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  1. I’m looking at some different ballast bags for the center locker on my 1999 Sunsetter VLX ... anyone know the dimensions? will a Straight Line Big Bag 375 Ballast Bag (375 lbs) - 65" x 14" x 14" thanks!!!
  2. Okay so the Rescue mission is now underway! first off new wheels ans tires, found that I have Two bad wheel bearings so will be addressing that as soon as i get the right outer race. (Napa sold me the wrong ones.) moved on to the inside and wanted to remove the two floor panels next to the motor as they are bent and feel squishy, however that required removing all the interior, soooo..... after 4 hours of removal i was finally able to remove the two panels. this brings me to my first question, those panels by the motor are just screwed to the main two stringers and the outside edge j
  3. I have a 2013 wakesetter MXZ, hoping for some guidance on locating the right ballast drain pump and best way to access! Thank you!
  4. Hi All, I have a 2020 22 MXZ and I am having trouble with my center ballast tank fill indicator only showing a max fill of 90% before I have water coming out the side. It will not show 100% full when I have a consistent stream of water coming out of the side of the boat. Has anyone come across this issue in the past? I feel like something may not be calibrated properly in the software or that I have a bad signal coming from that ballast tank? Or could it be something as simple as I have some trapped air in the tank its not letting the float for the indicator come to the top of the
  5. surf6250

    Piggy back ballast

    Hi I have a 2018 Axis T22. I have it configured with 865lbs bags in the stern locker, 400lbs bag in the bow, 300lbs of lead in the bow and forward locker, but i still need about 200 more pounds. The extra 200lbs drops the nose and lower the RPM by about 300. Im trying to put a 250lbs bag in the forward locker. I want to piggy back it off the port stern 865lbs bag. I was hoping to take the top venting plug out of the 865 and replace it with a 90 elbow and attach a hose to fill/ drain the 250 bag in the forward locker. Then I was hoping it would gravity drain back in the 865 after they were
  6. Looking for the best ballast configuration for wake surfing on the T23. Right now we seem to consistently notice that there is a better wave on the right then there is the left with equal ballasts filled. Open to your suggestions.
  7. I'm having an issue that started yesterday where it seems like my front ballast doesn't drain. It feels no problem and then overflows, but no drain.... I figured I'd start here before I start pulling things apart. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hey guys I’m new to wake surfing, and having a little difficulty dropping the handle. I have a 21 MLX and just looking to get the best set up to drop the handle and not slip off the back of the wake. With limited weight in the boat I fill all tanks to 100% surf the port side and wedge set at 4 traveling 11 mph. The board I’m using is surf style Ronix 5’5”, so It’s pretty long. Do I have to much ballast in the boat? Should I change the surf wedge/stow it? I’m not great, but I have the ability to drop the handle. I’m just having a hard time staying in the “sweet spot.”
  9. I am trying to learn more about my boat. Can anyone tell me the capacity of the hard tanks (B,C,P,S) that are in my 2020 25LSV? I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. I have a 2006 VLX, Wakesetter. Does anyone know where the fill pump on the right rear ballast tank is located and how to get to it?
  11. FowleyCakes

