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Rudder Tab Adjustment Questions

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I took my first boat ('07 Malibu VTX) out for a spin last weekend!  It was awesome!  But, the water was FREEZING in Utah! LOL! Anyways....I noticed after going over 20 mph the steering would pull hard to the left.  After reading about the rudder adjustment tab....I took a look at mine and noticed that it swings loosely from straight to starboard.  So, here are my questions:

  1.  Is that normal for the adjustment tab to swing loosely?
  2.  If not, how do I tighten it up?
  3.  Any other tips for adjusting the rudder tab and steering?

I'm assuming that as I'm speeding up the force from the prop is pushing the tab out and that's what's making the boat want to turn so forcefully.  I have to hang on to the steering wheel or else the boat will do a 180 while cruising!

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@Steveorino - The rudder adjustment tab is a Malibu patented tool to allow the operator to adjust the amount of wheel torque to suit their boating needs.  The primary use of rudder torque is driving the slalom course where keeping a straight path while a skier pulls the boat from side to side.  Putting some torque on the wheel makes keeping a straight path much easier by always keeping the wheel loaded and pulling to one side rather than side to side.

1.  Not while in use, there should be a lock screw to keep the tab in one place once you determine your preferred location.

2.  As noted above, lock screw.

3.  On a LH prop rotation boat (Malibu / MasterCraft) a slight right pull is ideal, the actual amount all depends on your use and preference also dictated by what activities you focus on.  For slalom and trick the tendency is for a fair amount of torque steer particularly for heavy, short line skiers that pull hard.  For general pleasure use, much less is wanted or should be used as letting go of the wheel can lead to unintended results.  Your prop wash is pushing the tab out and creating a left hand steer torque.


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I'll add that if the wheel pulls left, move the tab left to compensate.  Make small adjustments and test until it is how you want it.

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