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Brand New 2023 Malibu MXZ 24 not starting!

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I have a brand new 2023 boat with just 2 hours and I am currently trying to do the 10hr break in period here in Lake Mead.

It says to turn off engine occasionally but after a while the boat wouldn't start again.

I called the dealer and they recommended I do a software update.. so I did a hot spot through my phone downloaded the update and installed the new software.

That did not help.. I had a 2017 MXZ and never had issues like this. I called BoatUS to get towed and somehow the boat started after two hours of trying..

What do you think think its the issue here?

I took some photos and videos but everything seemed fine at the time no warning or any errors.




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I had an a24 do the same thing and could never duplicate it . Actually started while being towed to the marina after a hour of trying anything I could think of . There was nothing that would even turn on when that happened. Tested grounds , neutral, kill switch , battery boost . 
then it just started . Sold the boat and the new owner never had a problem . Hope your weekend is great . I know this offers no real advice 

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yes in neutral. I had a 2017 MXZ for 5 years with over 400 hours so I have a little bit of experience..

did all of the normal checks, 100% gas, not in gear, moved throttle multiple times back and forth. restarted software..

turned off battery multiple times.. put in dual battery.. put in single battery.

check boat lanyard checked key.. tried to start with key.. nothing seemed to help for over two hours until it started working out of nowhere..

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Check ur main power wires where they mount back bye the motor..  my 23’ m220 was having touchscreen/ power issues blanking out like someone was turning the power off.. dealer traced it back to those wires being loose from factory. Might be worth a check. 

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There really aren't many things that will cause a crank-no-start on the new Malibu engines.  The most common would be loose connections or relay/fuse failures that would prevent ignition spark or proper fuel pressure.  Swapping relays and checking for loose ground and power cables is something that should be checked first.  Contaminated fuel can also cause similar problems.  If there are no electrical issues, fuel problems, or fault codes found, then there is another possibility. 

I've only seen one recent complaint of a continuous crank-no-start problem on a new Axis where no faults or electrical/fuel issues were found and the boat cranked and ran normally when tested at the shop.  I was referred to a service bulletin Malibu released on 04/19/23.  The bulletin recommended downloading the newest engine calibration file and reprogramming the engine ECM using Diacom, primarily to extend crank time and prevent timing issues.  The ECM reprogramming is recommended for all 2022-2023 M5, M6, and LT4 engines built from December 1, 2021 to January 26, 2023.

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