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Monsoon 410 white smoke and wax smell

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Ok so thanks for all the help so far!  This boat is new to me this season and I’m very hands on and kind of anal with things.  
This is a 2016 LsV with 410 engine.  Ever since first trip out this year and new to me, I’ve noticed an interesting smell like what it smells like if you have ever waxed your own skis or snowboard.  I couldn’t find anything overly hot in engine, coolant level good, engine temp good so I thought it’s normal for this boat.  Now I’m noticing and maybe always has but now that it’s lightly warmer out that the engine has a white exhaust smoke that doesn’t appear to be cold weather steam.  Had it out Saturday morning for 4 hours and it was there the whole time.  
I checked the oil while engine was cold and on lift for milky or bubbly oil, I found it seem significantly overfilled.  Like a couple inches or more above the dipstick.  Does this seem normal?  What would it cause if overfilled?  
Maybe a separate issue but I mentioned in other thread, it sometimes takes several seconds for engine to fire when cranking.  Maybe it’s a symptom of something here.  

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Take a good look at all the water lines particularly the ones going to and from your exhaust manifolds.  These motors are very sensitive to air leaking into the system via bad hose connections.  I had a damaged line connection that allowed air into the system and it caused white, steamy smoke.  Eventually it caused some O2 sensor issues, and a few other issues I didn’t realize were all related.  Such as it took an extra 5-10 seconds to start when cranking.  Also it would take a long time to prime, sometimes causing the motor to get up over 200 degrees when I would launch it dry.  It never caused me to break down or go into limp mode so I threw parts at for a season then eventually took it to local dealer and they found the problem and got it fixed but it took them 5+ hours of tech time and a slew of check to box replacement parts like impeller, thermostat, O2 sensor, etc. to figure it out.  Not real expensive in the end but it did cause me some heartache for a couple months. 
As far as the oil goes, I would just do an oil change, and make sure u put in exactly the correct amount of oil listed in the engine owners manual.  You might find that your dipstick was off, or it was overfilled by someone who wasn’t familiar with the engine previously.  You will get the best reading on oil level while the boat is floating in calm water generally.

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So far, I've checked those water cooling lines and couldn't find anything yet.  I did take about a 1-1.5 quarts of oil out.  The dipstick barely changed though.  I'm thinking it's better but haven't been able to run if very much yet.  

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Take a sample of the oil and send it in to have it tested.  It will tell you what is mixed in with the oil to cause the level to rise.

This might be oil dilution.  Black stone Labs has been around for awhile, check it out on the web for more companies.

It takes about thirty days for results. 

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Drain all the oil into a container.  Let it sit.  If it is fuel dilution with that much extra it will have an obvious layer of fuel sitting on top.

Install new filter and correct type and amount of oil in meantime and see how it runs. 

If you do not have mayo then it is definitely not water/coolant.

If oil is significantly over filled - hard start would be expected as the crank weights are splashing in the oil


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