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Found 9 results

  1. As the title says, I bought a New Acme 515 prop for my 1994 Flightcraft Sportster, The old Mr. Minus 13x13.5 has a few nicks where we dragged over some rocks in a shallow spot, so I wanted to get it cleaned up and balanced. I bought the Acme Weekend saver kit which has the C-clamp Prop Puller, and I have tried Everything to get the prop free. As far as I can tell this Prop has probably been on there since it was new or close to it. I loosened the Nut 2 turns, and the applied force with the puller, then cranked on the puller as much as I could with a wrench..Nothing. I've tried hitting the back of the puller to get some harmonics going, Tried heating up the prop with a torch, paying attention to the prop strut temp, and tried oiling around the key way. I'm at a loss Trying to get this new prop on as its better than the current one. Thanks Guys,
  2. I've had the Response LX for about 5 years. It came with a 4 bladed stainless prop on it, and has the 330HP Mercruiser black scorpion direct drive. The Mercruiser has a rev limiter at 5180 RPM, or thereabouts (it stutters around 5180, maybe it's 5200). We're running pretty hard into the rev limiter, I think we can hit it on about 3/4 throttle. We get 72kph (45mph) at the rev limiter with 1 person aboard, about half fuel, not much spare weight in the boat. It feels like we're giving up quite a bit of top speed there. I've looked at the prop and it doesn't have any clear identifying marks for size. It has J1102 stamped on the side of the hub (where the blade merges in), and arguably it might be O J1102, but not sure why there'd be a gap between the O and the J if it was an OJ prop. So maybe the O is something different. On the end of the hub I can see CUP written clearly, then maybe the edges of some numbers. I'll probably have to take the nut off to see what else it might say on there. We mostly water ski, sometimes wakeboard (we have a wedge), we don't really ballast and the boat isn't big enough to carry a lot of passengers. We have more than enough hole shot - we seem to be able to pull as many tubes as we like (6+ at a time) with no real bogging, and basically nobody who we ski with is happy with full throttle starts. Probably the only use we have for all that hole shot at the moment is beach starts, in which we can idle to the end of the rope and then go (as opposed to the 3 coils of rope we took when I learned to beach start behind a 50HP Evinrude...). Seems pretty clear that we could do with more pitch. I don't have any actual problems with the boat, other than it feels like we could go faster. My brother's boat (when he comes visiting) does about 47mph, and those extra 2mph are annoying. Other than when he visits, I don't notice. I guess I might get a bit more fuel efficiency with more pitch. We like our current wake for slalom, we have an acquaintance with a very similar boat (early 2000s Response LX, Indmar powered I think) with a 3 blade, he reckons our wake is much softer (good thing). I haven't skied behind his boat to compare, he did ski behind ours. I see that the recommended prop would be an ACME 515 or similar, which is a 3 bladed 13 inch diameter, 12 inch pitch, with a little bit of cup. We're at maybe 1000' (300 metres) above sea level, lake use only in New Zealand. I have a lot of questions about 4 blade v's 3 blade. There seems to be a lot of hearsay about 3 blades being more efficient, 4 blades being more balanced, but my reading tells me that's not entirely accurate. Efficiency comes down to surface area, and 3 large blades have similar surface area to 4 small blades. The newer 3 bladed props seem to be pushing into more surface area, so that might not make much difference. Balance is probably comparing an older 4 bladed cast prop to a newer 3 bladed CNC prop, and I suspect there wouldn't be much in it. Wake shape is clearly different for every prop, and would be hard to tell without trying, I do feel like it should be related to surface area somehow, so the newer 3 bladed props might not be all that different to what we have. My options are: 1. Stay as we are. I don't have any actual problems other than a desire to tinker 2. Get my existing prop repitched. Apparently inexpensive and easy enough to do. For some reason that feels like the wrong answer to me, that it would end up with the prop a bit less balanced or it might fatigue the metal 3. Reprop to a 4 bladed newer prop with a bit more pitch. We'd get a bit more top end, perhaps similar wake and hole shot? It seems like you must have to give up some hole shot to get more top end, that's the basics of gearing, so I'm dubious, I think we'd lose a bit of hole shot. But we have plenty anyway 4. Reprop to a 3 bladed newer prop with a bit more pitch. As above, with maybe also some wake compromise? Is there any authoritative information on the impacts, or is this all really black magic and you talk to the prop experts then you try it and see? I guess I might need a spare prop anyway, so I could perhaps just buy a new one and try it. What are people's opinions?
  3. I’m posting this in case it helps anyone else. We live at about 4,000 feet elevation, and we bought a 2019 23 LSV that came with the Acme 2419 prop. We were having trouble keeping speed with full ballast (including two rear pnp bags). I called Acme and ended up switching to the 3093, and the difference has been very noticeable. We can now keep surf speed with full ballast, and the wave is much better in general. I was hesitant to make the switch, but I have no regrets. Note: we don’t do any skiing, so I can’t really comment on loss of top speed.
  4. Had a 4 bladed prop on boat with LS1 when I bought it. Threw a blade off prop. Pulled prop off and dropped prop and key to bottom of lake. Any idea what size key ? Was curious what size prop they might of had too. We have a 3 blade to put on that they left to try but really liked what was on it.
  5. Tractorkid1

