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08 monsoon 340 motor ignition

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I have 08 23LSV with the monsoon 340 that I’m replacing dealer motor apart and I decided to put new motor in does anyone have any photos of there motor put together I could use as a reference since I got mine apart. 

Also does anyone know how difficult it is to time the ignition on these or should I take to dealer to get it timed. 

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This is just a copy paste from a post I left about HVS timing a few years ago:

"First get the motor to TDC.  Remove the number one spark plug (the rear most plug on the starboard side on a vdrive boat with a GM motor). Remove the safety lanyard at the helm, or the ignition coil wire, or the fuel pump fuse to prevent the motor from starting.  Have someone crank the motor over and stop cranking at the precise time you feel the compression blowing strongly out off the spark plug hole (this may take a couple tries).  There is a raised marker with a detent on the timing chain cover very close to the crankshaft vibration dampener on the front of the engine (kind of close to the sea pump) and there is a mark cut into the dampener that need to be lined up.  You can turn the crankshaft by hand (it is much easier with all the spark plugs out) or if you remove the impeller, and I think a 14mm 12 point socket will fit into the sea pump shaft to help you move it to the correct position.

That "distributor" is commonly called a HVS (high voltage switch). You will need to remove the HVS to reinstall it correctly. To install it, remove the cap, but leave the rotor on it.  Turn the rotor until the detent hole below the gear lines up with the painted mark on the housing just above it.  Install the HVS so the flat part of the upper housing is facing the front of the engine.  If the HVS doesn't go all the way in, the oil pump shaft in the motor may need to be turned so it lines up with the bottom of the HVS shaft.  You can use a long standard/slotted screwdriver to do this.

Once the HVS is fully installed, rotate the HVS housing so the rotor points to the little pointed nub on it that has an "8" stamped on it.  Tighten the HVS hold down clamp, put the cap back on, plug in the cam sensor on the HVS, install the number one spark plug, and put the lanyard, coil wire, or fuse back in you used to prevent the motor from starting.

The cam angle will need to be checked using Diacom.  It should be 700-710 degrees at 1200 RPMS, and can be adjusted by loosening the HVS clamp and rotating the housing.

I hope this helps."


Here is the thread:


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