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Fin flew off with life seal

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Got 2012 Response txi. Fiberglass guy fixed the threads so almost all bolts went in tight except a few. So I reinstalled all 3. Took it out and the first time I was out with a new to me boat I was obviously going like I stole it. Long story short, did a high speed sharp turn (lots of them) and my front fin decided it had enough. Did not hit anything for sure. Other 2 stay on. Front fin was the last I installed so maybe 48 hours wasn't enough for life seal to cure completely but it seemed well cured and instructions say 24 hours to cure. And I cant get it off my hull now. Was super generous on it too. Had a sticker of a price on that fin and that sticker is still glued to the boat, but no fin and bolts. Bolt holes obviously are stripped now but not too bad. Now that I ordered a new fin and those aren't cheap. How do I make sure I don't loose this one either. Will still be doing many sharp turns at WOT cause stupidity isn't fixable, plus I got a 4 year old daughter that did the same when I let her take the steering wheel so that runs in my family :) Not looking to be gentle with my boat.

My lake has a very long shallow end and closer to end of summer the water level goes down so hitting the bottom is also possible. I used to have Mastercraft Prostar 197 which is very similar and whenever I was at shallow end I would just hand pull it by the rope towards my lift. It would hit bottom sand occasionally but was perfectly fine. Hoping it'll be the same here, but would rather loose a fin then have hull damage if lets say it hits too hard, cause we also have waves too. Soooo with that background info - do I use 3m 4200 or 5200? And do I put the springs inside the bolt holes like some did for better hold? Dealer suggested 5200 and locktite + 5200 on bolts. Is it a right call?  From what I've understood fins are meant to be held by the adhesive and not the bolts. Bolts aren't the main thing. Also I noticed my bolts stick out through the hull. Is it supposed to be like that?

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Locktite probably won't do anything useful.  I would say that the fiberglass guy didn't fix the holes well if the lag bolts didn't tighten properly.

I would try sopping some glass fibers or even cotton balls in resin and shoving them into the holes with a dowel until the holes are completely filled and tightly packed.  The next day you can redrill the holes to the proper size for your lag bolts.  It can take a while for resin to reach full hardness, so maybe take it easy for a week or so.

5200 sealant is the tool of choice for fins that you expect to never remove.  I'd put a dab on the lags also before installing them.

I have never had the cajones to try a full turn at WOT since I no longer enjoy getting thrown out of boats.  Please at least wear your safety lanyard!

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You might want to take a look at the lake floor under your lift.  Maybe you bumped it off there without knowing.  I would probably let the fiber tech know his fix failed and ask if he feels confident about getting it fixed again or if there is someone else he knows that might be better off to fix it.  The sealants really shouldn’t be doing much of the work of actually holding the fin on - that’s what the lag bolts are for.  So if the fiber tech makes a proper repair, you should get really solid hook up with those lag bolts and then the sealant is less consequential.

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Any solution that would avoid drilling - those holes seem to be a tight fit and have to be certain the drilling is as straight as it can be. 

For sure did not loose them beside lift. I found out i lost it the hard way. So the Auto Bilge activated message. It took a while to figure out where the water was coming from. Good news though - 4 holes from fins aren't going to sink the boat. Even the bilge pump was going on and off with pretty large intervals. I know i can keep two fins and it seemed to turn easier with 2 (maybe its just me cause i had only one run with 3 :)) but i like to keep things proper. Plus I don't want to fill the holes and not too sure if my temp fix of filling the holes with life seal is going to last much longer.  Also any suggestions on what to use to remove life seal from the hull?  

You won't fly anywhere turning at WOT. Passengers - maybe.  Very similar to turning at half speed to be honest. Boat handles really awesome.

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