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New prop question

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Hey all,


I threw on a 2805 prop as I didn’t like the 17x15.5 prop for top end performance. So far I’m loving the 17x17 prop. 

We surfed today for the first time this season, water is still about 54*… I noticed as you add power to get the rider up there is a slight shudder in the wheel for about a “one potato” count. Then there are no vibrations at all. Didn’t notice it when the boat is unloaded. I’m guessing this is a cavitation of the prop for a second. I do not have power steering.

Is this something I should look into?



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i tried similar switch on my A24 (from 3077 15.5" pitch to 2969 17" pitch with same cup) - noticed exact same shudder while pulling up a surfer...and I also assume it was cavitation.  i also noticed it didn't get to/hold speed as well - hard to quantify, but my 3077 pulls up smoother and got to speed/stayed there better.  the longer pitch would over/undershoot the cruise control more (as judged by my eye/feel only).

While i liked the extra 2-3mph during cruise, since i couldn't get to max rpm while ballasted (only 4900 rpm vs 5500rpm desired), that told me it was too much prop for my boat and i went back to 3077 (i only have 409, but at sea level that's enough with the 3077). 

if you keep the larger pitch prop - one way i noticed to reduce the shudder was to idle in gear forward for "2 potato" before pulling up the rider.  That gets the 10,000 lbs moving with a little momentum before throttling up significantly.  if i was at a dead stop, or drifting even slightly backwards due to wind, the shudder would be more pronounced as it groaned to get that initial motion started.

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This was today, boat did great with the prop, I’ll try to ease into it a bit more. It feels like the correct prop, but I could see it being too much with a boat full of people. 

I know, I know, my screen is filthy with pollen 


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