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Cylinder 1 Misfire - 2008 Indmar 383

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Hi All,

Went down to the lake yesterday to do some dock and boat work.  Took the boat out for a nice cruise last night, and it ran perfectly.  Went out this morning, and when I accelerated from the dock, it felt like it hesitated a bit and maybe had a bit of vibration that is not normally there.  Hmmm.  I shut it off and looked under the hatch...no visible sign of issues.  Checked fluid levels in tranny and v-drive, and those looked good too.  Fired it back up, seemed to idle better, accelerated away and as I passed about 2,500 RPM, had a big hesitation and "limp mode" with service required screen on the display.  I paged through the fault codes and it showed one, a misfire on cylinder #1.  SPN 65591.

I researched this forum and it appears to most likely be related to cap, rotor, plug wire or plug, so I bought replacements for all of that.  The boat only has 170 original hours...but is 12 years old.  Probably past the useful life of these components.  I'll report back after I change it all next week and hope that cures my issue.

I noted that the forum posts on this topic say you need 3 "cold starts" to clear the code.  Without a code scanner, is there any other way to do this?  Does this mean get it up to operating temp, then cool down, then restart again?  Yuck.


      -- Mike




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Ordered some tune-up parts for the Malibu, which should arrive today (thanks Amazon):

  • ACDelco 41-993 plugs (Indmar says 41-932 or 41-993...looks like the 993s have replaced the 932s) - gap per Indmar is 0.060"
  • Quicksilver 8M0061335 Distributor Cap Kit
  • Quicksilver 863656A1 Spark Plug Wire Kit

The Quicksilver marine stuff was a bit more expensive than generic parts...hope to get another decade of use out of them.  :-) Will install next week and hope this clears my misfire code.

     -- Mike


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I had the same problem/code recently for cylinder 3 on an 08 with the 340 engine and had read the same info here about needing 3 cold start cycles to clear the code (and no good easy way to clear it manually as I have been able to do on my car using a generic store-bought code reader).  After replacing plugs, wires, cap, and rotor the code then cleared by itself once everything got up to temp after the second cold start.  I was a little puzzled by that but I think what happened is I had run it once from a cold start after the misfire (which had been noticeable) before putting in the new parts, to see if it was recurring problem or just a one-off, and everything was smooth during that run so I think the system had counted that as the first of the 3 cold start cycles without a misfire reoccurrence.  Then once I replaced everything it cleared itself after two more cycles.

Good luck and hopefully you will see it clear up and run smoothly with the new parts.  The contacts on my existing distributor cap were noticeably corroded when I pulled it and with yours having been in for that long even with the low hours you may see something similar.

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Closing out this thread.  The tune up seems to have solved my issues.  The plugs looked pretty good for 12 years old (170 hours).  No oil/fouling but the electrodes on a few did look like they were deteriorated.  The cap and rotor looked ragged.  I ended up keeping the Indmar wires as I didn't want to change too many things at once.  I have the Quicksilver set that I will probably install when I winterize.  I have one more cold start and the misfire code should clear out.  Thanks everyone for the comments/help!  I'm back in business.

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