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'05 VLX Hammerhead broken valve stem

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Hey all,

I'm in need of some advice and hoping there's some handy people out there to help me out. I have an '05 Wakesetter with the Hammerhead 383 engine with 350 hrs. A couple of weeks ago we were out on the river on a really hot day, shut down the boat for a few minutes...... then it would crank but not start. I checked the obvious, spark, fuel,..... I figured it was a vapor lock so I cooled the fuel pump and got it to fire up once but had a horrible valve train knock and wouldn't stay running. I checked compression once I had her home. I've got 190 psi on every cylinder except #6 where I have 0. I pulled the exhaust manifold and could see the #6 exhaust valve broken just above the guide. Obviously it's time to pull the engine, which I've never done. My questions are:

1.)Do I need to pull the back seat/ is it worth it? 

2.) where's the easiest/ best place to disconnect the engine? break away at bell housing from transmission? I have the walters v-drive, not the ski-vee.

3.)leave motor mounts in the boat or take em out with the engine?

4.) I'm sure I'll need to either have the heads rebuilt or replace.... how about the #6 cylinder? Hone cylinder and replace the one piston, rod, and bearing? Or full rebuild? 


Thanks in advance for any expertise ya'll can offer.

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5 minutes ago, oldjeep said:

Just pull the intake and head for starters.

I agree with jeep. You could have the head off and part in by noon. Up and running by late afternoon ;)

This guy took off both sides in less than 2 hours. You just need to take off one side where the stem is broken. Good luck!

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I guess I should have included that I can see through the exhaust port that the valve has contacts the piston at the top of every stroke because the valve is hanging low in the cylinder...... Now granted.... I don't think they contacted each other much.... but I would think that just about any contact would warrant at least replacing the piston too? Maybe I'm wrong though..... pistons could be tougher than I'm giving it credit for?.... Thanks guys!

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9 minutes ago, OCrider said:

Thanks Jeep, heads comin off!

If be inclined to only remove the bad one and leave the other one alone.  Examine the rocker and Lifter rod for that valve also to make sure they aren't bent or damaged.

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