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24 MXZ w/ LT4 Prop Questions.

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I have a 24 MXZ with a LT4. Currently running an Acme 3077 prop. This is wild to say but I can get 50mph top end but she is super sluggish coming out of the hole with 8 people and attempting to surf.

does anyone have a better prop recommendation. I am not in elevation. Running stock ballast, 2 650s in rear and 300lbs of stereo batteries on port side and 300lbs of lead on starboard side (more towards the front).

Wave sucks and it's sluggish coming out of the hole. I could care less about being able to go 50mph. Acme has like 5 different props it reccomends.

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According to Malibu, the 3077 Acme 17x15.5 is the standard propeller for a 2022 Malibu 24 MXZ with the LT4, but it may not be the best choice for surfing or running with additional ballast weight.  It should provide the best overall surfing, cruising, and wakeboarding performance, but it is not the best for top speed or for surfing.  For the best surfing and ballast performance a 1773 OJ 17x14 torque propeller is recommended, but it will limit the top speed and fuel economy when compared to the Acme 3077.

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thank you so much. I appreciate the insight. I will look into that now.

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Odd, I run the 3077 which came stock on my M6'ed T250 at 1071 ft ASL.   I would think the LT4 would have no problem with low end with this prop....I top out between 35-37mph depending on conditions.   Have you verified that you actually have the 3077?  

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Posted (edited)

That seems really strange, I just took the 3077 off my boat because it is way too low pitch. Surfed great, but I had no top end speed at all. I have an M6 and I’m at 2300’. I put the 2805 17x17 prop on and it is much better. 

I guess you do have a different gear ratio in your transmission….

you should verify what prop is actually on there….

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Yeah, I verified it. It’s the 3077. 

I know that I’m running a large amount of stereo batteries and subwoofers, but it seems odd that I would be having a problem with weight with the LT4

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I know the LT4 has the 1.5:1 transmission ratio but really surprised you can hit 50mph with the 3077 AND struggle out of the hole.    

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I'm also surprised with your report. 2805 17x17 could do 11.8 with wedge 4 and full ballast at 5500' in my 23 LSV w/ LT4 at half throttle.

Any chance you got regular octane gas by mistake?

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