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Lazy 02 sensor code - Raptor 6.2L/400

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Hello all,

Was out last week and while idling out of a 5mph zone threw a code for a Lazy 02 sensor (EG03 OPEN/LAZY, SPN:3256 FMI:5).  I have had my O2 sensors replaced once already by the dealer covered under warranty at around 120 hours, during this replacement they did inspect the CATS and they were fine.  I was told idling a lot causes O2 sensor issues with the Raptor engines.  I have 338 hours on the boat now.  I have been doing some google mechanic research and appears I need to inspect my CATs to make sure the brick is not blow out before replacing O2 sensor(s).  I can't seem to find much information on this, was considering using a endoscope after removing the o2 sensors to look down the cats.  Wanted to see if anyone has any tips for me on how I should tackle this, maybe better off just removing them completely for inspection? Also wanted to see if anyone has some type of diagram of where the #3 O2 sensor is on the CATS.  Unfortunately not under warranty any more so I am on my own.  Boat runs fine even with the annoying 02 sensor code continuously popping up throughout the day.


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One other question I cant seem to find the answer on, anyone know where the #1-#4 oxygen sensors are located on the CATs and Pre-CAT sensors?  Can't seem to find a diagram anywhere.

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I can't remember where I saw a diagram... but they are not to hard to find. located on the top and bottom of the header/exhaust. I've been dealing with the same issue, as has many other people. You can simply replace the sensor that is showing bad, and or swap the top two sensors to see if the faulty code follow the bad sensor, then you are certain it is a sensor and which sensor is bad. It does require a O2 sensor socket... I rented one from Autozone 


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