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Towing & Pass Through Wind Blocker Lost


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Hi Crew. First off, just a big thank you to this forum--after owning a 2005 VLX for about 10 years we made a big jump this year and just brought home a 21 A22. All the forum detail, information on the boat and reviews here on Malibu Crew were priceless int he process. 


We're pretty thrilled with it - have only had it on the water once but the forward leap in 16 years of technology is great, and a big fan of the look and relative simplicity of the Axis. 

We picked it up a long way from home and while we were towing it back, experienced something I'd never seen before - driving through an area known for being windy I was taking it pretty easy heading over a pass (60-65 MPH) and a gust of wind hit and pulled the plexi / plastic wind blocker out of the boat and blew it back on the highway. I stopped and ran back to get it - despite the wind blocker being hit by a couple big rigs it was just scuffed up and still serviceable, so I put it back in. A few hours later - same thing except this time it was dark and narrow and I couldn't rescue it. 

My question: Has this ever happened to anyone? I can't even figure out the physics of how the wind would pull that thing out, although it fits a lot less snugly than my Malibu one, I thought this was what it was designed for? Photo below shows it installed in position - definitely more of a gap to the windshield with this one but sat pretty flush and seemed to be in there correctly. 

Related - anyone found an easy way to replace one? I have searched the forum and most info jumps to topics like "if you have a CNC machine" (which I don't). Would love to be able to buy a replacement as we trailer a fair amount and want to protect the interior / keep the seats in. Already reached out to Bakes but haven't found anything online or in the forums. 


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That is strange.  I've towed over a hundred Axis boats with the wind dam in without one blowing out, including a few 2022 Axis A22.  Was the bottom of the wind dam resting on the center bow cushion when you put it in, or was there a gap between it and the cushion?

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Yeah, I was shocked to see it happen not once but twice on one trip. I share your experience though - I've logged a LOT of miles with the wind dam in and couldn't believe what I saw. 

Yes, it was pushed all the way (firmly) to the center cushion and seated correctly in the channels on either side. 

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