sender?  Id rather spend the money on my whining fuel pump.

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Well... as in an airplane.. the guage is only accurate at 2 points when it is working... When it is full and when it is empty :P... No matter what, I always fill up at beginning of day and have not had any issues with running out. It sounds to me that your float is bad.... I would definitely replace your fuel pump first as it is on the verge of going out (and a gas gauge that works will not help you when you can't get fuel to the engine ;))


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You can get a brand new 6" Wema sender on E-bay for $25.  There are at least 8 magnetic reed switches built into the senders shaft which changes its resistance from 33 to 240 ohms in 8 linear steps.  Some of mine worked intermittently or not at all.  New sender solved all problems.  You are correct, gauge response is delayed and damped by the MMDC.

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I had the same 6" sender as yours, but the tank is about 7.5" deep.  This means, when everything is working properly, the gauge registers empty when there is about 1/4 of the fuel left.   This is completely opposite of what I want.  It's much more important for the fuel gauge to be accurate when you are getting low on fuel than when the tank is full.  Replaced mine with one of these and all is good:


Well, actually not all is good.  It doesn't correct the problem with where the sender is positioned.  I don't know why Malibu specified a fuel tank with the sender in the corner.  This is the worst possible position.  The boat has to be level to get an accurate reading.

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Wema makes 7" and possibly 7 1/2" senders.  But you have to be absolutely certain it will fit.  Shaft can not be cut. 

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Wema sss/ssl senders 

4"-18.5" in .5" increments

19"-60" in 1" increments

the number stamped in the square top is the ohm, if it's a 33 you need a 240-33 ohm sender.

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