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Adding More Ballast To The Stock System.


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I have a few questions about a adding a sack or two to my VTX. I want to be able to have extra wieght in the rear for surfing,but I want it to be fairly automated. Not having much expierience with doing this yet, I searched the boards as much as possible trying to find the answers. I really couldn't find what I was looking for being that the VTX and it's system is fairly new.

I would like to be able to somehow interergrate a seperate sack to fill after the hard tanks UNDER the floor in the rear fill. I was thinking I could reroute the vent off the tank to a bootom fill on the sack. Then run the sack vent to the existing through-hull. My thoughts are that the sack would then gravity drain into the tank for draining purposes. What I dont know is if it will force water out at the fill or drain pumps ? I thought I could fill the extra sack and then flip a sprinkler type valve(or manual type) to hold the water in the sack once it is full.

I know lot's of you have pulled hard tanks out of the above floor mounted systems and swapped in bigger bags, but I want to still use my stock underfloor tanks,just add another 500-600 hundred pounds to it. I know someone here can point me in the right direction.

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That is the way it's done. It should be a fairly simple install. I would think about using some type of quick connect system so you could remove the bags if you wanted. Maybe Y the vent with an valve?

I surfed behind a VTX last weekend and they def. need more weight than stock to get them leaning. Very nice boat, though.............

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ya that sounds like a good idea to me. i want to add some more weight to my 07 VLX also. i think i might just go with lead.

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ya that sounds like a good idea to me. i want to add some more weight to my 07 VLX also. i think i might just go with lead.

I thought about sand and led for a minute, but I trailor alot and lead takes up storage space all the time, not just when in use.

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