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Monsoon 410 -Raptor engine wont stay stopped! - automatically restarts immediately


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Odd issue appeared yesterday, boat was running great as ever but when I pressed the start/stop button to stop the engine to pick up a surfer, the engine immediately started up again. This happened every time I tried to stop the engine. The only way to stop the engine (and keep it stopped) was pull the lanyard or press power on/off button.

I checked the manual override key (no change) and also ruled out the start/stop button itself by disconnecting the pigtail plug behind the dash (no change)

My thinking is maybe a relay has been stuck closed in the start engine circuit path.

Any inputs welcome, thank you!

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Hi many thanks for your reply - I did try disconnecting the start/stop button connector behind the dash, but the engine still started on its own, when I powered it on in gear, and then shifted it out of gear to neutral.

So weird, I towed the boat home last night and tried it in my yard with a hose connected, and it started and stopped as expected - so maybe the journey shifted/shook something or the 12 hour powered off time reset something somehow. So I would like to understand the issue in case it recurs.

Do you know how the start button signal is routed - E.g. via a relay or straight into an ECM control computer etc.

thanks again

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The start/stop button is wired to the the dash Viper2 controller 16-pin connector.  When pressed, the signal causes the Viper2 to send a start/stop request to the engine ECM via the CAN #1 data.  The Engine ECM will determine if the engine can be started or stopped, then send a signal to energize the starter relay.  The voltage output from the relay engages the starter solenoid and starter motor.  The ECM will no longer energize the starter relay once the engine is running or after about 11 seconds, whichever happens first.

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Many thanks for the helpful detailed explanation - so for the engine to stop and immediately restart when the start/stop button is pressed to stop the engine,


1) the Viper 2 must be responsible for the stop engine CAN message and immediately send start signal to the ECM as a CAN bus message (seems unlikely the Viper would ever do this)


2) if the ECM had a continuously energized start wire signal from the keyswitch/harness then it would restart immediately following a CAN bus stop message from the Viper and explain the behaviour.

One point - Does the keyswitch start wire pass in series with the gear shift lever (to block a start sign when in gear) -the shift lever on my boat was updated this year and perhaps it is misbehaving and creating the energized start wire signal.

thank you again for the help

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