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Towing a VTX behind a houseboat

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Has anyone towed a 2009 or similar era VTX behind a houseboat? Headed to Lake Powell in a few weeks. Planning to tow ours behind a houseboat for a long distance up the lake. I’m curious if the bow will raise enough at around 8 to 10 mph to prevent the waves from splashing over the bow.

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It might take a hard search but several years ago this was a big topic. I'm pretty sure all that is still available on the forum. Seems like there were a few boats that took on water and sunk at a specific location on Powell.

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We tow our LSV every year at Powell. Will be there in a few weeks. 

Watch out for the waves the cruisers put out. Slow the houseboat down when you come up on them. And if the tour boat is running and you see it, I’d hail it on the marine radio and ask them to come to wakeless, or that will swamp you. 

I would also suggest a 100’ floating rope. Longer than what I have in the photo so you can get your boat out of the prop wash. Floating so you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in the propellers. 


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Thanks. I’ll see if I can find that thread.

RyanB-Appreciate the advice. Good to know it can be done. I’ll certainly get a floating tow rope. Hopefully the channel won’t be too choppy on the days we tow. As you know it can get pretty rough sometimes. Hope your trip goes well. Maybe we will cross paths. We’ll be there June 20th to the 26th. Launching from the Wahweap Marina. I’ll keep an eye out for your boat.

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@IJM If you are on instagram check out the "Powellheadz" page.  About 6 weeks ago he did a post highlighting one of the monsoon-like storms and scrolling through the comments there was a lot of good information there about how best to tow your surf boat in general and in freakish weather that pops up there from time to time.  I have never been there but have followed that page for years and scrolled the comments and found lots of good information there.

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Unfortunately not on instagram but my wife is so I’ll browse on hers. Speaking of those winds and weather this spring. The houseboat we are going on broke free of it’s buoy during those. Blew it ashore and swamped the engine compartments. Luckily we are the 4th week out so all the repair kinks should be worked out by then.

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