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2022 23LSV power wedge issue

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I have a small issue with the power wedge 3. 
When surfing and having the wedge set at 3 I’ll notice the boat RPM’s will go up 250-300. The wedge moves to 4  but the 3 is still highlighted. If I touch the screen the wedge does not go back down. I have to use the wedge up down controls at the joystick knob. Once I hit the down button the wedge goes straight to 2 from 4 and RPM’s drop. The touch screen will work again too.  I’ll switch it back to 3 and it sits there for a few runs then eventually it does it again. 
Anyone have any ideas?  

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I've experienced something very similar on a couple 2022 Axis boats with the power wedge 3, but it seems like it may be associated with a slight difference in wedge sensor voltage between two physical wedge positions within the programming threshold for the display controller.  Since loose or corroded connections can cause voltage drop, and the wedge sensor output is voltage based, checking the connections on the wedge sensor circuit would be a good idea.  If all connections are tight and clean, a sensor connector "re-pinning" may be needed.

There is also the possibility that the wedge may physically be between two positions.  Loose wedge actuator hardware could cause that to happen.

The sensor bolt is welded and not serviceable.  Comparing the physical position of the wedge and the sensor voltage in each position to another similar model may be the only way to determine if there is a mechanical build issue.  I have had to do this one time on a 2020 Malibu 23MXZ.  I would not consider it a common problem. 

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I have had the same issue.   Several eeeks back also had a scenario where the indicator on the screen would go back and forth all along the dial from about 1 to 5 or 6.   If you believed the sensor at that point you would have thought it was constantly moving, which if course it wasn’t.   
That was also about the time my start stop button wasn’t working consistently.   

Had it checked out by the dealer.  They did the software upgrade and also put the right hull ID in settings as has been mentioned elsewhere and those things seemed to help.   since then I have only seen that happen very rarely.  When it does, complete reboot typically resolves it.  (Power off and turn battery switch off, count to ten and then back on)  

Comments from guys at the dealer were that it is most likely a sensor issue instead of a wedge issue and that they hear of it now and then but not usually a huge problem.  

Would love to hear if you get other fix/explanation.   


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