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Found 12 results

  1. Any one have any info on getting a throttle return spring for my 2004 Malibu 23 lsv, with 340 monsoon engine?? Cheers guys!!
  2. Hello community I'm in search of a water flow chart possibly with the installation of a heater and shower line . Or if anyone has add these to any of their boats I'm working on a 96 sunsetter 350 magnum . I know one line has to return to the water pump and one to the sending fitting on the thermostat housing is that correct??
  3. Hey guys! As we all no Christmas just happened, so I decided to buy a new amp for the boat. The plan is to re-run all new speaker wire in 14AWG and amp all the speakers in the boat. So I picked up a Kicker KMA450.6 (6 channel) amp. originally I was going to ditch the 800w Kenwood 4 channel amp I have now, but after looking at the output numbers I feel as if the new kicker amp doesn't pack enough punch for the tower speakers. cause of that im planning to keep both amp. (run the towers off the 800w amp and all the speakers in the boat off the 450w) What your guys take on this? sho
  4. We recently bought our 08 23lsv, the guy put a new engine in it because the last one got flooded because they bored the pistons too much, so he got this new GM 8.1l Vortec engine. We already winterized it ourselves, but on all these other videos i’ve watched, the people pull plugs from the manifold and from the block to drain the water, but i don’t know if this engine has those, the last thing i want is to put it in the lake next season and find out we cracked our block, so can anyone tell me if this engine has those drain ports, if so where are they located. if not then just running antifreez
  5. Hey guys, This post is more directed to my Canadian friends, how ever i'm open to suggestions. Im looking at purchasing a few parts for my '94 echelon and haven't had the best experience locating parts. Iv checked out Bakes (amazing site) but shipping to Canada is minimum 45-60$ when I was at the checkout. I though it would be worth while getting some suggestion/ recommendations put together just to see what's out there for parts on these older Malibu's. I do have a few local dealers but non specialize in Malibu so I was hoping for online options. Thanks everyone!
  6. This boat gifted to me by a buddy. Has 180 engine hours. New Battery, new starter, new 50A Circuit breaker, new starter slave solenoid, new fuel filter. Getting power from battery to all dash components. NOT getting power to engine. Engine does turn jumping from starter. Can anybody have any thoughts as to why no power going to engine to start?? This boat is a gem waiting to get in the water. Any help appreciated. Scott
  7. Hello! Can someone help direct or suggest a problem we have. My brother has a 2004 Malibu Wakesetter VLX and needs the couch seat dimensions. It the part of the couch that your back rest on. This is not a straight, it wraps (curves) as you can see in the picture. We are having to build this piece because we are unable to find it. If anyone has the dimensions, templete, recommendations on where we can purchase, etc... Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks - Traci
  8. Any help is welcome and much needed! Boat ran like a top yesterday on the water, and today boat would not start. When key is moved to the accessory position it doesn't even beep. No sound, nothing, just dead. Tried to turn the blower, the bilge and the radio on and nothing from any of the accessories. Checked the batteries and they read fully charged with 12.7 V. Tried resetting all of the breakers and disconnecting and reconnecting all the cables. (Have not tested w/ multimeter). Ensured everything on the battery end and CB ends were securely mounted. I assume maybe a bad breaker? But wo
  9. Hello everyone, I am rebuilding my 2004 VLX 21ft boat and have removed the engine, tranny, and V-drive. I was wondering is there anything I should look at replacing while I have all these components out of the boat? I'm thinking I should replace all the pumps in the boat while I am at it, however, I am trying to find a service manual for these parts and have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can find a service manual or know of a website where I can obtain these pumps for my boat? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I only want to rebuild this boat once and I would like to d
  10. Water got it the bimini and cover while zipped up. I have yet to find something to get out the stains. Any suggestions? So far I've tried a bit of everything I have laying around: Vinyl Sauce, Babes Seat Soap, Hot Sauce, Folex Carpet Cleaner, Chemical Guys Boat Wipedown, OxyClean, Vinegar/Dawn mix, regular laundry detergent through the washer. Nothing's touched it so far.
  11. I have about rebuilt this motor other that motor intruals rebuilt all 3 carb. Now she starts 1st crank . But take to lake and try to put in gear she dies out as soon as you shift into gear. Why !!!! Anyone have this happen to them before, she is a 1985 90 hp 3cyl. Yamaha work horse . Help Thanks !!!!
  12. We have a 1999 Wakesetter that has a mystery leak which manifests itself in two ways: - the back port/passenger corner carpet is soaked in the morning in front of the bench, but dry underneath the bench to the back of the boat, and dry from the engine cover forward (mid boat engine) - leading us to think the water source is somewhere forward in the boat, although the ski locker seems to stay mostly dry. - when at the dock, the bilge seems to pick up ~5 gallons of water an hour we’ve bypassed the heater, replaced the cooling hoses, and sealed the HDS box on the top side...
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