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1997 response rear shower

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I just bought a 1997 response. I haven’t had a Direct drive before. Just wandering if anyone can give me details on how the rear shower works. I can’t seem to figure out where the hose hooks up to and where it goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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I'm not sure what you're asking. How to operate one that's already installed? Or how to install one?

I'll cover how typical one is plumbed in and how it works. Images from 03 Response LXi but principles all the same regardless of type or age.

Shower has a cold water intake hose that's tee'd immediately after the raw water intake pump. Grey hose in these images



Hot water is usually taken from one side of engine block. It's down low. Look under exhaust manifolds, just above the join with the sump. 

The cold and hot water hoses go to a pair of mixing taps. They control shower temperature and often located in rear ski locker but not always. Sometimes in DIY installs they're somewhere in bilge. After the two taps the pipes join together and go through an electric pump and onto the outlet shower. Typically there's a switch on dash to turn on the shower pump. If you open the shower valves with pump turned off the most you'll get is a dribble as it's engine backpressure only. The shower pump 'sucks' water from the intake and engine and 'pushes' it to the shower head.  

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Ok. I found the shower assembly tucked under the rear seat with a quick connect fitting but I can’t for the life of me see where it connects. OT seems to me that it should connect somewhere on the back of the boat so you could stand on the rear platform and shower there, no?

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@Llojac - Typically, if the shower is a purchased item rather than a home brew version, you should find a grey hose coming from the white mixing valve.  The grey hose will have a matching quick connect and in the mid 90's era, they tended to simply have the hose somewhere laying in the aft of the boat, behind the seat, in the a back corner, on top of the tank, etc.  The mixing valve will have a red (hot) and blue (cold water inlet with mixing knobs to allow you to adjust the temp.

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Follow the single hose from the pump to see where to connect to. The hose on the shower head will be long enough to allow you to use it while on the boarding platform. Really good to prefill wetsuit with warm water before a cold season ski. Good for hands, feet, head, body afterwards.

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