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HELP with Speakers Cutting out (now just out)

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2018 Axis T22 (SP2 Pack so includes 2 pairs of wet sounds icon 8s)

So last season my speakers suddenly cut out.  All of them tower and boat.  I drove a bit and they came back.  At first this was rare and unusual, then they started cutting out and not coming back unless I parked and power cycled the unit.  Checked the connectors thinking maybe a loose ground and made sure all connections were tight.  This problem seemed to go away for a month then came back only worse.  Had my boat guy look at it over the winter and confirmed the connections (his assumption too) but didn't see anything and the stereo was working fine in storage.  First trip out on the lake and they cut out 1min in.  Came back a couple times then went out and haven't come back at all.

"head unit" (Infinity MC30 remote) as well as the rear remote still function.  I tried the "black box reset" from the manual with no success.  I can still see songs on the head unit switch, connect BT, etc.  But no sound from any speakers.  Both amps are lit up on front so I'm pretty confident there's no power issue.

Anyone have a suggestion?  I'm getting desperate and don't want to have to pull and go to the dealer (both cost and time given how short the seasons are here in WI).  I tried to order the front remote but it's been hard to find in stock and since everywhere that did sell it sold it for under 200 not looking to go pay 1k at Malibu for it (hoping this seller actually ships 2nd order).  I was also wondering about the "black box" the MBB Viper 400 (see pic) as it seems to have some sort of "brains" in it from what I read where I thought it was just my unused siriusxm radio.

Thanks all.

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Here's the black box.  I'll take suggestions as to where to source replacement parts here too :)


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