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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! I have a 2001 Xstar that I am looking to replace. The lake I use the boat on has size (weight and length) restrictions so these are really the only two new boats I can get. I've driven and ridden behind both Mastercraft XT20 and Malibu VTX. We probably ski 20% of the time, wakeboard 30% of the time, and surf 50% of the time. They are both pretty sweet boats and there are features of each I like more than the other. I had originally thought it was going to be the XT20 for sure but the Malibu really impressed me (driver controls/display, ballast, handling, wakes, power we
  2. Ill head off the, "Just by a TXi" comments. I might look at one in a number of years, but right now the v-drive layout and higher freeboard is better for 80% of what we do. I know by adding tabs I won't get a TXi like wake. I am thinking of putting some Bennett hydraulic tabs on my 2013 VTX to improve the slalom wakes. Right now ill ski at 34mph and 28 or 32 off, and the Slalom wake is ok, but I am pretty certain it could be better. In reading posts from Team Talk, and BOS, it seems that there could be a noticeable improvement. I am thinking about doing this in combination with some other
  3. This past week it seemed that the transmission “slipped” a couple of times. Once in forward while moving from idle to “idle+” while picking up a skier, and in pretty quick succession it did the same thing in reverse. Both times it “slipped” and kind of slammed into gear before I had a chance to bring it to neutral. I brushed it off as going to quickly from neutral to a bit past idle. Skied for another 2-3 hours without any issues. Also, FWIIW, I’m pretty gentle on the throttle. The following day, I was pulling up a skier (after running just fine for 2+ hours) and it did it again. I was o
  4. We just bought a 2011 Malibu VTX and wanted some thoughts on how to set the ballasts and speed to deliver the best surfing wake. We use a Mission Delta device to help create the wave as well. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if anyone can help me make a decision between keeping my 2015 VTX or moving to a 2018 new Axis A22 with 5 years of warranty. I really like my VTX however our family has been doing more surf than any other sport with the boat plus were normally 6 to 8 on the boat most times out and starting to run out of space. Space is not my main concern here it's really about the surfing. So my question, Is the 2018 A22 surf wave that much better than the 2015 VTX and worth me moving to the A22? Dealer told me I won't need to deploy the
  6. Anyone have problems with their surfgates staying out? Backstory Went out saturday had aproximatly 4 people surf when after a rider went down I slowed down to go back and get the rider and got the high current message from the surfgates. I went through did the recalibration and everything seemed to go back to normal. Next rider up the gate took longer to come out and then would fluctuate in and out like it didnt have enough power to stay out. We then switched sides to goofy in hopes that it was just the one side. But to no avail the other side did the exact same thin
  7. I am considering buying a 2016 Wakesetter VTX. According to the 2016 brochure, this model had a T-Cut Diamond Hull and a 22" draft. However, the 2017's and later also have the T-Cut Diamond Hull, but list a 27" draft. The 2015's and earlier listed the 22" draft, but had a different Cut Diamond hull. Since the specs for the 2016 seem a little contradictory compared to the surrounding years, I was wondering if anyone can confirm that the 2016 did really only have a 22" draft and not the 27" draft. This is very important to me since spot were I have my boat lift is a little shallow. Thanks!
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