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Replacement Stereo HU, Sub, and Amp Suggestions

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First of all, I am not an audiophile, but I am in need of suggestions since am looking to replace the following audio equipment after it was stolen. My goal is to have something similar but with newer technology, of course. I have 4 Infinity 612M's in boat speakers today. There is no tower on the boat.

  • Old HU = Sony CDX-MP70 - need to replace with HU that has AM/FM, Bluetooth, Aux input since I'd like to keep the one on my dogleg panel on the RLX. No CD needed. Do I need a HU with 6-channel preamp outputs (5-volt front, rear, and sub) such as this one? Or would a HU with 2.5 volt front be enough? I plan on mounting the HU under the arm wrest where the old one was.
  • Phoenix Gold Tantrum Amp - I don't remember the power or watts, but I think it was a 5 channel amp powering the 4 speakers and sub. What size/brand/watts is recommended so I could mount on board behind passenger seat near sub? What would be an equivalent to the PG amp that I had? Is it better to have two amps for this setup? What type of power should I be looking at?
  • Subwoofer - what size is recommended to put behind the passenger seat that could sit on the floor? Component sub in a box or powered sub such as the Infinity Basslink?
  • Wired Remote - they left it but I have since removed it since new HU will use Bluetooth.

Any suggestions or things I should consider are appreciated. From what I have read on this site, I can probably get away with spending <$200 on a HU, correct? I would go without the HU, but the wife thinks we need the radio. ;)

Thank you.

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New head-unit: Just note, that Sony unit does not have a rear AUX in, only front. Having front, rear and sub RCA outputs is great, but is not always a must. It really depends on the entire system design. With some form of pre-amp zone control, multiple amps can be driven with just a single head-unit output. With a 5 chnl hybrid amp for in-boats and sub, a single set of RCAs may be all thats needed, leaving only a 2nd set needed for a tower amp. Having a strong pre-amp is always a plus, but i go with the head-unit that has the best and most wanted features first, then look at pre-amp voltage last.

i like 5 chnl hybrid amps for a cabin/sub setup, but they dont fit all builds. The Kicker marine KXM800.5 would drive your 2 pair of in-boats and will deliver 400W rms to a 2 ohm 12" sub. Class-D, marine and includes a sub level control.

Sub: 12" for sure. Within the same series, theres typically little price difference between the 10 and 12 and the enclosure for the 12" would not be much larger. The larger sub is going to yield more output with the same amp wattage. Under the helm so its radiating out into the cabin and in a proper custom enclosure thats suitable for the humid environment.

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