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  2. Yes, the bar at back. The finger in the middle holds rope. My inlaws learned their lesson about using the pylon after getting twacked in the back of the head with a tube rope.
  3. Hemmy

    Dogs & Boats

    Word of caution with the leash. Make sure somebody is holding the leash especially if somebody is in the water getting towed. I was in the water surfing and my wife was driving and hooked the leash up to one of the handles in the boat. I went down and as soon as I hit the water my dog jumped in after me. She had a choker collar on and it was tough getting her out on a short leash. Could have very easily choked her. Everything turned out just fine but some dogs like to jump in after people in the water. This was something I did not expect to happen. I see quite a few people on here posting pictures of their dogs with a leash on so be careful. BTW great looking lab!
  4. saxton15

    Phase 5 Hammerhead - recieved damaged

    Wait you paid $770 CND w/taxes shipped? That's a great price. I just saw this same board for over 1K CND. I'd get the shop to replace it.
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  6. Skymedic

    Adding Sirius XM

    Do the make a male to female 8 pin DIN cable? Or female to female adapter?
  7. bovhica

    GSA install?

    Finally got out this afternoon and was able to get in the water and really test the GSA. Water temp was 62°. We had a small crew of three. We only surfed port side with the same weight setup as the test run I posted above. We found that the pocket was smallish and close to the boat with that setup. Ryan warned that I would need more weight to the rear due to some lift from the tabs, so we adjusted and the wave was much better. I was able to surf a larger pocket 10 to 15 feet back and recover from the curl. I'm 280 lbs, but my cousin, 175 lbs, was ripping it a bit further back with tons of push. Bow: 750 bag full on top of seat Mid: 580 bag plumbed in place of hard tank. Cabin: 325 lbs people + 370 plumbed bag under port coffin seat for slight list + 200 lbs lead on floor in front of rear seat. Rear: 300 lbs (150 each side) lead in rear lockers under 1500 in bags (750s) + 400 hard tanks and 900 for floating wedge. I run the base motor 5.7 lcr with acme 2419 prop and rpms at 11 mph were 3300 at 2500 ft ASL. Was impressed with how quickly the boat got to speed and noticed that the wave shaped and cleaned up much faster than running similar weight with a suckgate. Overall, very happy with the install and performance. Can't wait to see how a large crew will affect the wave!
  8. SCMike

    F-150 for 2019 23 LSV?

    Thanks @eubanks! on an F150 33’s will look pretty nice and will perform like stock. I had that same set up on my 2015 GMC Sierra and it rose really nice. Airbags are a nice option even if you don’t use them every time. On my F250 I put about 10-15# of air in them. On my MC I had to put about 50#, but they really help with the half ton.
  9. Eagleboy99

    2001 Response LX

    If you can get me a boat like that for $12K USD I'll buy it sight unseen.
  10. Hopefully the kill switch. But if not... There is lots of 20 yr old (well designed ) tech that still works.
  11. @oldjeep you're talking about the bar at the back platform? That bar will hold all that load? Do you have any pictures on how you attach the rope from there?
  12. Off the tow bar in the back. You don't want a tube rope on the pylon or in the back of your head.
  13. I dread asking this but where do you guys tow your tubes from on this model of boat? Is there a way to tow it off of the back or do you use the pylon? We primarily ski but do have to tow a few of the little ones every once in a while.
  14. OP symptoms suggest a bad kill switch. If the engine starts without gauges then look at the MDC. If you have a working MDC it should be fine unless you pump water into it. Once it’s dead, then you can find the fix my own mdc thread, or the replace the mdc thread with something else, or buy a new mdc. It’s 20 year old tech. My second one works fine.
  15. Gsxrnick

    GPS on 2019 Malibu

    Glad it could be of some help to you.
  16. boardjnky4

    Water in v drive

    Sometimes it gets in from the vent. I’d just flush it a few times and monitor it.
  17. Howdy All you folks that know more about aluminum finishes and coatings than me. That’s most of y’all. What is the finish on the aluminum plate at the helm? The one with the sport knob mounted to it. There is unsurprisingly a whole industry of choices for finish, anodizing, thickness, etc, etc. I want to know because I’m doing a custom panel to replace the existing one and want it to match. So what’s the technical specification I need to ask for?
  18. Dfilly

    2006 Malibu Waksetter VLX $39,900

    2006 Malibu Wakestter VLX 21 in excellent condition with low hours (330 hours). Loaded with options and upgrades to include; Wetsounds Rev 8 LED tower speakers, Wetsounds in boat speakers, Wetsounds Amps, and Diamond 12” sub, Sony Bluetooth stereo with swim platform remote, RGB LED light rings around cup holders and speakers, that change with the music or stay solid colors, Monsoon 340, Sampson Spinner board racks, Bimini Top with cover, cruise control, Malibi Launch System (MLS) with 1250lbs of ballast (4 tanks, 1 front, 1 center, 2 rear tanks), Power Wedge, Eight.3 Wake Surf Shaper, tilt steering, ski mirror, illusion tower, removable wind dam, dual batteries with switch, removable table, full boat cover, tandem axle trailer w/surge brake and foldable tongue, new boat winch. Recently serviced; new oil, filter, water pump. This boat looks and runs great, with the wakeshaper and MLS, it throws a really clean surfable wave. Reason for sale is recently moved from Texas to Florida and looking to get an offshore fishing boat. This boat is the perfect boat if you‘re looking to get into wakeboarding without a huge price tag. Please call or text with any questions or to set up a time to take it out on the water. $39,900 David 901-488-8924
  19. GPS speedo is great, but what about temp, oil pressure, etc.? Those old MDC systems are so horrible it hurts me to think about them. Craptastic engineering.
  20. Eagleboy99

    Phase 5 Hammerhead - recieved damaged

    Have you ever tried to file a claim on shipping damage? It is brutal. BTDT. You have to have pics, get carrier acknowledgement etc. Unless I got the board for 60-70% off (still above dealer cost) I would send it back COD. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
  21. MFknK

    Phase 5 Hammerhead - recieved damaged

    To those that ask, why repair a new board?, this is why. He can easily get a discount or maybe even a full claim feom the shipping company and they most likely don’t come get it... A little blemish on a board isn’t a big deal as long as the board performs. I would rather be able to shred and piece of plywood, than ride like a donkey’s rear end on a $700 board....
  22. The most likely point of failure is the plastic clip that holds it in, although the push button could fail. Mine started failing last summer, I could push it in and it would work. Literally a ten min job to swap out. you can test by holding g all three wires together as mentioned above. Get rid of the pitot tub speedo system as that will eventually drive water into the mdc. Cut the tubes off and plug them at the stern. Drive by tach or get a gps kit to run the speedo. Link to the replacement part
  23. Ah, yeah if it's what I think it is it's supposed to be tight. I didn't touch it on my cable swap. Yep. Wherever the wheel is (let's say it's pointed at 10 o'clock when going straight) then you note that, then when you stop the boat you put it at the 10 o'clock position so that the rudder is now straight, THEN you remove the bolts so as to disengage the rack & pinion gears, then move the steering wheel to the 12 o'clock position, then tighten the bolts back...now 12 o'clock is straight when driving.
  24. Well I never knew that. Mine is the original kill switch. I know what I'm checking tomorrow. Thank you so much for the tip. Does it require anything special in a kill switch or will a generic kill switch fix it? I'm assuming I can just manually hold it in to test this?
  25. ahopkinsVTX

    Registration Numbers

    Azure outline, white fill I think would tie in well.
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