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2015 VLX Shower Pump Blowing Fuse

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I have a 2015 VLX.  Shower stopped working and trips the fuse on fuse block when it is turned on.  I assume it is a bad pump.  But upon inspection there are three wires on the pump.  Red/Black/White.  Red is connected to power / black is connected to ground, but white is just dangling exposed.   I confirmed the Red is getting power to the pump.  When the shower switch is turned on the white wire also has power, but is not connected to anything.   Before I buy new pump and replace, looking for help on a few items.

1) Is the white wire suppose to be connected to something or just terminated and dangling?

2) Anything else I should try before replacing the pump?  It is right behind the exhaust manifold on the transom and very hard to get to.

3) Any tricks on removing the Pump / replacing given the very difficult access?  Again, right behind the engine exhaust tube and very hard to get at so looking for any tips / tricks from someone who had done it before.  



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Removing the starboard engine divider panels should make it easier to access the shower pump.  All of the shower pumps I've seen only use two of the three wires just like you mentioned.  The white wire is not connected.

Disconnect both the outlet hose from the pump and the inlet hose or filter by pushing in on the hose connection, pushing and holding in the hose retaining sleeve on the pump, then pulling out the hose from the pump.

The pump can be "bench tested" by disconnecting the pump wires and then using a separate fused power source to run the pump.  Use at least 14 gauge wires or larger and a 10 amp fuse or breaker to a battery or jump box.  There are three rubber mounting feet that each slide into a slot in the pump base.  Each rubber foot has a screw that secures it to the transom fiberglass.  Remove two of the screws and then just slide the last rubber foot out of the slot on the pump base to remove the pump.

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