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2018 25 lSV Indmar Vee getting hot 575


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Hey all,

noticed a weird transmission / v drive noise while at the lake. Several thumps. Did not hit anything, no vibration, went away. Then I thought I heard a low squeek and kind of rythmic very light knock. Thought I would pull the vee drive cover and noticed a bit of oil in the water in the bilge. Checked the vee drive oil and it was low. Weird. The housing for the V drive was very hot - could still put my hands on it but barely. The driveshaft coupler thing in front of the v drive was extremely hot as well. I could turn it by hand no problem. I changed the oil that day and put it back to the proper level. Drove the boat the next two days - super paranoid! It ran fine but the housing was super hot! I have never in five years put my hands on the housing so I'm not sure if this is normal? Got the boat home, changed the oil again and did not see any metal in it. Took it to the lake today for a test drive as we are getting ready for a week long lake Powell trip. Housing was extremely hot after a ten minute drive. The oil in the V drive was luke warm. Engine temps are cool. Strainer is clean. V drive seems to be making a whining noise and gets louder at higher RPM - 4 - 5k its whining. Even the wife could hear it - however, I did point out that I was listening for it. 

Does anyone know if the vee drive housing is always this hot? is it weird the housing is so hot and the oil in there is luke warm? The whining noise seems to be a sign of trouble but honestly maybe it has whined for years and I just wasn't focusing in on it? Is there a bearing where the driveshaft rides that might be going bad and the rest of vee drive internals are good? Looks like there is water going to the dripless shaft sleeve. 

Not sure if I should leave the boat home for Powell and get my buddy to bring his boat? Anyone experience this? Does not seem like it should be that hot after only a ten minute drive. Transmission is cool and oil level is good there. 

Thanks for the help!!!! 

Also - is there an alarm for v-drive oil temp? I suspect it got hot and leaked a bit of oil somehow? Not sure how else it would get low...

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I don't know any details about your vee drive, but I would expect that everything bolted to the engine will get roughly as hot as the engine given enough time to stabilize.  The transmission and vee drive housings probably get close to 160F after about thirty minutes or so.  It is possible that they run a little cooler due to active cooling from your raw water system, but you would still consider them too hot to touch.

A good rule of thumb is that a surface is below about 125F if you can keep your thumb on it indefinitely (possibly uncomfortably).  Any more than that and you will remove your thumb.  Of course, an IR temp gun is your pal also.

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Just talked to Indmar. He said a vee drive bearing is probably going out (not common but not un heard of for a 6 year old drive). Some customers run there v drive like this for years before it fails. Hot to the touch so soon coupled with the whining noise is the give away. They don't offer to rebuild, however, it is a velvet drive transmission and they rebuild them for INDMAR. 


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