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  1. Hi all, I have a 2006 Malibu Wakesetter with a manual wedge. We just got the in upholstery re-done and all of the dash plugs were unplugged during the process. We dropped the boat in the water last week and now I am getting a warning message on the In-Dash display which shows "Power Wedge is Moving Up." I moved the wedge up and down, looked under the dash, no fuses are popped, and all of the plugs are where they original were to begin with. I also went to the "Setup" section in the In-Dash Display to see if there was something there to tell the system that we do not have a Power Wedge
  2. Looking for guidance on root cause for repeated failure of Indmar Monsoon 350 transmission mount bushings (Mainly on the port side). I have a 2009 Wakesetter VLX Around 30th November 2020 (380hrs) I noticed some fragments of torn soft rubber in the bilge and quickly traced it to mangled lower transmission mount bushings on both sides. The upper bushings were fine. This is what the remains of the trashed bushings looked like in situ: Port: https://photos.app.goo.gl/E6WBZjUVtdkpmrp57 Stbd: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6b2Dg4JhBdsjyeM56 I replaced both b
  3. I just recently started the Wakesports Club at The University of Alabama and I'm currently trying to acquire a boat for the club. We've got 30+ eager members waiting to get out on the water and are soon to have many more. We don't have a tremendous amount of funding at the moment, so I'm reaching out to see if anybody may have a desire to help us out with this, or may have any connections that would be able to help us out. Any leads or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hey so i have the 3 hatches in the back on my 2006 wakesetter. Has anyone taken the cushion off the middle one and done seadeck on it. Or does anyone have thoughts about doing this?
  5. Hi Everyone! Just bought my first boat. 2001 Wakesetter VLX with about 320 hours. In great shape and runs strong, but I need a couple things and was hoping you could help. 1. Previous owner took the wedge off and lost it. Any tips on buying a wedge? Can't seem to find them online. 2. Does not have a cover. Best cover? Not sure where to start.
  6. Hey guys, I am planning on buying a boat for our 5 person family, 3 teens and 2 adults. We have been able to teach all three to ski on friends and family’s boats and were looking to purchase our own. The kids are beginner skiers and will not being doing any slalom courses, just a bit of recreational fun. They are also keen to learn to wake surf, and one likes to wakeboard, but again purely recreational, I can’t see him doing any backflips anytime soon😂. I am looking at a second hand ‘16 20 VTX, as it is within our price range and seems to be able to fill our needs. At most I think it would be
  7. Happy New Year time to get to work on the boat. I had a weird "stiff spot or break over spot" on my 2008 Wakesetter LSV 247. I was going to just change the cable but I notices play on the back side of he column, so I took it out. Is the steering wheel shaft itself supposed to be firm-ish. It does not grind or bind but is is stiffer than I expected. Bakes has a whole new unit for about $200 so should I just do the swap and maybe the rack too with the cable? I assume I can't get that shaft and press the bearing out easily?
  8. For 2003 Wakesetter VLX 21': any idea where I could find brackets that support my swim platform? I would need both parts of the bracket (ie the part that's screwed onto the boat, and the part that's screwed onto the platform). Thanks.
  9. From the 2013 Wakesetter VLX to the 2014 Wakesetter VLX what changes were made? I want surfgate but in 2015 the draft was changed to 27” and I don’t have clearance for that. Looking for any changes between the 2013 and 2014 model years. Thanks!!!
  10. What are differences in the hull and resulting differences in surf wake and wakeboard wake of a fully weighted wakesetter VLX 21 hull for the 2013 - 2014 model year versus the 2004 Wakesetter VLX 21. Specifically the 2013 and 2014 wakesetter VLX hull with Surfgate. I have a 2005 Malibu VRide - 2004 Wakesetter hull - which I run fully weighted - two rear 750 + stock belly + Under bow Nose V Sack + 450 Fat Sack on top of cushion in the bow + 500 Lead wake in the walkway. I use a Ronix Wakeshaper and manual wedge down to surf. I run the Acme 2079 Prop to Push it. The wakesurf wave is phenomenal
  11. Hi All, First time poster here and interested in buying a used Wakesetter 23 LSV as my first wakesurf boat. I'm interested in buying one that has a control system that is touch screen, and looks to be that 2015 is the first year that was incorporated. Can anybody confirm? Are the big updates on the control system after 2015 that would warrant buying a more recent model? Thanks!
  12. Hey Guys! I’m new here and am currently looking at buying a 1999 Wakesetter VLX I’m an experienced wakeboarder with over 15 years of riding cable. Due to the current Travel restrictions I’m switching over to boat riding (hopefully)! Being a cable rider I am completely lost when it comes to the value/reliability of boats in the industry. By no means do I have alot of money, I’ve been saving for years and this is a huge investment for me (laugh all you want haha) so I’m just looking for some guidance from people who Know their stuff. I’ve got my eye on a 1999 Malibu Wakesetter. The e
  13. Hi crew, im about to embark on a damper plate replacement on 2002 vlx wakesetter Vdrive with a monsoon 335. If anyone has any detailed guides with photos specific to a vdrive it would be much appreciated.
