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    • Smitty4UK

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      2019 25LSV Just got it and trying to dial in the wave. We did a similar thing as @Whitecap and just spent a while yesterday to try different settings. I do not want to add lead. I do have two 750# FatSacs in the rear lockers. Most people say to add 300-400# of lead on the port side to counteract prop torque and level the boat.

      The boat ballast system measures both the stock and FatSac in the same measurement. I put 75% in the Port rear, just under 25% in starboard (It would fluctuate between 0% & 25%) rear and 100% in mid and bow. This levels the boat out both side to side and front to back.

      We moved the wedge around some usually stayed on 3 out of 6 (Vert). Speed was 10.5 MPH. Pretty happy with the results.


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    • Michigan boarder


      Man, that's beautiful.


    • That Guy


      On 8/20/2019 at 11:34 PM, Arctic Slalom said:

      just curious about what kind of mileage all of you are getting with F150 2.7 EB?  Say mixed driving, crew cab, 4x4. More country and highway then city...thx   

      I'm on my 2nd F150 w/ the 2.7 (2016, 2019) and I'd say I average 19-20mpg with similar driving, most likely more city stop and go being that I don't live near the country and hwy trips are usually 15miles or less to get where I'm going.  I had a 5.0 in my 2014 which got similar mpg I believe in same conditions. 

    • 1 hour ago, brettskiT23 said:

      Weird thing is I have a friend who is the parts manager at the local malibu dealer and he said they are usually wired in series, so now nothing really makes sense.

      Ive never come across a Malibu or Axis 4 tower pod setup wired in series. However, you have a meter that youve been measuring amp output voltage, no need to wonder or speculate. Measure the impedance of each pair of wires at the amp chnls.  

    • 23LSVOwner

      Posted (edited)

      1 hour ago, brettskiT23 said:

      Thanks for the reply.  I'm pretty sure it is the HT-2 amp.  Like you said two 4ohm in parallel would yield 2ohm which is what I based everything off of.  Weird thing is I have a friend who is the parts manager at the local malibu dealer and he said they are usually wired in series, so now nothing really makes sense.  Even though it is working now I'm thinking it may just be best to take it in for a diagnostic just to be sure everything is in good shape.  Regarding the yellow wire I just think that is a little strange... we are a Pandora only household so I snagged my Fusion BT bluetooth adapter and wired it in to this boat first thing but my OCD just can't handle the clock and settings constantly getting reset... as stupid as it sounds we also have a 5 month old and we need to keep an eye on the clock from time to time.  Good news is since this boat has a bimini (we came from a 1986 no-name I/O) the kids can nap while we continue to play.

      He doesn't know what he is talking about. Each channel is wired in parallel with 2 tower speakers on that side (4 total overall) which gives a 2 ohm load to that channel.

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