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engine cranks strong but won't start - 2014 wakesetter lsv23 indmar 5.7 liter 350hp

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new (plugs, plug wires, starter, batteries) alternator fairly new. would only go about 11mph to 19, seemed in limp/protect mode. then stopped completely. now won't start. fuel pump sounds like it spins up fine. have been told not getting electrical signal to rotar cap wire. getting these SPM alarm fault codes: 65561:FMI:5 below normal or open circuit, 65592:FMI:7 mechanical system not responding properly, SPN:636 FMI:8 cranksensor abnormal frequency or pulse width. something to mention. when it wouldn't start it was giving me a "clank" on starter. Starter was bad so just replaced it. now cranks but won't start. i wonder if the starter arm was stuck out and engaged with the engine fly wheel and now that it is replaced i just need to clear the codes.??


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Posted (edited)

Fault SPN 636 FMI 8 occurs when there is no signal from the Crank Position Sensor (CKP) to the ECM for a certain period of time and will result in a crank-no-start.  Some of the things that can cause the fault are a damaged or loose CKP sensor or reluctor wheel on the crankshaft, or a problem with the CKP sensor or circuit.

Check the battery condition and the battery cable connections at the battery terminals, battery switch, port battery distribution post, engine block grounds, and starter.  Check the CKP sensor connection and terminals.  It is located at the bottom of the timing chain cover.  Test the CKP sensor and see if the reluctor wheel on the crankshaft is loose.  If the sensor has ever been submerged, then I would recommend replacing the sensor.

SPN 636 is a type A fault, so it can either be cleared using Rinda Diacom or TechMate, or the fault will become inactive after 3 consecutive running cycles where the fault did not reoccur.  A running cycle is when the engine is started when cold (coolant temp below about 100 deg F), run up to operating temperature (coolant above about 140 deg F), then the engine is stopped and allowed to cool down again before restarting (coolant below about 100 deg F).  That needs to happen 3 times with no fault for the code to become inactive. 

Here is a link to the Diagnostic manual, SPN 636 is on page 9-100 (pdf pg 145).


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25 minutes ago, Lsv23malibu said:

@csleaver thank you. Is there a way to clear codes w/out OBD tool?

The only way to "clear" those codes without Diacom is to run the engine through 3 consecutive running cycles that the code does not reoccur.  The code will then no longer cause an alarm, but it will still be saved as an inactive code in the ECM memory.  After 40 consecutive running cycles the code will be completely erased from the ECM memory and can't even be read with the diagnostic computer at that point.

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BTW, when someone tells me that the starter failed and was recently replaced, and there are electrical problems, I often suspect there may have been alot of water in the boat at some point.  Check for a high waterline on the engine that would indicate some level of submersion.  Any engine sensor, electrical component, or wiring connector that is near or below that waterline needs to be inspected, cleaned, or possibly replaced.

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And for more good news, if the water was deep enough to kill the starter, the steering cable is going to need replacement soon as well.

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