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Suggestions for good surf board for a 225lb guy


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I, one of my sons, and soon enough my 2 younger sons, are heavier guys over 6'.  Looking for a better board.  We have a 4'10 Doomswell Nubstep that I like, but if I get very aggressive or step on the front I just push it under.  Also have a Connely "CWB" board thats 5'3" - it doesn't sink quite as easy (but not a lot better) but seems a lot less responsive/agile - (unless someone thats about 160 is on it) especially when trying to keep on top of/in front of the wave for me - when I try to push with it it just doesn't seem to gain speed fast enough.  Got an even bigger Hyperlite Broadcast, but that is more of a skim board with no fins, and although there are holes for the fins, they must have made different versions of the board, as all the available fins are way too small for it (won't fit)...

Who makes good boards for bigger guys?

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I say 

Victoria Captain. However it is a skim board. The big 250 plus guys love it and my daughter and her 150 ish pound boyfriend also love it. 

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i love the victoria captian as well, it is super fun to ride , but depending on your skill level, it is super loose and slippery. I usually ride my 4-10 soulcraft HCPro 2 times for every 1 ride on the captian. 

id look into a longer board or some ove the newer soulcraft thicker boards for heavier riders ($1200-$1500) nowadays. Just my humbe oppinion but the mass production boaards are for the general public for the most part and if you are looking for performance you should go custom. Its a tough pill to swallow, but its a completely different experince than off the rack boards.

I went through 5 boards from CWB, Hyperlite, liquid force on a "performace guarantee" from a local dealer and did not love any of them , ended up using the trade credit for a basic cheap beginner Hyperlite board we have for newbs, and ordered the soulcraft. My kids are getting much better and have been riding my 4-10 , so we will probably order a 4-6  or 4-8 for them to ride at the end of the season ot off season to try and catch a break on $$$

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I love my hammerhead Ghost have surfed it at 220s it's buoyant fast and spins

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Also every suggestion here is going to make a broadcast ride like a wet turd, that was lots of our starter boards mine included it's never been ridden again since I replaced it other than for teaching other new peeps.

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Fyi Frank Wolter (zombie board co) is blowing out some of his stock of customs. I just picked one up for $670 shipped to my door. Contact via Facebook. 

Similar to soulcraft and Frank’s a bigger guy so he’d know what’s up for the larger folks. 

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I've got a Liquid Force Happy Pill that works fantastic for big guys and beginners. It's not going to be the most nimble, agile board out there, but it will get most anybody out of the water, so it's a great tool to have in the wake-toolbox. 

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On 6/11/2024 at 5:17 PM, teamerickson said:

Doomswell Falcon. Great board! 

2nd this if you're an advanced beginner going intermediate or better.  Try the Doomswell F-Series though so we can get some real world feedback lol.  I want one.

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