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Tumble Turn


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My daughter tried her first tumble turns this weekend. From the boom on 5' line. The two times she almost nailed it she over rotated. Both attempts ended in not so good wipeouts, rolling to her side. Kind of tweeked a shoulder just a little. So two questions for you experts.

1) How do you stop your turns at the 360 mark?

2) When you do over rotate what's your best bail out technique? I assume hang on, let your legs go back and if necessary, roll to your butt on the water and tumble back up. I don't think she has the strength for that yet. Maybe later in summer.

3) does any of this change if you are long line versus 5' line?

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make sure that she is pulling the handle all the way down to her hip to initiate the tumble. By having the handle at the hip, this pretty much makes your turn stop when coming around, because the leading hip now hits your hands/handle.

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The position of the handle is the main thing that controls the spin of a tumble turn. As she completes the turn make sure the center of the handle is coming right to her belt buckle. Pulling it off center to either hip will create spinning.

Bail out technique...sounds like she might as well go ahead and spin a 2nd time. Biggrin.gif The best thing for her to do would be to learn to reverse her spin to correct the overotation. Have her try doing some 180 TTs (reverse direction half way through the spin.) Being able easily do all four tumbles will build a very strong foundation and give a better chance of taking it to the long rope. In addition to more drag on the long rope, I find it challenging to stay in the curl when I tumble (i.e. end up back in the wake.)

Hope this helps.

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The handle is where its at. If you have a smooth controlled handle movment you should be able to stop the rotation by making sure she brings it to her waist when she come back around. Doesn't take much, especially on the boom where you have that higher pull. Just a small slow controlled 360 between the abdoment and the chest. If she is letting it out over her head when she is backwards, that could be the beginning of her troubles. Her wipeouts are probably because shes catching her hip when she over rotates and trys to come back to center. Tell her to keep her leading hip up off the water (i.e. lean away from the turn) to keep from wiping out. Find some flat water and try it where she is riding comfotably on the small of her back first then have her ease into her handle motion.

Long line, same thing. Needs to stay in control and not panic. Its harder on the long line because of no upward pull or leverage from the boom. Its easier to catch hips, shoulders, etc in the water. Perfect the rotation on the boom first.

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One other thing, GONORTH,

If you have a hardwood or smooth tile floor, hardwood works best, have her put on a sweater or something a little slippery and practice by you holding a 5 ft handle/rope about boom height. Keep tension on it as she is moving through her turn. It really works and will help her with the handle movement mechanics and the leaning.

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Good comments so far...I'd only add that the tumble turn isn't something that you "throw" and then stick your feet in when you come around...so, you have to control the speed of your rotation. In addition to what Tom said, I'd even suggest some 2 handed side slides (like 90 degree turns) and then come back to front. This will 1) strengthen obliques 2) allow for a more controlled turn back to front because you won't "whipping" around so quickly. Once she gets that, then go to the 180.

Thats great news! I bet Dad is proud!

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I agree with the above. Practice the 90 degree turn, each way, under a controlled movement.

But I've got to admit, I can't complete a tumble turn yet either. And may never be able to because of my back. Looks like I'm done with butt sliding and deep water starts unless I want to risk aggravating my lower back.

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Lots of good advice above. I've got one for you that may help her quickly--the beginning stage of what Tom Sawyer suggests regarding reversing the spin.

At the completion of the turn, briefly move the handle in the direction she is currently spinning. For instance, during butt glide, handle to right hip, legs move counter-clockwise, handle goes to left hip, spin nears completion, handle to center waist. If the spin continues from the momentum, all she has to do is move the handle over her left hip, then back to center. Spin will stop.

Or as someone else said, go for the double--it's wicked cool!

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Thanks guys, it all sounds good and gives us a lot to work from. Funny, what I said the first time when she over roated was she should have gone for the double. It all happens oh so fast.

Not sure she will get out for a few weekends, sounds like weekend OT at work for her till the end of the month so the hardwood floor suggestion might come in handy.

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