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2009 Malibu VLX Power Wedge Issue after new actuators

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My power wedge started tripping the fuse this spring and wouldn't move so I chalked it up to the actuators and just had them replaced.

Now the wedge will not go up using the mux switch and I've tried while spinning the paddle wheel. 

The shop I used said it could be a power wedge control module. 

Has anyone run into any type of issue like this? 


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2009 Malibu boats with the power wedge and MUX controls needs an RPM signal and speed between 2-10 MPH to raise the power wedge.  So, if the engine isn't running the wedge will not go up.

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I had the boat running on fake a lake and was spinning the paddle wheel so I don't think that's the issue.

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Always check your battery condition and connections, and the connections at the breaker panel, ground buss bar, and power module before diagnosing an electrical issue.

Test for power and ground at power module wedge connections while attempting to lift of lower the power wedge.  The power module connections for the wedge can also be swapped to fool it into moving the wedge the opposite direction for testing.  The Mux controller buttons can be reprogrammed to verify that there isn't just one bad button causing the problem.  Make sure the other MUX functions are working to eliminate a possible CAN issue.  The red LED on the power module should be blinking.


Check the physical wedge to ensure it moves easily without the actuators connected.  The top mounting bracket adjustment plate should be adjusted so the outer tips of the wedge wing are level with the top of the mounting bracket when the actuators are fully extended and connected, and each actuator should be aligned to its mounting holes and bolts when fully extended so that they are in sync.

Make sure the "Wedge Enable" is turned on in the Malivue Wedge Setup screen, and for testing the "Auto Wedge" setting should be turned off.  If the boat has the EIC Info Center, make sure the SETUP - POWER WEDGE - PW PRESENT is set. 

The wedge sensor calibration must be correct for the power wedge to function.  With the wedge fully down, the top A/D number on the wedge calibration screen must be 10 to 30.  Adjust the wedge position sensor if needed, then press enter to calibrate the down position.  Raise the wedge to the full up position then push the enter button to calibrate the up position. 

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Csleaver, thank you so much for the in depth reply. 

Batteries are new and all connections are tight. 

I just checked and Auto Wedge was on. I wonder if the shop even noticed this when they tested the wedge? They just told me the actuators we installed with the wedge in the down position and they could not get it to raise using the MUX switches. 

I am not beginning to wonder if I should put it in the water and run the wedge down and then try calibrating. My only concern is if the wedge will not raise back up. How do you swap the power connections to "fool" the wedge? I may have to do this if it will not calibrate and raise. 



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Posted (edited)

There are two screw terminals on the power module under the helm labeled power wedge (black) with a black wire, and power wedge (white) with a white wire (see previous photo).  You can switch those wires to make the power wedge move opposite of the way you are controlling it with the MUX.  Using a voltmeter to test the voltage and ground on those terminals when running the wedge up or down can also help determine what the problem may be. 

Please don't overlook the other suggestions.  The most common issues I've seen after actuator replacement is loose electrical connections, the wedge wing binding, or the power wedge adjustment bracket not being properly adjusted for the actuators. 

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Thanks for all of the info. Is there a chance it's also a simple calibration issue? The shop I used said that shouldn't affect it but I'd have to imagine since there's a calibration button it's worth a shot.

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So I got the actuator issue sorted out and the wedge is now functioning. When wakeboarding though I am unable to raise the wedge up a couple clicks while it’s deployed. I’m assuming this is a calibration issue. Has anyone calibrated a power wedge on a 2009 Wakesetter VLX. I tried to go through the screen prompts and calibrate the wedge but get a message saying “move wedge to down position, press enter to calibrate. Position not valid. Raw 564 and Calc 200. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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With the wedge fully down, try loosening the two screws on the wedge position sensor and adjusting it until the display reads 10 to 30, then press enter.  The screws and sensor can be removed and then the sensor shaft rotated clockwise by hand until it is at the bottom of the range if needed.  Be cautious when reinstalling the sensor so the wires don't rub on the wedge cross member.  When done, raise the wedge to the full up position then push the enter button to calibrate the up position. 

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Would the sensor have been removed/adjusted during the actuator install?I wouldn’t think they would which has me stumped as to why it’s out of calibration. Thanks in advance for the advice. 

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Same thing happened to my 09 VTX after the actuators were changed. Shop said the same to me, we didn’t touch the sensor and they couldn’t figure it out. Malibu dealer too. I’ll save you the rant.

I did exactly as csleaver said above and now it works as it should.

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Awesome! Thx for the advice guys. I’ll tackle it this coming weekend. 

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