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What to price my 2018 T22


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I have a loaded 2018 T22 with trailer. Great condition.

power wedge, tandem axle trailer, the good floor, full cover, Bimini, etc 

Here’s the hard part to me with pricing this boat.  Last year, at the end of the year the check engine light came on. We pulled it out and brought to dealer. They said a piston was not holding compression. The fix was a new PCM Monsoon 6.0L 410 replaced under warranty. That works was done over the winter. 

I have not had the boat in water since. It’s all ready, I’m picking it up this week. 

The boat has 320 hours on it but the engine has 0 hours.

What would you price this at?  Is the new engine a feature that would increase the value from similar boat without the new engine?  Is so, how much? 

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New engine is generally not a value add (IMHO/YMMV) and could be viewed as evidence of neglect (even if it's totally random and not your fault at all).  I'd say it's neutral on price but potentially a "feature" to the right potential buyer.

My wild guess/unscientific pricing recommendation would be $79,999 for quick sale, maybe low $80s if you want to try to squeeze every penny... but that would be a "top dollar" kind of price.

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If i were a buyer, similar to @shawndoggy, i think it'd be a wash.

New engine initially sounded attractive... but then my mind would immediately get skeptical that (a) was that the real problem or a symptom of other issue / what else may be lurking, and (b) nervous that the new engine has no hours at all so i need to worry about infant mortality/break-in issues being sure humpty-dumpty was put back together correctly.  I'd also probably ask what the warranty situation is for the new engine.

good luck (and hopefully you are selling cause you are upgrading to a sweet new ride!) 

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On 5/25/2022 at 9:15 AM, teamerickson said:

Here in CA $110k, everywhere else $85k. ;) 

100% couldn’t agree more. I’d buy that for $85 easily. As long as the boat itself showed prideful ownership, which I’m sure it does. 

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