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Prop Recomendations for Response LX

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Well I dinged up a prop launching yesterday. It was a ramp I usually don't use but had to because water is so low the other ramps will not handle an inboard. Anyway I was just bumping in and out of gear cuz I knew it was iffy but where I hit a rock I thought I was OK. About 10 feet from the ramp. It isn't dinged bad but bad enought that I couldn'd do more than idle. Anyway it got me thinking that one spare might not be enough. (especially with the water so low and expected to stay that way a while) So time for a third.

Any suggestions?

Boat: 2000 Response LX with Monsoon. Wedge, no ballast

Here is the hard spot, we do everything: barefooting, slolom, wakeboard, wakeskate, surf (not really enought wake but we try), tubeing. I'd say focus on the barefooting as the rest of the sports aren't as touchy for wake, power, or speed.

The props we have both worked fine, as well as I can tell, but I was wondering if another size might be worth trying.

My good prop, still in perfect shape is an ACME 13 X 12 VL 3-blade

My recently dinged up one is an OJ 13 X 14 Cup 4-blade

Any suggestions?

Also, any suggestion on a good repair shop? Are there and sponsors of this site that do repair work on props?

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How much top speed do you want for barefooting? If you stick with a CNC 3 blade from either ACME or OJ you will have similar holeshot to an older cast 4 blade and still maintain top end. If you go with an ACME 13 x 12.65 you will retain decent holeshot and likely have a bit of speed, though your WOT RPM will likely be around 4800. For slalom, this prop would be a little softer in/after the turn. Wakeboard, etc, not sure if you would be giving up some holding power against the pull of the rider. Do you have PP? Tubing. . .who cares?

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Use the paddle, yup. I had it out because I was concerned with depth thru there but water was clear and it was looking deep enough so I wasn't using it yet.

Footing top end speed isn't an issue. My daughers are both around 150 so usually doing 38 on long line. Power out of the hole is OK too. Mostly wondering if there is a prop that produces less wake/turbulance or a harder wake for footing. Avoiding the scrapra plate because of needing the wedge more.

I'm really starting to like surfing. Ten MPH sure uses a lot less fuel than at 38 plus we don't need to go searching the lake for calm water.

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How does your ACME work? WOT? My personal preference would be an ACME 3-blade and I'd call Bill Weeks there to see what he recommends. I use a 525 but I am at 6900' so I can't really help with my experience.


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Our 2002 RLX with 310hp carb engine turns a 449 (13 x 12.625) at 4950rpm

Seems to give good performance but can't really comment as haven't tried any other props on it

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My acme ran out at 5150 rpm and about 48 mph today on a cool day. Thats by the speedo on the boat tho, not sure what GPS would say. I know from 30-40 or so the RPMs match actual (GPS) speed about perfectly. This is about 1150 ft elevation.

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I'm not sure of my top speed and don't really care. Somewhere high 40's.

However next time out I may take the GPS along to see what I get.

We spend almost all our time in the course so know the speedos are close in 24-36 range (compared to our PP 6.5ng)

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Now here is customer service from both prop companies. Sent inquiries after closeing time yesterday and responses in my email today.

From OJ:

We offer a 13 X 12 LC 1 1/8" XMP 3-blade and a 12.5 X 13 LC 1 1/8" XMP 4-blade for your application. Our 13 X 11.5 LC 1 1/8" XMP 3-blade is certified through USA Waterski on the Malibu's for 07". Our 13 X 12 LC 1 1/8" XMP 3-blade had been approved for earlier model years. I'd be happy to let you try all 3 props and let you decide which one works best for you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

My comment: Wow, send three and pick one, except for the shiping costs involved what a great offer.

From ACME:

I am suggesting the Acme 449 13 L 12.625 three blade nibral 1 1/8" bore .080

cup. This propeller sells for $419.00. This propeller will bring your rpm to

5000 or very close at wide open throttle. This will give you a better wake

as it will slow the propeller down a bit at your barefoot speed. However if

you are doing quite a bit of boarding & surfing then you may want too stay

with the 515.

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I run the 449 and have a 515 for a spare. I ran the 515 just enough to test it and decided the 449 was much better. The top end for the 449 was 49.1 mph and the 515 was 48.3 mph (gps) but hit the rev limiter. For slalom skiing I prefer the 449 as the 515 was just a bit much (higher revs and rock solid pull with no give). If you only wakesurf and use lots of ballast I would go for the 515. For wakeboarding I really didn't notice a difference. I'm at sea level so altitude isn't an issue where maybe the 515 would be the choice at high altitude. For overall my recommendation would be the 449 of the two Acme props. It's a good fit for the Response.

Edited by Rod S
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I am pretty much sold on giving the 449 a try, now if I can only get into the group buy that ends tomorrow. Clap.gif

Since I already have a 515 I'll have both ends covered.

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I am pretty much sold on giving the 449 a try, now if I can only get into the group buy that ends tomorrow. Clap.gif

Since I already have a 515 I'll have both ends covered.

Good choice for footn. I had one on my Rlx with the Monsoon 325 and I now use it on my Rlxi w/ the Ls1.

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Eric, you didn't mention that one in your note last nite and I don't think I saw it on your web site. Oops, oh well, I ordered your competitors 449 today before I saw your post above. 13.5 pitch may have been slightly better than 13.625.

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No worries. I'll still have one if you are not happy with the other prop.

Eric- What's the best way to get a hold of you?

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