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wahoo dock with hydrohoist lift and new boats larger freeboard.


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does anyone have any photos of the newer boats in their slip prior to being raised out of the water? I am curious how everyone handles docking into the slip with the higher freeboard boats and how people are keeping the rubber protection from scuffing the sides. right now my t22 rub rail is below the edge of the dock so it lines up with the protection perfectly but I assume the newer boats with the higher rub rail will be above causing the protection to scuff the sides of the fiberglass. my dock is on a busy part of the lake so I am pulling into and out of my slip a good bit with waves coming in. thinking if i do upgrade I will need to put some vertical type pvc guides that will be above the rub rail height. would love some photos if anyone has already done this?

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I fight a similar issue now as I just moved into a 12' wide slip on a fairly busy dock.   With the 12' width it is harder to grab and hold the boat centered as we go to raise it.   I'm likely going to by some trailer guide poles for the back of the lift that will keep my transom from swaying too far back and forth as we go to raise it.    I'm in the middle of researching the ones below as a reference.    




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that looks like the problem solver! curious at 78" how high they would stick out of the water with the lift submerged?  I am going to take some measurements the next time I am at my dock. might be the solution if they can be mounted on the lift arms.

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I figured I needed at least 60" from the lift brace I'd mount it to up to my rub rail, but didn't get a chance to measure when the lift is down.   My new boat is on its way, so I'll finalize things then, but in general, I think taller is better for when the lift is lowered.  

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We use these (or ones just  like them) and love them.  I am not specifically recommending this company, I just did a quick search and they popped up.  We bought ours many years ago from someone else that is no longer in business.  The first link look more like ours.  The second link looks similar, but is not what we have.  Again, there may be other companies out there with similar products, I did not look any further.



Edit: I did manage to find what looks like the manufacturer of these rollers and they have some distributers/dealers listed etc.  https://www.ryanodockrollers.com/buy-dock-rollers/


Again, I can't swear that these are the same as ours, but they sure look a lot alike.  We got our many years ago from a mom and pop joint that no longer exists and I don't know where they got them from.


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