  14. I have a 2005 23 lsv with a manual wedge. I really like the wave that the boat puts out when wedge is down but yesterday the wedge broke off where the bolts connect to the arms. The foil was completely gone and one arm was bent. I took the foil assembly off and we kept surfing the rest of the day without the wedge. The wave was still pretty good considering we had some fat sacs in the rear locker, but definitely not the size it was before. I looked everywhere I knew to look for a new manual wedge but couldn’t find one. Does anybody have any info on how to get a wedge, or if an auto floating we
  15. Looking to add a second set of speakers to my Malibu 21 VLX. Who has done this and has recommendations? Should I add the same wet sound speakers or upgrade the whole system. Don’t love the quality of sound. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
  16. Hi, I'm looking to buy a Wakesetter 23 LSV or similar, around 2011 would the year for my budget for what I managed to looked in the internet. If you know anybody selling in Florida or nearby states, would be verybappreciated if younlet me know. Here my phone number: 313 516 4455 (don't know if is allowed to post cel, sorry if it's not) Thanks
  17. New boat to us and wanted to share what we figured out on ballast setup on this beast! We have 1,100 lb bags in each locker and a tube sac in the ski locker which I believe is 340 lbs or so. Tons more room so may upgrade that soon, we also have an open bow sac up front. so far we’ve gotten the best wave with 4 people in boat and everything full and wedge down at 11.2mph. Speed control is off based on god on my phone, so I ordered a nauticlogic to use GPS, but this is close to best speed. We use a SWELL H3X plus wake shaper extended out around halfway or so from max. Here’s a few
  18. Good evening everyone! I've been a long time lurker here - this forum's been incredibly helpful since I bought my 2006 Wakesetter LSV about three years ago. During dewinterization this year, I definitely let a bit of oil in the bilge, tried to mop it up. I've been chasing down a leak or two that have been relatively easy to identify - the cross hose between the two exhaust manifolds and whatnot. However, there's one I can't quite identify. On the front port side of my engine, towards the top, I have a little bit of a leak now and again coming from what appears to be an upper part of
  19. Looking to purchase a 2005-2012 Malibu Wakesetter equipped with a 8.1 engine. 🤙
  20. Small touchscreen acting up again. Stereo functions not working. This is my 2nd one that was replaced on my 2016 LSV 23 under warranty in 2017. My Viper II software version reads: MY2016 - v10-2016 V2 1) is this latest update 2). Any suggestions to fix stereo functions? I’m assuming it may be beginning of more problems with that. The volume knob does not work with the volume either but does work with wedge and surfgate.
  21. Help .. family looking at buying a wakesetter .. we have found two that we like one is a 2006 Malibu Wakesetter 21 VLX with no wedge details here a 2006 VLX with INDMAR 320 horse power LCR engine; 5.7 MPI EFI (21 foot) The boat runs extremely well, the entire boat has been re-upholstered and major new fit out in 2018. Entire new trim, new manifold and rises, new prop shaft and seals on last service. All new water ballast pumps fitted on last service. Fitted with ALKO air over hydraulic power assist trailer breaking system. And fitted with a new disc break axle (replaced original drum sys
  22. Looking at purchasing a 1988 Malibu original wakesetter but have one question I can’t seem to answer. How many people is the boat rated for ?
  23. Hi folks, long time no talk! Well, I just installed a new engine in my Bu. Yes, a new engine! got I got tired sick of my cilinder heads failing and I my old engine in my wakesetter 2010 had 2500 hours on it ! so I'm a happy camper with a 2010 with cero horas on it . HOWEVER after I finish installing the new engine and everything went ok, I find out that the screw that goes from the axis of the tower and bolt into the silver pipe is broken! yes, bad luck I guess? the screw that broke is on that has a "hole" in the head (where the screw of the axis of the tower get in t
  24. I am looking to purchase a used wakesetter. Can anyone tell me the major differences between the 2016 LSV and the 2019 LSV? Hull, engine, torque, design, etc? Thanks. Matt
  25. I've got a 2014 23 LSV with the LS3. I've been battling engine codes all summer, which has caused me to miss the boating season. The dealer can't seem to figure out the problem, yet keeps charging me as they throw ideas at it. I'm hoping to learn a little more about the codes from the experts here to see if I can help steer the techs in the right direction, and also arm myself for an argument with the dealer on getting charged each time they try to fix it. The first time I took my boat out after winterization this year, I got these codes about 5 minutes after I started the boat up: S
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