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Malibu pulls World Record


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I'm going to make a meal out of this!!

I have to admire CC in snapping up & nuturing major sponsorships, especially down here & Aus - Moomba et al. But skiers still prefer Malibu for trick wakes and the slalom wake is far better on the Mal at some speeds.

Still they sell because "if my boy makes the cut, he will be skiing behind a CC - so that's what I'm going to buy".

I found the 2005 CC 196 an awkward craft - kind of like riding a barrel. It climbs out like an outboard and when you throttle off, the bow rolls forward & down. Nothing like the stable ride of my Response LX. What you're used to I guess.

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43' off 75'? leaves 32'... damn, guess height does make a big difference.

I always thought it was off 60', guess I got that wrong since he'd have to be 20' tall.

Also, what makes a 1/4 ball?

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OK, let's see if I can explain...

Imagine a line perpendicular to the course centerline that intersects the turn bouy, once you pass that line (on the very outside of the turn bouy) you score 1/4 point.

If you then imagine a line running from ball 2 to ball 4 to ball 6, once you cross that line you score 1/2 point.

You score the full point once you cross the course centerline.

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Follow the link below and scroll down about half-way to the picture.  This does a great jobn of explaining it.



That's interesting. USA Waterski's rules book has a smaller 1/4 point area. You don't get the 1/4 point until you reach the outside tip of the bouy as I explained above. Which interpretation do they use for international competition? Anyone know?

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That picture at skifly.com is awesome!!! The average skier has no idea how much speed and energy is created as a skier crosses the wakes. Especially in deep shortline. I am no where close to even running 22 off. It amazes me to see someone accomplish this feat. What is really amazing is being in the boat when someone is running around 35 off. If the skier is a little late and misses the buoy they are going faster than the boat and end up ahead of it. This picture gives a good idea of how fast Chris is behind the boat. He is way out in front of a boat that is going 36mph. Notworthy.gif

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This is just awesome!!! I am currently working on my 28 off pass Innocent.gif ....so I can only imagine his feeling of this major accomplishment!!! Surprised.gif Way to go Chris!!!



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How great is this! A Malibu pulls it with a Malibu team member and an American to boot! Always pisses me off when guy's ski for their home country when they live, work and raise their families in the US. Way to go Chris!

Some of the guys in the Skifly pictures are from Colorado, Mike Young lives in both Vail and at lake Hancock, he is also a Malibu Promo. I saw Sandy Treat in there also, another local Malibu guy. They all look a little hammered in some of those pictures.


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Lakenut - I'm going to have to disagree with you, I can see the record being topped in just a couple months. With as much hype as the Malibu Open is getting, I wouldn't be surprised to find someone, or even Chris himself get 1.5 @ 43.

The good Doctor seems to think he'll set it this year. Hope he wasn't planning on that 1/4 ball to do it.

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I don't know. The last record stood for over eight years. It did see two people tie but it took eight years to raise by a 1/4 buoy. Don't get me wrong. It would be cool to see someone break it, but the difficulty of rounding the 2 ball has to be unreal.

Again, I am no slalom expert. Just my 2 cents. Heck If I could run 22 off I would feel like I had broken the world record. Drool.gif

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