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Electrical issue with half the boat

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I am having an electrical issue, where everything and the front of the boat is working i.e. dash pumps stereo, lights. However, the back of the boat is not working. It lets me fill the ballast bags, but I can’t empty. Also, the blower is not working and the aft bilge is not working. And I’m having a problem with the power wedge, being stuck and lift. They all seem related to an electrical issue but not sure where to start.

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Have you checked the system diagnostics on the touch screen?  I believe on the 2017 it was on the lower right touch screen.  Should show electrical faults but I don't believe it shows fuses that could be blown.  Should check fuses as well.  You should be able to clear electrical faults from the system diagnostics screen and then see if they immediately trip again.  

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I would first check all battery connections, battery health/charge, power switch connections, and any grounds you can find on the engine or distribution blocks. Sorry I don’t recall off the top of my head where the main engine grounds are on the raptor engines. 

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Shea: I checked the system Diag, but I don’t see a way to clear any faults and I didn’t really see any thing that suggested fault. I try to do a full system reset, but the reset button doesn’t do anything.

ahopkins22lsv: I checked battery health and connections and they are fine. I could only find one ground on the engine block. There were three wires on it. The one coming from the battery and two smaller wires. I cleaned up the connections, but still doesn’t work. I don’t know if there are other ground connections. I couldn’t see any. 

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I'm not familiar with that boat but, it does seem like a bad ground somewhere because location is the common factor. Try tracing the ground wire back to the distribution block on one of the items that doesn't work. That should be where your bad distribution block is if that is the problem.

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Check your breaker panel in the port rear compartment near the engine where the PNP ballast bag is located.  There is a carpeted panel with 4 breakers.  Remove the four screws at the corners of the panel.  Make sure all of the nuts on the breaker studs are tight and the electrical cables are secure.

Also check the main power distribution post near the port transmission mount.

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