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  3. wakefrankNL

    Ronix Wakesurf Bimini Bag...anyone use one?

    Thanks! I will post Picture of Tower with open bimini tomorrow.
  4. How can I update ECM firmware ? P.S.Ти спілкуєшся українською!?
  5. Broker's are usually good at selling insurance but are not always on top of actual coverage issues. Botton line is you should make a formal claim which triggers a duty on the insurance company to make a formal decision to accept responsibility or deny coverage. The insurance company generally has the burden to show a specific exclusion applies, but only after you start the formal claims process. Make them commit to a coverage position in writing.
  6. TwoMargaritasPlease

    First surf session behind our 2019 25LSV

    Let's see if I can post video https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48090595702/in/dateposted-public/
  7. TwoMargaritasPlease

    First surf session behind our 2019 25LSV

    Dfowkes, I live in your shadow. I put on 500 lbs for slight enhancement but far from dialed in. It's a very clean wave, but it lacks the big push that I seek from way back. It's OK, I have all summer to play. Back to the lead store... Here's my kids digging on Dad's new boat. Oh, and I do love that wristband. Control!
  8. jjackkrash

    Help with smaller tow vehicle options

    I'd personally want at least a 1/2 ton for that boat or a big 1/2 ton based SUV.
  9. I had the acme 1235 on my 15 LSV. I changed to the OJ 945 (15x13) last year. Loved it. Then I tried the OJ 948 (15x14) even better. I run about 800 feet msl. With the higher elevation the 945 may work well for you. The diameter difference between the Acme 1235 and the OJ 945 is 1/2 inch. That means it’s only 1/4 inch closer to the hull.
  10. Well I agree.. they should. But sadly that’s a risk I wasn’t willing to take. In my case it was busy boat show season and I know they were pretty swamped with orders, deliveries and test rides so i don’t really blame them for not calling me every time a new option/color showed up in the order form. I think it is going to come down to the dealer and your relationship with them. Some people might be offended if the dealer calls up after you placed and order for a boat and said “hey, there is a new motor avail for $7k, want me to add that to your order?”... some people might think it’s an upscale tactic vs. and honest question trying to make sure you get the best boat possible.
  11. gregtay

    Help with smaller tow vehicle options

    You mentioned the GC... a GC with the air suspension would be great (they tow very well.) I have a GC and Durango.. both were awesome pulling my 2008 23LSV. For the 2019 we only use the Durango (high tow rating.) There are also a bunch of German SUVs you could pick up used that tow 7700, Touareg, Q7, X5, Cayenne, etc. Not cheap to drive/maintain but if you can get one with some mile on it to get the price down along with a warranty then you would be set.
  12. In process of doing audio on axis a22.. Building custom box under dash for L7 12" q series, mounting 4 kicker kmtc8ls on tower, and replacing the 6.5 alpines with 4 kicker 45km84l.. I got a wet sounds rf music controller for a decent price, and figured use this to run the led on speakers.. Question is where is best place to mount it? I was thinking of putting it on the amp rack I'm making and piggy backing the subwoofer rcas and run the 3.5 straight to the controller.. My head unit has a dedicated lp sub out, so by doing this would it then work only with the bass? Would mounting in the ob compartment be OK? Any ideas would be great. It says to avoid high spl so figured should keep it away from the sub..
  13. Nope. They're on or off, there isn't a dimmer option.
  14. Hi y'all. I have a 2008 Ridgeline that has towed my two SSLX's and one SSLXi admirably. It towed all three from TX to WI and back.(Not at the same time of course...) Picked up an '05 VLX, and it's over weight I am sure. Malibu weight + trailer + gas would come right to 5k, but reading a lot of threads that say real weights are a lot more. I intend to hit a scale sometime, but I think it's obvious that this boat is too much for my Ridge. The Ridge is paid for, and I have a new 16 year old driver, plus a small garage. Trying to keep it low $$. I don't want to pay more that 20k, but that might not be realistic. I see Frontiers for 20-21k at Hertz.(Titan's for 24k...) Not really a fan of Frontiers, but anyone tow with one? New Ford Ranger seems appealing. I'm not a jeep fan, but suppose I should look at GC. Tacoma, but they are $$ and I don't like the sitting on the floor position. But I am ok with Toyota. Probably have to consider full size trucks, but they won't fit in the garage. Need 4x4.
  15. Lptexastornado1

    Min clearance between prop and hull

    @Mrothwell sent you a PM about your 1235.
  16. vlx weazy

    05 VLX Boat Cover

    05 VLX with Illusion tower boat factory cover for sale 100.00 obo
  17. vlx weazy

    05 VLX carpet saver

    Used once 05 gray vlx Capet saver. 150.00 obo
  18. vlx weazy

    05 vlx port side windshield

    I have a factory Port Side VLX windshield in good condition. My Star Board side broke and had to Oder a new windshield and got both sides since they could not match the factory exactly. 600.00 obo plus shipping
  19. I remember seeing a boat that was all yellow on the outside (I didn't pay attention to the interior) with the name "hold the relish" in green on the stern. That was a yellow boat that I thought was done well, humorously well.
  20. I had a 2016 23 lsv and I thought the same thing about the interior lights...too bright. I looked and looked, but never found a dimmer. I ended up just unplugging them and plugging them into a blue light strip.
  21. Don't forget, there could also be a market for it in Oakland for a die-hard Athletics fan! While it's possible to wrap it and to get new seat skins made, I'll agree with others that you're better off looking a bit more. There is always a desire to make something work when the weather is perfect outside, but if you keep looking you'll find the right option for you. Take this time to make a list of the must-haves and must-not-haves so you have something to stick to, be honest with yourself on what the must and must-nots are.
  22. Eagleboy99

    raw water pump

    A Johnson is like 20 bucks more.
  23. Recently purchased a 2015 23 LSV. Many great upgrades over my 2010 23 LSV, but the brightness of the interior lights at night is driving me nuts. On my 2010 I could adjust the brightness of interior lights through the settings on the dash. That same setting also controlled the brightness of underwater transom lights. The 2015 has an adjustment in Settings to dim the dash lights but not for the interior lights - or at least that I can find. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  24. oldjeep

    raw water pump

    Price is right. Likely a chinese knockoff, which may be ok or not. I'd just rebuild the one you have or buy a Sierra if you want to save money.
  25. Dealer had me send in a video of the issue to send up the chain. Malibu and the dealer do not feel it is the power and start/stop buttons. Dealer had me check to make sure the battery cables were tight and the wires running to the starter solenoid were tight and not touching any other wires. Everything was good and tight, so looks like I willme making a trip to the dealer to drop it off unfortunately.
  26. SJRwake

    raw water pump

    What do you think about this aftermarket one? https://www.amazon.com/aftermarket-crankshaft-mounted-brands-engines/dp/B075SP28GD/ref=nav_ya_signin?gclid=Cj0KCQjwl6LoBRDqARIsABllMSa8c94Dl2GKjHKd27pZ2o_7UpRcSisPp6avPn8BeBNxaMWyGwoq-LQaAlM8EALw_wcB&hvadid=345554876335&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9011461&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=10430487570890801287&hvtargid=kwd-748731376026&hydadcr=9435_9900754&keywords=indmar+68-5001&qid=1560909284&s=gateway&sr=8-1&
  27. carguy79ta

    Trailer running lites not working

    Yep have thought about that. It was prolly like that when I got it. 2nd owner. We will see. That was the first time I towed it at nite.
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