    Ballast wiring

    Looking for some help on rewiring my starboard drain ballast on an 07 VLX. I noticed it wasn’t draining and when I pulled the pump out noticed the wires had been disconnected. Couldn’t find the other end so I am wondering if anyone has rewired their ballast before and how to go about it. Thanks any help is appreciated!
  12. I’ve been tearing up the floorboards looking for this thing. It blows the fuse after 5 seconds.
  13. New to boating world... Just purchased a 2000 Malibu sunsetter! loving the boat so far! Struggling to figure out the surfing deal on these older boats! I know it can be done but just can’t get a lot of push! setup: 400lbs Bow weight 900lbs in right locker 900lbs in left locker Mission Delta 2.0 (not sure it’s set right) ant advice would help!
  14. I couldn't find anything that specifically addresses making changes or repairs to the bow tank. My dad has a used 2008 Malibu VLX that does not have the optional integrated bow ballast tank. We currently use a sac up front with about 400 lbs which makes a pretty nice wake. The issue is that it takes away the use of the front seats. Whoever originally bought the boat didnt get the integrated bow tank, so now I am wondering if we can install something aftermarket that would function similarly and free up our seating? The boat is basically undriveable without the weight up there and bobs up
  15. We just bought a 2011 Malibu VTX and wanted some thoughts on how to set the ballasts and speed to deliver the best surfing wake. We use a Mission Delta device to help create the wave as well. Thanks for your input.
  16. I just purchased a 2019 Axis A22 and installed the WakeMakers Plug & Play ballast system. Everything appears to be working fine but my bow bag does not drain. When I select the drain option for the bow I don't hear any noise like a pump running the same way I do when I drain the rear bags. I am new to the automated ballast systems so not sure if it is supposed to drain to the center/rear tanks or if it is independent. Any help is appreciated.
  17. Hi I just bought a 2006 Vride Malibu. It currently have the standard 250 lbs rear ballast. It's my first wakesurf boat, so I'm a little new with that. I would like to upgrade it to 750 lbs. I read on some forum that one person use Highfly 750. I also found on wakemaker a retrofit kit specially for the Vride for about 900$. Anyone has try it? Any other recommendation on other alternative or video to show how to proceed for the installation. Also, do you recommand the engine divider panel saver? Here is the link of the wakemaker upgrade kit : https://www.wakemakers.com/tankbuster
  18. We just got a 22 MXZ (2018 model year) and have tried it out on the lake this weekend. Our old boat was a 2003 Moomba, so it is a bit of a change for us. We have the 410 engine and the 2249 prop. There are PNP tanks in the back lockers. We have a couple of questions compared to the old boat. I have scanned through the forums a bit and I 1) Cruising down the lake with 3 folks, the engine is hitting about 4k rpms to get to 28-30 MPH. Is this what other folks run? 2) With the same 3 folks, and setting the default surf option (100% in all lockers) we can use the wedge at all levels. Ho
  19. Lacrafter

    Ballast overflow

    Is it normal for the ballast overflow to be spilling out when filling the tanks?
  20. Have a lot of bow rise when surfing and can't see over the bow when sitting. Have to kneel on set or stand. Want to sit! I put a 400lb ballast sac up front and it got the bow down so I can see over it when sitting and made the wave better. Anyone know if there is an aftermarket ballast that can be installed up there to add this additional weight, or do I need to be stuffing a bunch of 50 lb steel shot bags up there in nooks and crannies? If steel shot bags are the best/only solution, any insight on where to put it and how to get to where to put it?
  21. kaneryan

    06' vride ballast

    hey guys, Location: Sydney Australia Just recently purchased a 2006 Vride. previously owned a Moomba outback Direct Drive and it sucked for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. i had the highfly fatseat ( big u shape ) to go around the engine, however it took up all the room in the boat and definatly wasnt convinient. in saying that it was 1500lbs but i recon we only ever filled it to 1350-1400lbs max. in addition we had about 6 people in the boat did it have enough push for surfing... No So now having just purchased the Vride which has the 500lbs factory hard tank mid ball
  22. Looking for some input. I have a new LSV 25, just came out of a 2016 Axis A24. One thing that is very different has been figuring out the right combination for a nice wakeboard wake that is very rampy and sharp. I had an easy time with my Axis, but my LSV under power creates a much stronger starboard lean. I have put 300 lbs of weight on the port side but still have to unevenly load up the ballast bags. In the past I was running about 21-22 and 65% full on back bags (Sumo 750's) with full front and another 100 lbs of steel shot bags on my Axis made a very clean wake. The lean under
  23. I just purchased a 2007I just purchased a 2017 wakesetter MXZ with 73 hours in it. I live in the Lake Tahoe area and just had to get the boat inspected before going out on the water. They are really thorough here with inspections would have to do a hot water flush through each ballast tank before you can go on the water. My pumps were filling up fine at the inspection and everything drained correctly. However, when I got on the water and hour later I went to fill up the tanks in the right rear ballast pump will not fire. I just opened up what I believe is the pump that will not fire and I d
  24. I have a 2019 t 22 and my surfwake is weak at best new to wake surfing and wondering if any one has a 2019 t22 axis and is getting a good wave
  25. I’m Looking for assistance with fuses/ballast bag pumps in my 2001 VLX. The starboard ballast fuse trips when I try to fill OR empty the ballast. I understand there is a fill and a drain pump so why would both be tripping the breaker? At first I thought this was a stuck/seized/clogged pump but my searching of forums had me thinking that only one (drain or fill) pump would be acting up. It also requires that I remove the floor to gain access to these so I have held off for now. Before the fuse trips I can hear the pump humming. Any ideas before i take it to a dealership?
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