    Prop Puller

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a propellor puller for a 4 blade prop. Does anyone know where I could purchase one reasonably priced? I do not need the kit, rather, just the prop puller. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hey Team - looking to change props to improve performance and manage surfing a little more easily. Here's what I'm running: 2014 Axis T22, Monsoon 330 currently running 1235 prop Ballast setup: Stock hard tanks, Wake Makers dual rear 900's, bow sack 400. (we don't always max the weight out depending on the size of the crew and how the wake it looking) Manual Wedge: down Low Elevation: 1500 ft about sea level. We MOSTLY surf but don't want to completely loose all top speed. So far the recommendations have said: Acme 2315 (wakemakers), Acme 2937 (Acme's website), OJ 905-MF (My boat mechanic).
  7. Props are discussed offer but I am looking for someone with a identical set up, or close, running a different prop. 2018 23 lsv 410 raptor. 80 feet elevation (so basically zero) stock ballast. Bow, center, rear +plug and play 540s. 150 lbs lead in bow 100 lbs left side ski locker against back seat wall currently running a Acme 2249. They called it the high altitude prop. I have no issues with this prop ( except higher rpm than desired rpm NOISE) I can put 7 people plus full ballast, wedge and no issues. It’s a champ. i can run full ballast wedge down all the way at 23mph, no problem except it’s screaming rpms. I don't really wakeboard anymore 23mph just surf 11mph and I don’t see myself using full ballast at 23mph anyway it’s just to crazy. so all that said I want to get the rpms down. Of course bigger diameter is the solution but can’t do it on this boat. The next option is the 2247. Equal to the 2249 in all but cup. Cup will act similar to increasing diameter. anybody running a 2247 with similar set up? Had a long educational talk with Acme and they say best thing is apple to apple comparison. fyi. 300rpm change is a big noise difference
  8. I recently purchased a 2019 Axis A22 with a Monsoon 409 motor. The prop on the boat is slightly bent causing vibration especially with added weight. The current prop is an ACME 2249. WakeMakers recommends ACME 2247. The only difference is the cup of the 2247 is .150 versus the 2249 that is .105. What kind of difference will this make for speed versus wave? Is there a better prop recommendation for overall performance.
  9. Just got a 2005 Response LXi and during water test noticed a hum and vibration between 30 and 36 mph then it goes away. No hum or vibration under 30mph. Had a pre-purchase mechanical and electrical inspection done at the local Malibu dealer. I specifically asked to have them check for the hum/vibration. They indicated shaft seal is good, shaft itself is good, prop is pristine (Acme 13X12.5) and they say tracking fins look properly aligned. Their explanation was hum and vibration caused by the tower (tube style). The boat had previous damage to the hull, prop/rudder/shaft and fins. All were replaced at the same dealer that did the inspection on an insurance claim to the time of about $14K (Canadian). What are the chances that the hum and vibration are coming from the tower as the tech indicated on the report; or the non spec prop being the issue (spec according to Malibu is 13X13); or maybe the tracking fins actually being slightly out of alignment (that can’t really be noticed on visual inspection)? Boat looks great, runs great (other than the hum/vibration) and is pretty low in hours at about 450 hours. I appreciate any feedback from anyone who has experienced the same issue or had thoughts on the potential causes.
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