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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! I have a 2001 Xstar that I am looking to replace. The lake I use the boat on has size (weight and length) restrictions so these are really the only two new boats I can get. I've driven and ridden behind both Mastercraft XT20 and Malibu VTX. We probably ski 20% of the time, wakeboard 30% of the time, and surf 50% of the time. They are both pretty sweet boats and there are features of each I like more than the other. I had originally thought it was going to be the XT20 for sure but the Malibu really impressed me (driver controls/display, ballast, handling, wakes, power we
  2. My 2017 Axis A24 has been having a recurring issue with the dash control of surfgate. Basically what happens is the surfgate display controls on the top of the dash screen will just disappear. I won't be able to use surfgate when this happens and it pretty much makes the gate controles deactive. When I shut off the engine and power down fully and start it back up everything goes back to normal and the gate controls appear again as if nothing happened. I have tried updating the software but this issue pressists. Anyone know what causes this?
  3. Mcclintock247

    Surfgate malfunction

    The port surfgate on my 2020 Axis A24 extended when we put the boat in the water this weekend. I could not get it to retract. I tried recalibrating several times and cycling the batteries on and off. Recalibrating had no effect and each time I cycled the power the gate would retract for a second then extend. I could extend both gates by entering service mode, but then couldn’t get out of service mode without cycling the power which resulted in the port gate extending again. I trailered the boat, bled the actuator and pushed the gate in manually, but as soon as I turned power back on the gate
  4. We just got a 22 MXZ (2018 model year) and have tried it out on the lake this weekend. Our old boat was a 2003 Moomba, so it is a bit of a change for us. We have the 410 engine and the 2249 prop. There are PNP tanks in the back lockers. We have a couple of questions compared to the old boat. I have scanned through the forums a bit and I 1) Cruising down the lake with 3 folks, the engine is hitting about 4k rpms to get to 28-30 MPH. Is this what other folks run? 2) With the same 3 folks, and setting the default surf option (100% in all lockers) we can use the wedge at all levels. Ho
  5. Hey All, The starboard side surfgate on my 2015 T23 will not retract. I've read all through forums and troubleshooting and have tried everything with no avail. Calibrating, turning off the battery, and service mode all have not work. When in service mode, my port side gate still opens and retracts normally. I've narrowed it down to being a blown fuse or bad actuator (really hoping its a fuse). I've read on a few forums where the location of the fuse for the surfgate is and I've found all the other wiring and control unit but cannot for the life of my find the fuses! Can anyone h
  6. Crew, just got a low hour 15’ t23 and it’s incredible. One small issue though, the regular surf side is awful. Goofy side is enormous. I’ve read this is the case in a lot of them. Looking for help on what I’m doing wrong? 650 bag in the front, all hard tanks full, 1000’s in each rear locker..I’ve played with several different set ups here and nothing works. Do I need substantial more lead weight? I’ve contemplated buying 850lbs and throwing it in the lead walkway to the bow. Looking for any and all suggestions...
  7. Anyone have problems with their surfgates staying out? Backstory Went out saturday had aproximatly 4 people surf when after a rider went down I slowed down to go back and get the rider and got the high current message from the surfgates. I went through did the recalibration and everything seemed to go back to normal. Next rider up the gate took longer to come out and then would fluctuate in and out like it didnt have enough power to stay out. We then switched sides to goofy in hopes that it was just the one side. But to no avail the other side did the exact same thin
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