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  • 2017 Malibu Wetsounds system


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    Recently upgraded most of the components of my stereo in my '17 LSV so I'm looking to sell the stock Wetsounds gear.  I would prefer to sell all together but will entertain offers on individual pieces.  A couple of notes: this is without a doubt the best stock stereo I've ever heard on a boat, but I just chose to go in a different direction for my boat.  The amps have been retuned to turn off the noise gate which has been known to cause low volume dropouts.  The amps should be plug and play for 2017+ malibus with any stock stereo, but will require adapters for anything else.  I can provide links to the parts needed for adapters or could potentially make them for a small fee :)

    Everything listed below has about 4 months of use and are like new condition.  DM for pics... I just don't have any available right now.

    1 pair of Wetsounds Rev-8s in Malibu pods w/ the G3 shelf (speaker socks covers included - grey)

    1 Wetsounds Syn-DX6 dsp (used to run 8 interior speakers and subwoofer)

    1 Wetsounds Syn-DX2 dsp (used to run tower speakers)

    1 Wetsounds 12" subwoofer in stock enclosure (I believe it is REVO 12 HP)

    PRICE: $ 1800

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    If you don't unload this all in one package, I may be interested in that Syn-DX6 dsp for my new boat.

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