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High pitched whine with bluetooth


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Hi all - 18 LSV with stock stereo system.   We are getting a high pitched whine in the speakers, but only when using phones thru Bluetooth and while engine is running.  No whine if using usb connection or engine off.  Also weird - we need to start Apple Music first before the stereo will recognize the usb connection, then we can switch to Spotify.

We had this issue pop up 2 years ago, then it stopped and everything worked fine, and now it is doing it again.  I haven’t poked around any wiring yet but why would it start being a problem so randomly?  No changes were made to anything.  Could this be an iPhone issue and not the stereo itself?  I’m going to poke around tomorrow but any suggestions are welcome.   We use iPhone 13s and they are updated. 

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I messed around with the stereo so I’ll update my question. 

With Bluetooth enabled, there is definitely a worse whine, but what is more interesting is that I’m only getting full sound out of the right side speakers - very little out of the left side (interior and tower).  Whine is worse with engine running - if engine is off and no music is playing, I get some static/popping and whine when volume is cranked up high.

If I connect via USB, I cannot get Spotify to work unless I first launch Apple Music, start playing a song, then switch over to Spotify.  I do get full sound and volume out of all speakers connected this way.  If I just launch Spotify first it will not play anything until I use Apple Music first. 

I checked all connections and everything looks good.  Playing with the fader and balance wasn’t the answer either.  Phones are all updated and this is happening with any phone connected to the stereo. 


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Thought I’d bump this hoping folks are back from the holiday and have some ideas for me.  Maybe the stereo system needs a software update but don’t want to haul the boat to the dealer if I don’t have to. 

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I just picked up a 2015 23 LSV and am having similar issues. I haven’t hard connected a phone to see if it changes but everything else sounds very similar. My bow speakers have zero sound output and the interior speakers have minimal output and a whine/buzz coming from the tower speakers. I’m running through a Rockford fosgate amp and a Mmates amp. I’m looking for some solutions as well if you find anything out!

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I haven’t - although last weekend I was back to getting sound out of all speakers using Bluetooth, but still a whine when engine is on.  We’ve been using the usb connection instead but I really want to fix this.  My dealer said they would check next time I’m in for service and see if the black box needs replacing.  Seems weird that 2 years ago we had this issue, then last year no problems at all, then same issue again this year - all with no changes to anything. 

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