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    • UWSkier


      So now that I know there is GPH data available in a data stream, I'm really wondering if I can't figure out a way to make a ScanGauge work on this thing a-la @Slurpee.  Would love to know for real how many gallons I'm using on an ongoing basis.

    • mrothwell


      On 8/3/2020 at 10:10 PM, Surfbinder said:

      Try this; have someone start the boat, while you look from the side at the coupler that mounts to the  bottom flange of the V-drive, you will see the propeller shaft that is mounted in that coupler about 1 " diameter shaft (goes all the way through the bottom of the boat and the propeller is attached at the end of that shaft), have the person put it in gear, if that V-drive/coupler turns, but the shaft is not turning, then its what formulaben said, the 3/4 nylock nut backed off and the key has been sheared. Pretty easy to fix if it is that. 

      No, the coupler isn't turning.  I haven't had time to look any deeper since I got home from vacation, but I'm still leaning towards it being the output shaft flange.

    • smileysteve

      Posted (edited)

      Hey, I'm nearby; (I just drive south instead of North)

      I run my boat pretty lightweight and don't have a wedge.

      The big thing I have found this season is to move the shaper farther forward seems to clean up my wave and make it longer. (may try 2 shapers)

      My Setup
      - MLS (500lbs)
      - 750lbs in each rear compartment (reversible pump)
      - 500lb in bow (manual fill)

      Crew of 3 in the boat helps significantly when i can get it

      I'm 6'1" 220lb and surf well on a 5'4" broadcast; I set set speed between 10.6 and 11.4

      On the speed;  you'll get more height below 10, but more push and surf-able length above 10

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    • cmargosi


      Agree with Big Creek, better suited for two people.  My kids sit up there when we are underway (and I like to have one sit there when we are surfing if they will do it, because it improves the wave IMO).  However, I wouldn't want to sit three adults up there under almost any circumstances.  It's definitely a drawback to the 23 LSV when compared to some competitors that do not have the same as far as comfort, but it's an advantage to have that ballast tank when it's time to surf...Assuming you want the best surf wave, so make the compromise, at least that was my decision process.

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    • 7 minutes ago, cla10beck said:

      I have found that the placement of the wake shaper makes a huge difference.  Early on, I would go from one session to having a great wave, and next session with the same ballast wasn't nearly as good.  I am going to consistently try Brad B's placement advice above (3-4 inches below waterline and as far back as possible)

      We even had to flip the "gate" part of the Delta around so that it wound be as far back as possible - to copy actual Surf Gate. The suction ends up in front of the gate on the hull. This did make a big difference. The depth didn't seem to make that much difference other than if its too high it seems to throw fuzz into the wave.

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    • obski


      Finally got out for a ski on Saturday.  Good grief, it's already August.
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    • SandpointDave

      SandpointDave  »  Patrick

      Did you figure out your issue with your boat? Mine is doing the same thing and it is driving me crazy. Any help would be great. Thanks 
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    • SandpointDave

      SandpointDave  »  LiquidCourage

      Did you resolve your issue? My boat is doing the same thing. Already changed the filter and it seemed to help for a bit but to no avail. The boat still cuts out when it is hot and over 2900. Thanks for your reply. 
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    • toddington247


      First, thanks for all the help.
      She started acting up again and I figured out it was loosing power to the fuel pump. 
      Changed out the fuel pump relay and problem solved.
      Thanks again.
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    • SandpointDave

      SandpointDave  »  electricjohn

      Looking for some help. I have a 2003 335 monsoon not efi. Lately, I have had this issue that after the engine has been run for awhile, it will suddenly make this flup flup sound and loose all power. It won’t die and I can go back to an idle speed and if I go back to the same speed, around 3000, it might happen again and it might not. This is what I have done so far. I have changed all plugs, wires, cap, and rotor. I have treated the gas with stabil. I have sprayed carb cleaner up into the fuel pump to try and clear the filter up in there. Don’t know if that really helped. I changed the filter at the gas tank. I sprayed carb cleaner into the carb. I have cleaned the air filter. That is about it. I wish I had more of a consistent trouble shoot for you but it is baffling me. Like I said, the only time it seems to happen is when it has been run for awhile and it is running around 3000 or so. Any help would be great. Thanks 
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