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How to replace Fuel Regulator (fuel filter regulator) on in-tank pump 2013 Response Txi Indmar 5.7

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I'd like to replace the fuel filter regulator on my Response Txi.  The regulator is mounted on top of the plate in the tank that holds the fuel pump.  (At least I'm pretty sure that is what that large round plate is for.)   I have the regulator and I can see the old one on top of that plate.  My question is, how do I pull out the old one?  Do I need to remove that large round plate and pull out the entire pump assembly to replace the regulator, or can I just pull out the regulator directly out of that round plate? 

I see the regulator has a black nipple on the bottom of it.  Does that simply slide into some sort of a fitting or tube on the pump below?  

Finally, the orange rubber fuel line attaches to the regulator.  But it appears that the metal clamp ring is on the orange hose past the metal tube in the existing regulator???  I guess my question on this is can I just pull off that orange fuel hose and then put it on the new regulator, replacing the metal clamp ring? 

Thanks for your help!

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The regulator can be pulled up out of the pump grommet by hand.  A fuel line release tool is used to remove the line from the regulator.  Be sure to bleed off the fuel pressure first.  The regulator inlet is connected to the fuel pump hose with 2 oetiker clamps.  The old clamps can be cut off and there is a tool for crimping the new clamps.  After the regulator is seated into the tank grommet and the fuel line is attached, the tank should be pressure tested and checked for leaks.  The engine should be started and fuel lines checked for leaks.

This is not really considered a DIY job.  I would highly recommend it be done by a professional with the proper equipment and training, or not at all.



You can post a link of your photos from a host site, like you see here. 

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Thanks very much.  Related question....I've heard this part ought to be replaced every few years.  Ive got almost 1000 hours on mine, so thinking past time.  Also, starts a bit long/hard and runs a bit rough. I checked fuel pressure at the rail valve. It reads high 50's.  (While docked, not while out running on the lake.) I've read those symptoms can relate to regulator going bad.  On the other hand, I've talked to several friends, and nobody has ever replaced one.  I've got the part, but would like your perspective on whether it's necessary or likely to be helpful.  Thanks again!

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I have only replaced the pump regulators when a faulty one causes high fuel pressure, not as a maintenance item.  Normal fuel pressure at key on, or while running, is 58-62 PSI.  If the fuel pressure is within specification, I would check the ignition components as a possible cause for hard starting or running rough.  They need to be replaced very regularly. 

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Thanks again.  I've done all of that except the compression test.  Something to consider.  Thanks again for being so helpful.  I think I'll hold off on the regulator.

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