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2018 25 LSV upgrade from 2015 23 LSV

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I just upgraded from my 2015 23 lsv to this beautiful 2018 25 lsv with only 24.2 hours on the motor.  



I am not familiar with this block, does anyone know what purpose this serves?


We have since put 

ANnH3HNl.jpg Approx 5 hours=22 gallons of gas burned with 4 surf sessions and 2 tube sessions

a few issues I missed when inspecting the boat on purchase. 

Looks like he nicked the trailer with the prop, 


 Minimal damage to 3077 prop, man they are expensive, don’t really want to replace 

missed this one


any recommendations on how to repair?

A few cool surprises I noticed from our other Malibu’s 

wow a light in the belly hatch


and ALL storage compartments


 Carpet on the engine dividers 


the integrated led lights on the g4 tower are awesome 😎 


bimini extension offers a lot of shade


plug and play bags have an overflow vent! so no more burping the bags and babying them


loving this


Super stoked on this boat this summer will finally put some much needed hours on her ;)
















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Nice boat!


Take Bimini to canvas shop.. most Marina's will do same or less and charge 2-3x for worse repair.. looks like a 100-200 repair at most. Add extra layer all way around for wear layer if not much more.. 

Prop repair 85-150 depends on area, typically 1wk turn around most Marina's boat places etc .

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That Bimini may be under warranty if you paid to transfer it. Probably not worth paying to transfer just for that, but depending on your boats activation date you could have a year or so left on the warranty 

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Congrats on the purchase! That is a beautiful boat!

The raptor engines are semi closed cooling so raw water cools coolant in a heat exchanger, I believe that is what that block is on the engine you posted. 

No need to replace the prop, shops can repair much worse damage than that. 

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Congrats. Moved from a 13 23lsv to 20 25lsv this year myself. Funny enough my prop has damage too. Upon research the 2805 sounds like the better fit for a 25lsv.

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11 hours ago, Stevo said:

That Bimini may be under warranty if you paid to transfer it. Probably not worth paying to transfer just for that, but depending on your boats activation date you could have a year or so left on the warranty 

Thanks it looks like it does have 12 months left but a $750 transfer fee!  Kinda on the fence if its worth it or not, and can't see how long I have to transfer it, 30 days??

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+1 on canvas repair shop - pretty sure a new Bimini would run close to $1k or more.  Also that looks like a heat exchanger for closed cooling system like Ahopkinsvtx said.  Do you notice any cavitation in the prop throughout your throttle?  If not you may be able to get away with heating up that bend and using a crescent wrench to bend it back to good.  That prop damage doesn't look very bad at all to me.  I would bet that because its only 1 blade it might've been the result of a wayward rock while traveling or maybe being dropped on the concrete during removal (some shops/people remove the props during winterization).  In my experience when you ding a prop while loading on the trailer you usually get some damage to all/most of the blades, no one is fast enough to kill the throttle and only ding one prop blade but that is just my experience.  I dinged up my prop loading onto the trailer on my first boat and it was much worse than what your showing there and I was able to heat mine up and bent it back - got me through a holiday weekend without any cavitation or performance loss - then sent mine in for pro fix ($100 to local prop repair place) and bought a new surf prop anyway so just used the repaired one as a back up.  All in all that's a beautiful boat!  I have been pondering doing the same 25lsv upgrade but I think I will be a few inches short on garage space.  Is the trailer a Full 2 feet longer?  I have only 2.5 feet to spare lol.

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21 hours ago, PNWoke said:

 Is the trailer a Full 2 feet longer?  I have only 2.5 feet to spare lol.

Thanks for the info I would say it’s only about 1-1.5 ft longer with the swing away tongue and with the wedge, taking swim step off probably could make it work.  If you want I can get an exact measurement.  We have put 10 hrs on it now and prop seems fine running about 3100-3400 rpms while surfing.  

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I would be surprised if the bimini was under warranty.  It looks like it probably rubbed against something, not a manufacturer defect.  I once dinged a bimini canvas by hitting a slide on the back of a houseboat.  

Congrats on the new boat, it looks awesome!  

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Find a prop shop in your area, or even one out of state for your 3077. That might cost you $100 to repair. 

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